Matty Mullins - Glory Lyrics

Patiently waiting for your return.
Dream of the day when you come back and take what's yours.
The Earth begins to shake as the trumpets sound.
Skyscrapers crashing down!

When the trumpets begin to sound every knee will bow.
GLORY! GLORY! Skyscrapers crashing down, feet lifting off the ground.

The dead rise from their graves & begin to move.
My weary soul is restored.
I have been made new.

When the trumpets begin to sound every knee will bow.
GLORY! GLORY! Skyscrapers crashing down, feet lifting off the ground.

When the trumpets begin to sound every knee will bow.
GLORY! GLORY! Skyscrapers crashing down, feet lifting off the ground.

I can hear the Angels singing.
Your Kingdom come.
Your will be done.
Oh I hear the Angels singing.
O' Holy one, Your Kingdom come!

When the trumpets begin to sound every knee will bow.
GLORY! GLORY! Skyscrapers crashing down, feet lifting off the ground.

When the trumpets begin to sound every knee will bow.
GLORY! GLORY! Skyscrapers crashing down, feet lifting off the ground.

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Matty Mullins Glory Comments
  1. Greenkiwi Fruit

    2020! Anyone listening?

  2. Greenkiwi Fruit

    Still gives me chill bumps and heart somersaults...

    Guy's Workout Channel

    I'm back here listening too. So good, praise Jesus the name that saves

  3. Amanda S

    TYJ for Matty Mullins. A light to MY life! #Matty516

  4. Jhey Sev7n


  5. swiggity swag

    I like when he says glorE

  6. Vince 777

    I'm so happy to see this

  7. Dolphin Gamer26

    Great song! I am a Christian and this song is amazing


    When Jesus comes he promises to wipe away all of our tears

  9. Ana Fillyaw

    this is my favorite song right now. I used to love Memphis May Fire before I got saved. to see Matty's life transformed as well is amazing. and it gives me familiar worshipful music to listen to which I've been praying for for a long time.

    Guy's Workout Channel

    Yeah I wish there was more Christian bands too. Someday I've always wanted to

  10. Unknown_Hylian

    Skyscrapers crashing down? Ehh, it must be opposite day.

  11. Lucas Oliveira

    Está incrível Matt
    Que composição e melodia incrível. Que Jesus Cristo te abençoe tremendamente. Brasillll

  12. Benjamin Adam Mcdonald

    He’s best song and the cd it comes off is the best

    Benjamin Adam Mcdonald

    His not he’s

  13. Alexa Gordon

    blessed are those who have not seen me and still believe

  14. Prinz Alocelja

    Everybody in this world must watch this...

  15. Caleb Rawlins

    This song is absolutely the most beautiful piece I have ever heard... Man this drives so deep in my heart. Thank you God for blessing this man with such a talent. Amen. Keep up the work dude!

    Kay Jones

    Agree with you 100%. I am so glad he is still going despite all of the hate he is receiving (unfortunately from both believers and non-believers). The amount of hate he receives would stop a lot of music artists from doing what they are called to do, but not Matty! He is standing firm! God bless you!

  16. Tonny Andre

    Fantastico Gloria A DEUS

  17. TurnerUp Streams

    Crying like a baby I'm Hebrew and this hits hard

  18. André Moraes

    Muito bom 👏👏👏👏🇧🇷

  19. Václav P

    So underrated_:/

  20. Corey Finney

    It's a good song, but he sounds like a woman to me. Makes it a little difficult for me.

  21. vanessa sandoval

    I’m going to have to recommend this song to my church. Such a wonderful song 💯🙏🏼

  22. Mirelli Paula

    Venha ao vosso reino, seja feita a vossa vontade❤❤❤❤

  23. Dalton Davis

    Instant chills, PRAISE GOD !!!

  24. Anime nerd

    Great song

  25. Tony Blevins

    Matty this is my second favorite solo song you put out. By my side is always my favorite.

