Matt & Kim - Silver Tiles Lyrics

Three teeth left his silver smile
Brushed clean three metal tiles
And tiles like parking lots
Three miles it never stops

You'll be okay, boy
Your silver tiles

And all our hopes
And all our friends
Through parking lots
It's where we've been

Shoes grown mighty old
Pants faded knees with holes
Stitched up now silver thread
Fixed up now like I said

You'll be okay, boy
Your silver thread, boy
Your silver tiles
Your silver bones

And all our hopes
And all our friends
Through parking lots
I found this
B I got in school

Three teeth left his silver smile
Burnt skin from miles and miles
Of crossing parking lots
Three miles it never stops

You'll be okay, boy
Your silver tiles
Your silver bones
With silver sides

And all our hopes
And all our friends
Through parking lots
I found this
B I got in school

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Matt & Kim Silver Tiles Comments
  1. Levidevison

    it was 2011 when i first heard this song... how fast time flies

  2. HiroNakamuraa33

    Doors!!! :D

  3. joe ek

    17 forever

  4. Austin does Blank

    179k views less than 100 comments

  5. Tanner Sickler

    I remember when my brother showed me this song when I was just a kid. Now I’m grown and I feel really sad because I miss those days

  6. Keffe Russell

    one of the best songs ever. very underrated :( but I got matt and kims back

    Keffe Russell

    it's one back lol

  7. Batzorig Tsogt

    The way I see it is that a guy lost 3 teeth and got them replaced with false, silver teeth. And when it says "like parking lots, three miles it never stops" meaning the teeth are so noticeable and people wont stop making fun of him. then for the chorus, it says all his hopes and friends are changing because of them. Then for verse two, he starts not caring about himself (shoes have grown old, pants faded etc.) and everything in the world to him revolves around his silver tiles. For chorus 2, the b in school part probably means he was a straight-A student and the tiles have affected his life so much it changed his grades. Then in verse 3 I think he learns to live with it and its all okay :D

    So whatever the individual might gather from the lyrics, are what it's about, no real hidden meaning here.


    You do know that's your subjective view of it, right? Don't say it like it's objective.

  8. k Maz

    The pixie block all.agents lock down kingdom no artwork no cleopathra no picked no afterlife

  9. Samuel

    Thanks doors - LordVader P.S Why did You make Hyun Kill me

  10. KyuubiGoku

    Yay Doors 2

  11. rainermar pascual

    DOORS 2 \_(:D)_/

  12. Dylan Smith

    My art teacher played this in class while we were practicing doodling.

    Charlie Simon

    @Dylan Smith My math teacher played this while i was practicing doodling

  13. The Pixel

    Doors 2 ||                    O                                 |        |
    mlady    ||o                 /|\                               |  o    |
    xD         ||                   / \                                 |        |

    Dominik Chojnacki

    @Vincent Valentine I love matt and kim, but when i heard this song on doors i had to revisit it! XD

    The Pixel

    LoL dude xD

    Kazuya Okada



    Not Jim Halpert

    Ahhhhhhhh same person as the other song


    Why are you posting this everywhere?

  14. Chaos.A

    A part of me likes the refined nature of this version
    Another part of me hates how restricted it feels Matt is, because if you've heard the original, you'd see that he was much more energetic

  15. Mikado Pithiku

    How come no lyrics?



    Mousey Chan

    Apparently the lyrics are in the description, too bad nobody ever goes in there...

    Mikado Pithiku

    Can't too scary...

  16. Mazzatti

    Thank you Doors 2 for introducing me to Matt and Kim's Wonderful music. I now love Matt and Kim because i love all of there songs ;3


    Mazzatti I know right


    Mazzatti yes I know right

    k Maz

    Mazzatti no pdt no babies no agents little nemo.on HBO.bloombergweinstein defeated never toughen.. ***..

    Mackenzie Bell

    Here here!


    Oh my goodness YES

  17. shawn bailey

    This is the first song they ever wrote together. (Truth)

  18. takethatthomas

    omg it's about a guy getting his teeth punched out in a parking lot


    takethatthomas 4 years late but you’re correct mate

  19. Gonzalo Herrera

    Door 2 !! stickman!! :D

  20. Thomas Cleek

    Wth is this song about? I love it. But wtf is he talking about


    He said it was about old friends.


    Actually it's about someone who had a bad day or something

    bruh momento

    It's about someone getting beat up in a parking lot.
    "three teeth left his silver smile
    brushed clean three metal tiles"
    He's getting his teeth knocked out, and apparently he has good dental hygiene too.

  21. Nick Vernier

    So great!

