Matt & Kim - Stirred Up Lyrics

Get it up, stirred up, let's get it [x7]
Get it up, stirred up

All, all I need
Is just a beat and a melody
To hold on to
Night will breathe
With heavy breaths a sweaty mess you'll see
Come on and


And you, a drunken mess
With hands up in the air don't care
Screamin' this chorus
It's only 2 in the morning
It's New York City in the spring
So let's just

[Hook x2]

On and on, on and on
All night long
On and on, on and on
All night long

[Hook x2]

On and on, on and on
All night long
On and on, on and on
All night long

On and on, on and on
All night long

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Matt & Kim Stirred Up Comments
  1. Bobby Cline

    _____Brought me he*SLAP*

  2. spider heads

    tell me you don't feel like dancing like a crazy person when u hear this song

  3. ChandlerXC2015

    This song should be in a 2k game like in 09 with NBA live

  4. Hart Bloise

    by far my favorite song of theird

  5. bxchecka

    when trl is back save the song unless it's another commercial

  6. Moth

    great video, how do they only have 908 likes?

  7. James Kostrubanic

    A lot of shots of Power Plants making Electricity near NYC.  It's Funny how no one knows how electricity is made.  Great Video, I love your talent!

  8. Jason S

    Sooo sooooo GOOOD. I Love you guys. #MattandKim

  9. 11bravo1789

    Matt & Kim are the shit

  10. Taylor Klemin

    I love this video!

  11. Csaki Lila

    fall out boy brought me here! these two were absolute fab!!!! kim is insane 😍😄😄

  12. Samantha

    It's makes me so sad they don't have more fans and views:/

    Thirty Cats

    the amount of views and followers do not equal quality, you should know that. :)

  13. Newlium

    Heard the beat in the apple ad, and fell in love. Idk about the actual song though...

  14. Shanandcrew A

    Think I love Matt & Kim!

  15. David Echo

    Apple Watch Ad Brought Me Here

  16. EnemyofHK

    Apple Watch ad :)


    +EnemyofHK those ready to fuck dogs are the best of the best


    +EnemyofHK Same :D

  17. Alam Afrizal

    Apple watch ads bruh

  18. JNades 10

    bums me out how matt ruins songs, i feel like hes the kinda guy who uses his hot gf to get other guys in bed for him hahahahahahahhaha I WIN!

  19. Andrea Gonzalez

    IM ALWAYS LOVIN THEIR MUSIC!!! It makes me feel good!!

  20. Sam Marcus

    Sorry im new, matt is the one singing right? What does kim do?

    Jack Murphy

    @Sam Marcus Pang matt sings and plays keyboard while kim plays drums and does some occasional backup vocals

    Edson Marca


  21. Kim

    2:27 girl so cute

  22. Julio Serrano Samayoa

    One of the most creatives records here. i love it so much

  23. DeViLsFaNo6

    Been a fan ever since 2011 seeing them with blink and mcr it was great show i will never forget!


    @DeViLsFaNo6 I saw them in 2012 at house of blues they were great live.

    Jaime Atehortua

    +DeViLsFaNo6 when was that!!!??? cause i missed out on a life time of happiness


    +Jaime Atehortua it was 2011 I. Virginia beach where I live

    Lily Freeman

    Ok I know this comment is 3 years old but I saw them with blink and mcr in 2011 too

  24. Maya & Eloise

    I love your music! If you wouldn't mind checking out my channel, that would be great!! Thanks! 😘

  25. Aleksandra

    Get it Get it Waffles Waffles

  26. Mood Improver

    Hey Matt and Kim, your new Album is best.. :))))) I love your independence in songs.. :) Hope for a next album.. :) 

  27. john jones

    God loves us all

  28. jessica crumley

    Love this song. It so much better live tho🎶🎶🎤

  29. Toner M.

    I've been a fan since your self titled album, and I always will be.  Keep rockin'
    Matt and Kim.


    @Toner M. Same here

  30. rabbitearsguy

    Hopefully they play this song tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live

  31. Justin Perkins

    I swear to god I've listened to this at least twenty times today, fucking amazing


    Oh, hey Picard.

    Justin Perkins

    @No Face hello doctor


    Fancy seeing you here.

  32. James Gabbert

    Awesome song!


    I want seen ya in Poland <3

  34. Jermhern

    Nice :)

  35. Gablivia Mall

    This is my favorite from New Glow!

  36. Orange Box

    That dog was about to hump that other dog. Oh and I love Matt and Kim

  37. Joshua Powell

    This is awesome! Really digging the vibes from this new cd!

  38. TheNevertaco

    this was so good

  39. Anathasia Lee

    Yaayy go mattandkim !!

  40. JFR117

    Can't wait to see them on the 27th.

  41. Nuke TheWhales

    Matt and Kim can do no wrong

  42. Rachel J. Mendoza


  43. ColdChilln

    Bought this CD its amazing

  44. branden misinski