  26. bacon macon

    good song

  27. Emilie Blood

    Its jut like the world is turning upside down, and then rebuilds itself. It's amazing

  28. Emilie Blood

    This is amazing!!!!! But... Why... Just randomly out of the blue, small bits and pieces just randomly start floating up into the sky? And then buildings, and then matty himself. Its beautiful though. *Claps*


    Can't wait when all God's chosen go to His kingdom and all the concerts in heaven will be so beautiful!!! I COULD ONLY IMAGINE HOW BEAUTIFUL AND FUN IT WILL BE. HALLELUJAH I'M CRAZY FOR GOD MATTY! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! WOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hyper7

    Sensacional como as músicas dele são boas

  31. Edwin Rosado

    I sincerely recommend you all ( if possible ) to read "The Great Contorversy by Ellen G. White. It's an amazing book based on visions that God gave her during her lifetime. It's mostly about the history of Christianity and how Satan has always tried to separate God's creatures from Him. Please read it, it'll change your lives as it changed mine. If you're a non-believer, it'll open your eyes and remove doubts that you didn't even know you had. If you are a professed Christian, your knowledge will be expanded and your faith strengthened.

    I've honestly always believed in the Lord and His ways. But there's a battle. Every day and night, for a person to really follow God's commandments and avoid temptation is really hard. For our nature is inclined to embrace sin and reject Holiness. But it's possible, only through Him that saved, redeemed and liberated us. And also conquered death. I know it's hard to leave those things that entice us towards sin, i know it's hard to not like pleasure and the comforts of this world. But i can assure you all that in the end all that matters is your faith, and how much you did for Him in life.

    That said, this music video is a beautiful depiction of how i feel everytime i think about His return. Hope all of you are safe and God bless.

  32. Raul

    Good sounds...good video...who made the visual effects ?

  33. Rich Koslower

    jesus is coming back soon

  34. Tronis

    The great song!! Шикарно.

  35. DisasterDisciple

    I love this

  36. Brenda Dumrauf Tamashiro

    Just wow. Im in love with the "eyes scene"

  37. Cassiane Rosa


  38. Jenny Gail

    Oh, my I just love this side of Matty Mullins. Such passion for the Lord.

  39. Mary Mateika

    The Holy Bible The Book of Revelation. Tell’s of this time of The Return Of JESUS!
    King Of King’s And LORD OF LORD’S.

  40. Brad Ford

    waiting for the day that Jesus comes

  41. Inari Band

    Planetary Devastation?

    B A

    Inari Band My thoughts exactly.

    Inari Band

    Where's his rinnegan doh

    B A

    Inari Band He was pulled up too. Someone else cast the jutsu.

    Inari Band

    That Nagato is crafty bastard after all

  42. Mojo Morro

    i'm atheist, but i like this song(:

    Vasto Lorde

    Mojo Morro why not let's change that:3


    Mojo Morro how can that even work. The song is about something you can’t believe in. Unless you’re starting to begin to believe. Did you know Jesus apostles went against the atheist when he commissioned them to believe. Now the Christians out number atheist by the billions when the atheist use to out number the Christians.

    Dolphin Gamer26

    Hey I can help if you need it

  43. Katherin Arboleda Rojas

    i love this song

  44. ali sheikh

    the cinematics in this video are god like.

  45. It's nika, Duh

    Wow. Just wow. What an amazing video. How I am finding that 'coincidence' is non-existent, and I am merely being directed, by Him, to receive such messages as this. In His Order. In His time.

  46. Daniel Logan Blade

    to God be the Glory!

  47. Kristan Rae Stops

    AMEN LOVE this DUDE.. Thank u Lord for such a great inspiration to the music industy.. God bless Great messages.. Videos rule and make strong points with his simplicity. Him and his team and Family God Bless agian

  48. Luan Rodrigues da Silva


  49. Valeria Guerrero

    My loveeeeee😻😻😻😻😻 All the glory will be to God!👏👏

  50. Dustin Hataway

    Very Nice Mr Matty. Let your personal thoughts about Christ shine on in your lyrics so others may know more about him. God has called many to serve him, your talents as a musician is surely one way to help people get to know Jesus more, thank you and have a blessed day to you and your wife sir.