  22. randomhooligan


  23. Fathi Ibrahim

    It's the newer one

  24. nacholasers

    Love this song. So good live. Bonnaroo 13' holla!

  25. staylifted

    High fives for everyone!

  26. staylifted


  27. Paul Dang

    Perfect song for the coming end of summer.

  28. PressCtrlG

    You'll be okay boy. :)

  29. Jacky Tran

    same reason, and i also like Thao + The Get Down Stay Down

  30. BuyMyMixTape

    its from there album sidewalks that comes after grand. thats probably why

  31. Justin Miller

    This is not the version I remember hearing.


    It's the re-recorded version. The original version is from their 2005 EP To and From.

  32. Aquesheart

    Actually this is the newer version

  33. Girantina45



    I wanna high five you to

  34. CheeseMonkey115

    1:14 is so perfect.

  35. Cole321rams

    When a title says lyrics.. i'm expecting them to be on the screen or at the very least in the description. Not a link that i'm never going to click on.. and instead going to google and typing the song with lyrics after it

  36. ConfusedBatman

    this upload seems slowed down for some reason

  37. immabeamazing

    they're in the description

  38. Chris Barakarth

    DOORS 2!!!

  39. SomethingIDK

    Silver Smile like this? C:

  40. Dangelo Johnson

    The Doors

  41. Annika P

    original at /watch?v=9_0rV4IZch8

  42. Lucia Mancini

    Really, why are we worrying about Iraq and starving kids when we have this fuckery to put u p with? Obamacare this, America


    It's just a song.


    What the hell does this even mean

  43. Lucia Mancini

    Does anyone notice the fact that the random "I found this B I GOT IN SCHOOL"
    Sounds retarded?
    Like what the fuck, they have an okay sounding song with only semi-disjointed lyrics as then they toss in this ridiculous line that not only doesn't make sense but also doesn't rhyme or flow with the rest of the song. I once read in an interview that they just write down random shit on slips of paper and throw them together to write their songs.. Now I can tell, though I couldn't at the time. Like real

  44. Katherine Bell

    i swear this song is about the book/movie "The Outsiders". O__o

  45. Maya Young

    Look it up juice box.

  46. ParasauroLopez

    thumbs up if u heard this from doors

  47. OllyEnder

    Figure it out :p

  48. owen stanton

    oh thank goodness you let us know its you Hannah, for a second i thought it was actually thejoshandwill234

  49. oLyke Butters


    thats the link to the other version :D hope its the one u guys are all talking about

  50. oLyke Butters

    @darkwolf328 did u ever find it?

  51. Ryan Laetari

    and tiles like porking lots.

  52. josh mueller

    Its Hannah hacking my brothers, but I love this song! My FAVORITE song ever!!!!! I like the new version, and you made a good video, i posted it on facebook and it was reposted a couple times to!!!

  53. popert12

    This song would fit perfectly for the ending of a movie

  54. Monica Mitchell

    This is amazing. Wayy better then the other silver tiles

  55. t13c6

    am i the only one who hears Kim a little in this song?

  56. Jose Presas

    My fav song. I'm seeing them today!

  57. scava21

    @yrret876 they were soo good seen them last night<3

  58. King Sheegadorah

    @MsPishie the older one has more emotion and passion, you can tell he's totally into it.


    King Sheegadorah yeah this mega auto tuned

  59. Tori Stockdale

    at first i wasn't a huge fan of them. but after seeing them live and all the energy they have and what they give the crowd. it's trully amazing! now i'm totally in love with them. this is my favorite song :)

  60. Marley Walker

    after seeing them in Detroit, everytime I hear this song something happens inside me, I can't explain it. see them live! :D

  61. Rondeau Hall

    good, but it sounds like its missing something that the original had, still love tho!

  62. theboomboxattacks

    i saw them last night. fucking crazy.

  63. OhNoWeAreFalling

    They played this forever 21. Thats how i found them and i couldnt be happier that i went shopping that day. :D

  64. Maya Milk

    love it soooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  65. AleenHopscotch

    original is way better

  66. Felicity Bongo

    The older one is a lot better. this one is over-produced and tries to make Matt seem like a good singer. What I loved about Matt and Kim's first two albums were their simplicity and raw music. Now, they've gone mainstream.

  67. Marz Barberio

    luv dis soongnggg

  68. jamiewa1986

    i love this... brings me back to awesome 80's videos... ahhh my childhood :D

  69. Ikdsk

    Simple, but man, does it work. :)

  70. electrogeek1996

    @Ohallo1 because when they made this one they realized that it was better.

  71. vdczx

    fucking masterpiece

  72. HD EDITS

    @ThePiepin same here yo! :D