Matt & Kim - World Is Ending Lyrics

The world, the world is ending, watch the sky fall on us
The world, the world is ending, we'll run away together

Please tell me what you want from me
I gave it all I got and the world is ending
You worry about everything
But wash it all away 'cause the world is ending

Told me there is no more laughs
All the jokes been told time and a half now
Maybe I'm just as bad as you
Just as bad as you, even worse than you, yeah

The sun is getting brighter now
Past the SPF, can't turn it down
Warning shots went unheard
We were too turned up, we were too turned up

There is so many fish in the sea
But only a few that really know me now
Together we will go down
In a blaze of glory, in a blaze of glory

The world, the world is ending, watch the sky fall on us
The world, the world is ending, we'll run away together
The world, the world is ending, watch the sky fall on us
The world, the world is ending, we'll run away together

Together now has died
The selfie is alive and growing stronger
We wanted to see the world
So open up your eyes, take a look around you

Can't explain it from the start
But stories get better as stories fall apart, yeah
I know it's all a lie, but is it all a lie?
I know I can't decide now

Doesn't matter who had won
The team broke up with the only ones
I lost along the way
The trophy that doesn't even say my name

Light skilled, bills never paid
Promises made all forgoten
As it piles up we'll climb on top
Won't make us stop, won't make us stop
Won't make us stop...

The world, the world is ending, watch the sky fall on us
The world, the world is ending, we'll run away together
The world, the world is ending, watch the sky fall on us
The world, the world is ending, we'll run away together

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Matt & Kim World Is Ending Comments
  1. Rey Cancer

    The Corona Virus brought me here

  2. Derek Deans

    This is a weird song, yet good. And I’m just saying, is the instruments un-synced on purpose? Like, the piano, the vocals, and the attempt at bass. Nothing fits. Though it isnt bad

  3. CyGamesDouble ;D

    the people who disliked are flat earthers

  4. Sabian Ruiz

    Is this going to happen

  5. Estefania Zetina

    Final space!!!

  6. El rancho 7w7 HD

    2019 :v?

  7. bloodykills 750

    Where my Final Space fans at?


    Watching from 2019

  9. ThatSandyOrbLIVE

    Final Space AMV?

  10. Conor Francis

    I keep getting this song stuck in my head

  11. Sean but not heard rauchert

    I love coming back to these old jams love you guys soo much

  12. Send the OWO's

    Oh Thxs jeff for leading me here

  13. Yeeto Skeeto

    Who’s here from the Final Space Amv🙌🙌


    me!! A fellow fantrexian I see

    Vinicius Pires

    Me too!

  14. Weber Portugal

    Porque essa música não é tão ouvida?! WTF muito boa
    Vim pelo Final Space ❤️

  15. vazak11


  16. Colin Kaczor

    Just dont look back in anger ok everyone?. There will always be more laughs lets just move forwards

  17. shannie602

    but stories get better as stories fall apart

  18. Mike Siems

    Top 3 Matt and Kim song ever...

  19. Whipped-cream Head

    This hits hard af

  20. Mr Nine 9 Zero

    Listening In September,23,2017


    February 26 2018. Beat that.


    @BrutalMind1984 March, 12 2019. Yeah suck on that

  21. Alex Freberg

    This is a very appropriate song for today

  22. Exellion

    1:00 - 1:05 mafav part 😍

  23. KitKat 5456

    I love both of your voices so much

  24. Camilo Jaramillo

    This song reminds me NYC on spring so bad

  25. Kyler E

    one of my favs by matt and kim 💞


    Same, it's my fav from New Glow :D

  26. Michael Ingram

    one of my favorite songs from Matt and Kim!

  27. spider heads

    sad song

  28. nico schumacher

    My fav track on the album

  29. Evan Wallace

    #Election2k16 and #PresidentTrump Brought me here :(

    Nevaeh Piper

    Evan Wallace I can't believe trump won the presendecy


    Maybe for you compared to what you expected, but things are getting plenty brighter for all.

    spider heads

    hi trololololol

  30. Sara

    I love matt and Kim


    I concur.

  31. Gelsson Ortiz

    Listen to this at 1.25x speed. It sounds much better!

  32. Austin Montez

    i ont get it, did the world explode because it was so use to be boring then creativity came in and killed everyone?