  51. Mariani David

    Meu DEUSSSSS! <33333333333333333 AMO

  52. Haley Winters

    Does anyone know where I can find chords for this? I'm having more trouble than I thought I would

  53. Michel Oliver


  54. Cody Malcom

    I see the Pattern.

  55. Im' Totis

    Woooo que canción tan sublime!

  56. MCR459

    matty for your next album you should cover No Longer Slaves!! you would kill it!👏

  57. hagen loyd

    this song helps me through a lot, love it

  58. Daniel Beltran jr

    Be still and know that I am God, I do this when I can't handle a situation and I can't handle anything :D

  59. Daniel Beltran jr

    Amen, I tried to fast today to be closer to God and this is where he lead me. Glory be to God

  60. C.J. Santos

    I honestly think this is Matty's best solo song. It's so well done.

    Patrick Owen

    C.J. Santos amen. I wish he'd do more like it. The poppy stuff is good, but I like the more serious content of this song.

    Zeus Himself

    I agree, this is so good

    Greenkiwi Fruit

    I was so moved by this song and the lyrics... I showed it to my son and he started good ing to church. I didn’t raise my children in church because I was raised in a very legalistic church and I swore I wouldn’t do that to my children. So I probably went way left, if you know what I mean. Without me taking them to church, two of my children go, their choice, and my firstborn is asking questions. I love it! God is good! He is saving us!

  61. Mary Mateika

    Awesome Truth!

  62. Sharie Pirrone

    the ending gave me C H I L L S . . .

  63. Nick Ferchau

    Saw Matty last night in San Francisco with MMF. Such a great performer, and the Joy on his face was awesome.

  64. samuel kendrick

    Glory to GOD

  65. Brandon Jackson

    I wish I weren't an atheist

    Tempting Winner

    I know how you feel.

    C.J. Santos

    Don't have to be. There is grace for you and for me.

    Trey Tate

    give God a real chance, he may just surprise you!

    Angry Amy

    You don't have to be man, give him a chance! :)

  66. SleepingKitten

    When I hear the lyrics I think of The Second Coming Of Christ

    Marco Pera

    When I hear the lyrics I think that *bees are dying at an alarming rate*


    That is what i get from this song as well, and i always break down into tears; because i think there is a part of me that deep down- i yearn for this to happen, so i can finally go home.

    Collin Smith

    That's what its about....

    Zanda van Rooyen

    So do I

    Dolphin Gamer26

    No dip sherlock

  67. Jessica Suzanne

    This a powerful song! He's talking about the return of Jesus when he returns one day

  68. Fotig

    Since when does Matty do solo-music?


    +Fotig Since 2014

    C.J. Santos

    Yeah man. Heh heh.


    br aqui 0/


    Eae \o/


    +Rilry Henrique Blz o/ kjlasjlasjlas

  70. Haytham

    Matty Mullins reminds me Danny from Hollywood Undead, they sound pretty similar.

  71. K Garcia

    the views on this masterpiece is pretty disturbing

    Alex Firestone

    K Garcia disturbing how?

  72. Pong Exe

    nice one dude it well happen very soon our OUR LORD is coming

  73. matias 4

    muy bueno

  74. Vermilion Villain

    I actually like this song, and I'm an atheist.

  75. Evelyn Christine


  76. Joey Valo

    Brought tears to my eyes Amen! Jesus Christ I'm waiting for you to come and take me from this evil and cruel world and crush Satan's kingdoms. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that you are Lord Jesus Christ!!!

  77. rage5606

    WOW WOW WOW.... what an amazing song! This song together with this video has really impacted me today. The tears are flowing... GLORY!

