Matt & Kim - Tonight Lyrics

Together we will tear
This place apart
I’ll cut the finish line
When the race starts

How ’bout we go somewhere
That we don’t belong
We’ll make a scene
And play it out all wrong

New York is loud
And we’re turning it up tonight


I’m not so worried
About tomorrow’s pain
All that is left is one last sip
Of champagne

The cyclone is the time
That I should hold tight
Let’s go get dirty
‘Cause your dress is too white

New York is loud
And we’re turning it up tonight


Don’t let the record
Ever stop playing


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Matt & Kim Tonight Comments
  1. AZ Kiks

    This song raises my spirits every time I hear it. Woooooooo!

  2. Rhythmic Windu

    Listened to the whole song; didn’t get my fresh dose of Night Shade at the end. Disappointed!

  3. jd24000

    This is my welcome four nights each week

  4. Bryan Brumbeloe

    Night Shade made me come here :)

    Stuart Sullivan

    Bryan Brumbeloe your welcome

  5. mmmmbop

    Michael Malice

  6. Ross

    me and my sis LOVE Matt and Kim

  7. Christopher Mastronardi

    I was going to do this intro with airheads for my fairfield series but i ended up doing this tv show and my cam and equip got stolen. Help me man. 

    <3 Little nemo On Hbo's 

    Christopher Mastronardi

  8. sicTILweDIE

    its a Matt and Kim kinda day :)

  9. ExtremeRealism

    Hey Squidward, Did you finish those errands

  10. N. J. Saroff

    to the dude that said that said all there song chorus have like one word or phrased repeated multiple times, to start not all their songs are like that look at not that bad. 2 most artist use repeating words for the chorus, over and over, not comparing, but the beetles for one, the verses are the story the chorus brings it together. just saying

  11. Dankphu

    This video needs some Kim.

  12. Andrea Zamora

    i wanna go to new york, because.

  13. Carter Morgan

    Did you finish your essay yet?

  14. Alex Ate

    That cluster fuck at the end was funny.

  15. Jacky Tran

    3 minutes of pictures, i really appreciate the time put into this music video.

  16. Samar Niazi Cruz

    wait, when are they turning it up?

  17. jerome azzouzi

    im not trying to be an asshole but is it just me or are all of their choruses just one word that is repeated over and over again?

  18. This is what I think...

    They must have spent a lot of time cutting those words out

  19. nonya busines

    You might want to get that checked out

  20. Christiana Hurtado

    This song makes me freaking happy

  21. Vinnie Guardino

    I love this song so much, it's always in my head...:) that's alright with me

  22. peacefulbeserker

    I wanna major in phunology

  23. Lazalette Gutierrez

    Im not singing anymore [email protected] :?

  24. GryndStone

    the girl is the drummer
    she sings on occassion though

  25. NineInchNaiIs

    a video for every song and you give the whole album for free you guys are amazing !

  26. SvedishProductions

    this video must have been a bitch to edit.

  27. Ami Goldstein

    Great!! Just when I thought Vinyl's had become extinct....Love it!

  28. Bananatown Pictures

    This and "It's Alright" are my favorite tracks on the album!

  29. Rychoo

    I bought this album as soon as I saw them announce it on Facebook.
    Correction.. I bought THE SHIT out of this album.

    Let's all go down to Olympic Donuts and get some donuts! Yeah!

  30. Theas Worldxo

    taylor swift haha xD

  31. Brenda P

    So glad I got to see them live last year.
    they're straight up amazing.
    Keep it up!-333

  32. Toner M.

    Hey Matt, This is another guy named Matt. I would like to say i really like all your albums (grand, Sidewalks, and now Lightning). If you could respond to this it would mean the world to me! thanks Kim for being awesome haha!
    Please thumb this up so these Awesome musicians can see!

  33. draconicsorcerer

    This must have take FOREVER to make. Such fantastic stop motion! =D

  34. phildel12

    favorite song on the album so far

  35. KeepinIt350

    This is a great song to play on the radio on the drive home after a night of partying =)

  36. Daniel Lavender

    omg, matt specifically said don't let the record stop playing! so WHY does it stop at the end!? ugh lol

  37. Michelle Alzo

    i'm not even going to favourite these songs...cuz i know that i will buy the album immediately :D

  38. Erin Sauer

    AWESOME video!!! Who did this?!

  39. Zack Pavao

    I can't even remember what I was doing before this now...

  40. GryndStone


  41. Wackamole


  42. Jacob Dooley

    me too lol

  43. walker0119

    phunology was my major

  44. RelapseGalore55

    wow, fuckin awesome bass

  45. PunkEMT

    I can't wait to see you guys again.

  46. Calacene

    Thank you, right when I was working on my essay..... oh well, lol :D

  47. Chris Mora

    I love all these songs being uploaded!!! Holy Crap awesome overload!!!

  48. Al Miller

    this is so great.

  49. james


  50. themrjones

    See you on the next big commercial, yeaaah

  51. Madison Russell

    near perfection.

  52. blud4cash