    Benjamin Billman is ending reminds me of the always dying and birthing cycle of life......
    so let us put away vanity to live free and happy in love and respect for eachother :P ha

  33. samuel moraes da silva

    cool, brinlhante,auf derzein, matt e kim

  34. Gabriel Hester

    you guys and your team are fucking true musicians!

  35. Anton Gorrell

    Your videos never cease to amaze :)

  36. cowboy killer

    1:48 was my favorite part

  37. cowboy killer

    1:48 was my favorite part

  38. Lindsey Smith

    Holy Shit Kim... #HiddenWeapon #GetItGirl

  39. xavier green

    2:36 is my favorite part.

  40. xavier green

    I only wanted to hear kim sing.


    Well ya did.

  41. Vibrantly Brantly

    okay good I suppose if that means awesome

  42. Ross

    to me Kim sounds like Joey Graceffa
    anyone else think that

  43. theregulargatsby

    Who is the animator for this video? It's really cool.

  44. Perla Alanis

    this is beautiful <3

  45. Renea

    i love Kim sooooooo much oommgggg

  46. Sublight;Mom

    "Theres so many fish in the sea, but only a few that really know me"


    #lol friends #what are those

  47. epiclapser

    boss music seriously these two are pretty epic!

  48. Tyler Candler

    You guys need to turn the graphics in this video into a poster!

  49. NEW CHANNEL! AviatorCyan

    0.5 sounds WEIRD..

  50. john jones

    As long as you have God. God loves us all

  51. Mahogany

    New favorite song? ...I think Impression that I Get still beats it out. This is a really close second though. Amazing job guys.

  52. Rob R

    This is by FAR my favorite song off New Glow and honestly its one of my favorites of their whole discography.

  53. ragingbrawler

    I wish they would come to Ireland.

  54. Ethan Leal

    why did they not slow all these songs down?

  55. ragingbrawler

    Awesome song.

  56. I hate My life

    Kim finally!!!

  57. Shadowcatt980

    Kim is singing! yasssss

  58. ARTV

    I dig this.

    Martin Riggs


  59. Sara10393

    Really don't understand why everyone seems to be hating on this new album? They haven't changed much. This personally to me sounds very reminiscent of Grand in some ways. I'll admit I wasn't feeling Hoodie On and Get It but how often do you like every single song on any album? I think New Glow is great!


    Same! It's not their best album but it's still great!

    Colin Kaczor

    Sara10393 yes

  60. UnordinaryLife

    Seeing them tom in the ATL! So excited!


    @UnordinaryLife Gahh I keep missing their shows. Hope they come back soon

  61. Waynehedd

    Does anyone know what software program is used to design this video?...Cinema 4D maybe?

  62. All ab0uT -fl0wErs-


  63. 1whippple1

    So good!

  64. Grimmjow tiger

    sounds better on 1.25 speed seriously check it out  XD


    @Grimmjow tiger Thank you, it is much better faster

    Grimmjow tiger

    @MandaandDigit no prob XD

    Game Stoll

    +Grimmjow tiger 1.5 is pretty good too ! :D

    Grimmjow tiger

    ok let me check it out then

    Jindřich Urbánek

    well i would say if it was 1.15 it would be even better but you are right

  65. duck tape

    Love this song!!! Luv you guys, you make the world brighter!

  66. IronChefWong

    Danngg I really like this one!  Amazing!

  67. francis baldasare

    KIM.... :-)

  68. Alicia Nakata

    I absolutely love Kim's voice!!!! Y'all are just so great together and create such unique and amazing music!

  69. Maddie Norman

    This is my favorite from New Glow!!! ❤

  70. Chris Bobbitt

    This song is FRICKIN AWESOMEE! XD

  71. BennyBoy

    Good stuff!!

  72. Justin Martinez

    This doesn't sound like a Matt and Kim video but I guess I like it .

    Camping With Adam

    I know what you mean, but not many artist sound the same their entire career. So why not embrace the direction they are moving because they will always still play old and new music.

    Justin Martinez

    The thing is the art style may change, but my interest stays the same. They may evolve but my interests don't. I like matt and kim's older stuff and I've found some pretty good bands from them.


    @Justin Martinez You know the old stuff is always gonna be there right. I am still listening to bands from the 90's

  73. Marissa Glantz

    This video is sick! Matt and Kim, you are truly amazing. Every song has such a unique sound.

  74. PinkBone Films

    i love it :D

  75. Medmed

    amazing !