  78. Eric Knighton

    Jesus is not a religion. Love is not legalistic and law based. Jesus is the freedom that we need and we got when we were freed from the law.

  79. Incredible Vixen

    im a little late but when he said when the trumpets begin to sound i just noticed hes talking about the seventh trumpet thats for told in the bible

  80. Ula Parzych


  81. Gissela montañez

    esta cancion es hermosa tiene algo que no tiene ninguna cancion y tu voz es muy diferente tiene algo inesplicable muy buena cancion :3

  82. zLeviz Z

    Asking alexandria just released a new song called undivided, and in it there dissing on Matty and Christianity, who's with me to blow up the comments on that video and let them know this is wrong?! #mattymullins

  83. Sombrero Bear

    10/10 would listen to again

  84. Shay Downing

    This song gives me chills

  85. Neoyoshi

    This song is so beautiful and beyond moving for me. I discovered Matty Mullins on Spotify the other night and immediately i asked myself: "Is this the son of the late Rich Mullins?"

    This song "Glory" in particular moved me the most to the point of tears. I haven't cried that hard in a very long time -probably since when i was a teenager and i had first given my life to Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for making this song and this music video is so fitting.

  86. Chris Falkner

    Matty said it so correctly in an interview when he said he was not religious. Being a PK myself it is really hard for us when we are young as people and the church pull us every which way and we are left with a choice to make. So many PKs out there are fighting on the inside so remember this. Jesus was not into religion, he was into the father and our future. Find the relationship never stop chasing him. He promised that you will find Him so never give up. Jesus never beat others down for what they believed, all he did was show them love and told stories of hope for the moment you may be in this moment that there is freedom and peace. Dont take my or anyones word for it go find it cause there is no better of a time to look for a hero then when you feel trapped. He is just waiting and will wait till you come home.

  87. zomb girl

    This was truly beautiful. love you matty! <3

  88. David González

    simplemente exelente =D

  89. Tazz eyy

    the cinematis in this video is INSANE!!!!!!!!

  90. Nick Menendez

    The visuals of this song are just epic. Omg

  91. iR8

    It's such a touching song. Tbh I am Christian and I care for anyone with diffirent religious veiws. After all even with different ideals you have a heart and a mind. You are a human like me which is all I care about. There are ugly people in the world but I don't see the point in being ugly back. I will just fight harder to make that person feel whole again. It's what I feel is right. Even it means going out of my way to do it. Great song by the way.

  92. Inheartswake7x

    why the fuck don't we just call this memphis may fire?

  93. Roberto Dela Cruz

    I love this song matty Mullins your the best..

  94. Shaleem T

    I wasn't expecting this I found him through sleeping with sirens nuff said.

  95. Aleisha Satterfield

    What makes everything as great is that my uncle watched this video and got chills because when his father passed away he had a dream and he was with his dad in the same place and he asked his dad if that big mountain peek was the throne of god and his dad said it was. My uncle asked if he could go and his dad said that it wasn't his time to go yet and so they just stood there and watched the "lights" much like the ones in this video.

  96. Melissa Neves

    Deus seja louvado! Glória a ele por todos os feitos. Matty Mullins está de parabéns.. linda música, linda voz!

  97. Isaiah Gaucin

    AMAZING song and absolutely love the lyrics. This was uplifting and encouraging as a Christian and I look forward to the second coming of Christ! God bless you Matty!

  98. californication751

    Well, that was quite the video. The upside down world reminds me of the movie "Upside Down," with Kirsten Dunst (speaking of which, the movie, "Melancholia" that she was in looks a little like this too. Perhaps Constantine also, and even a bit of the "Black Hole Sun" music video by Soundgarden).

    Gotta admit, however, the overt "as above, so below" symbolism in this is pretty surprising... as are the glowing eyes à la I, Pet Goat II - the switchback to black was unexpected but telling. No such thing as coincidence.