Matt & Kim - Overexposed Lyrics

Middle seat
12-hour all-night drive
Pins and needles they break
Actions make more of a mess
Than words can make

Like a picture
I was overexposed
Believe me
I saw it with my eyes closed


A waxed ledge
Darkened from dirt and grinds
Break all your bones
Before they’re grown
You’ll never pay off
All of your loans

Like a picture
I was overexposed
Believe me
I saw it with my eyes closed


Let’s wake the world
And sing them back to sleep
But people don’t listen
So we’ll scream and shout
As if these words are cheap

Like a picture
I was overexposed
Believe me
I still see it with my eyes closed


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Matt & Kim Overexposed Comments
  1. GuitarBone

    That is exactly how I dance, you're not alone.

  2. Natalie Hug

    I wanna be Matt n Kim lol Kim you are my spirit animal

  3. Stella Stapleton

    What can I say about Matt and Kim except THANK YOU for 25 ish years of fun ! You are brilliant

  4. bryancingo gracia

    Parece q estuviera loka. O lo esta baila bien feo

  5. Joe Average

    "Butt people"???

  6. Vaughn Gainey

    I love them.

  7. Steve Allard

    You got to love her cardio.

  8. Santi Cruz

    Kim is the female version of Andrew WK

  9. Malaya joe Lewis

    Cool Matt sing

  10. Fostet Maggard

    his voice is so anoying

  11. k Maz one.ever they all go b.s. k.destroy 3's back cara past.lives by.myself

  12. Jacob Wilkinson

    you guys give me life

  13. jordan chaske

    damn Kim you can dance that's for sure and nice song I enjoy it

  14. James Whitcomb

    This song was my introduction to you(two days ago), instant love!

  15. MrTrilock

    Glad this wasn't deleted.. searched for ages but always got video no longer available.. thumbs up guys

  16. MrGaMaRaYz

    she hit the billy bounce before it was cool in 2017/18

  17. Nick C

    Matt is doing all the heavy lifting in this video.....get off your ass Kim damn

  18. Jose Contreras

    I love u Matt and Kim !

  19. Mystic V

    Get ittttt gurrrrl. Just love her dancin!!!

  20. Shola Jones

    Why am I only seeing this now?

  21. magdiel

    agora todos faz uó

  22. Rob Hirsh

    Kim is like the Energizer rabbit but in a good way!!

  23. kyle Peter

    Matt can't dance for shit 😂💃 #2k17

  24. jordan chaske

    wow I really like Kim dancing and the song and the music video is enjoyable

  25. Andrew Heller

    There was no other way to do this video. It had to be done

  26. Jormangund S

    I love this video

  27. J Logan

    kims got some crazy ass cardio if she can go that hard that long without stopping

  28. Cimantha S

    I don't know if it is even possible for you guys to get even cuter. Love your energy together!

  29. Mr Nine 9 Zero


  30. vince33x

    If you wanna know why Kim has such a great ass just watch her dance - she should put together a dance/workout video. They look as though they have a great time together!

  31. blagoyavich rod

    Ok...all I need in life is a keg, and Kim in my house. I'd be happy forever.

  32. DanDiazEntertainment

    Look at her go! Dance on Kim!

  33. Christopher Mastronardi

    I did love the friends of Chris Mastronardi .Government rosicrucians please somebody in secret government help how i got here in 6 portal to little nemo on h.b.o. please talk to S.v.a. natalie 10 years later.

  34. binarystar21

    Lord of the Dance. Matt.

    blagoyavich rod

    Who isn't?

  35. Daniel Clark

    matt is the king of dance tbh

    k Maz

    Daniel Clark Caitlin Rodriguez.flnnell...

  36. nick volvo

    I could do more with you for a lifetime

  37. nick volvo

    This girl is EASILY in my top ten (maybe five) of all time.

  38. Brian James

    1:03-1:10 I see you're enjoying the view there matt

  39. David Czuma

    OMG!!! I just go crazy, just crazy. I just go crazy!!!!!! OMFG!!!

  40. Morgan McKernan

    I'm starting to realize why he always sits down

  41. Robert Raccon

    Great :^)

  42. Ernest Watson

    Two of the most smartest musictrepreneurs ever. Best way not to owe your Record Labal that much money.

  43. Terry Richards

    I love this song so much, you guys rock ! Your track reminds me of the genre chip tune .
    What if you did your own version of these two songs ?
    1- Nullsleep: " her lazer light eyes "
    2- starscream: " future, and it doesn't work"

  44. Shane Callaghan

    i like how matt stares at kim butt for half a minute during the 1st minute

  45. Nick Volvo

    How is this tool f#cking this chick?  The world is full of mysteries.

  46. MandaandDigit

    I think I dance like Matt... this is why I tell people I don't dance XD

  47. Alex Ferguson

    I wonder what the budget was for this video. lol

    Cathy Tinn

    about 30$ for a stool XD

  48. Mike Guaranteed

    I love seeing Matt go all in with his quirky dancing.

  49. Karen Cox

    i just love how matt watches her while she dances.

    k Maz

    Karen Cox overexposed orange x no.kid admiral.too.much typewriter.reality...

  50. Mitchell Omega

    you'll never payoff all of your student loans.

  51. Firesymphony

    they have at least ONE chair in almost every one of their music videos

  52. Nathan Fabian

    Yep, they're definitely white.

    Tony Walker

    and that matters why


    +Tony Walker it explains that seizure dance at the end

  53. Thomas Moloney

    It would be so fun to get schlitzed with you guys.

  54. Samuel Braddock

    Matt's dancing is so awkward. lol

  55. MonaLisaTime

    You 2:28 on

  56. Evil Eye Gypsy

    There are too many musicians out there who don't know how to have fun. Thankfully, Matt & Kim are all about fun.

    k Maz

    Evil Eye Gypsy kids my.ummmmmmmmmmm........

    k Maz

    Evil Eye Gypsy no grandma no meed to speak they no work no idea who made ot like this noveks whatever i want pussy to for real you fo ohnqell i not die doo ..

    k Maz

    Evil Eye Gypsy no friendship.all.kill.on little nemo.on HBO..


    You should try Tom Rosenthal :D He makes sure he and everyone else has fun

  57. scriblemaker

    Lol I was right about matt's dancing

    Emtex Sparkles

    @scriblemaker  HAHAH I saw you on the Hey now! +scriblemaker

    Gillian Scott

    @scriblemaker I made the same conclusion but yep this clip validates the suspicion. Even Kim's pretty unco on this one - Matt's by far worse! They're having fun though! That's what I like about both songs/clips!


    @Gillian Scott I'm not sure matt's having fun.I feel like he was thinking something along the lines of "ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod I really don't want to do this" throughout the video

    Penelope In The Clouds

    @scriblemaker no he was thinking about da booty


    hes dancing? ?? i thought he was having a seizure!

  58. Laika Buzz

    Why do I enjoy everything hipster, and don't even consider myself one. Maybe I just like everything before it's cool.  Oh wait, damn it.
    I'll save myself by saying, fuck PBR, it sucks.

  59. Xavier Von-Zwack

    No wonder herbutt looks the way it does. She makes me tired just watching her.

  60. Gankageddon

    Kim finally finished her gender change. Grants Kim.


    +Gankageddon What? What do you mean gender change

  61. WarmasterSidious

    If this isn't the newest latest work out craze I don't know what will be.

  62. Allison Acosta

    2:11 I know this isn't what it's saying, but it almost sounds like "buttpeople don't listen" lol

  63. sparkymoo


  64. Queerflatsoda

    I love this in the strangest sort of way.

  65. Paskalina Kinanthi

    oh matt... 

  66. deprogramer69

    Making music must be something they like to do!

  67. Zalanea

    Lol this was released on my 19th Birthday. Go Kim! Fuckin' beast!

  68. SuperPoopgoblin

    foot loose dance:)

  69. CheekyDoodad

    They are so cute together :D

  70. Christian Velez

    Like if the comment section of Hey Now sent you here.


    I wish I could give you a "like minus" because of your comment.
    "Like if..." comments are the worst.


    @AnyBodyWannaPeanut Uhm, what do you think the ''dislike'' button is for?


    Dislike the f out of you.

  71. Sam Romano

    I dance like him...

  72. YK_Beats

    My lil bro calls this power ranger music lmao

  73. Kristofer Gilmore

    I enjoy Matt and Kim. All songs

  74. Casey Cherry

    Play this video while listening to footloose. Thats me...

  75. Thomas Moloney

    Get it Kim. That's some serious Cardio. 

  76. Breanna Marie

    Relationship goals = Matt & Kim

    dannyb20 vtec

    Breanna Marie fuck, I know right!!! just the way they look at each other you can see a connection..Kim is so awesome because she's her self 100 percent

  77. sleppy Naruto

    kim worked it in this video <33333

  78. ScruffyBoi

    700th comment? Why thank you.

  79. All ab0uT -fl0wErs-

    If you don't like Matt and Kim then a part of your life is incomplete. :D

  80. Daniel Smith

    Matt and Kim are such dorks but that's why I love them they're just so perfect and humanly, if that makes sense, but their music is inhuman it's great and unique they're just perfect ↖(^ω^)↗

  81. Joel Pirela

    I don't know what's going with me but.. I think I'm falling for Kim 😌💕😌💕

  82. Матвеев Дмитрий


  83. Johnathen Roberts

    Why is that woman having a seizure?

  84. Nani Darling

    This is the dance I do... well.. always xD

  85. Lani Nicole

    MATT AND KIM. FUcking love you guys. I can't even spell.

  86. Ian Walz

    God damn this is how I imagine dancing to Matt & Kim's songs (if I had the confidence and they actually played their songs at clubs and stuff).

    Ahh Chance

    @xz claire OH SHUT UP, CLAIRE !

    clare x

    @Aston Martin ok :( 

    Ahh Chance

    lol I was kidding as well 

    clare x

    its ok guys i can take it... im strong.... ill just dance the night away like kim....

    Incognito Hidden

    @xz claire
    And I'll just dance like Matt... after a few drinks when I stop caring how I can't dance.

  87. Star The Otaku


  88. John Stepp

    Kim burns more calories in 3:07 than a crossfitter does all day.

  89. Matt Gerber

    The best duo in music today. Enough said. I love these two. Fantastic music and a lot of fun. They seem like the coolest people to hangout with. It's also cool they both enjoyed skating when they were young and even nowadays. Keep on doing what you do!

  90. dancejessiexd

    Wtf is this crap.. And to think they're performing at UM homecoming omg


    They are fucking awesome. If u dont like keep it to yourself clown


    You just don't know what great music is, that's all.  I don't know how you got here while doing a search for Taylor Swift...  Pay closer attention to the keys you're pressing on the keyboard.  You'll get there.

  91. Maya Eberhardt

    Oh kim...


  92. Zerran Barrera

    lol digging her moves so hard

  93. pixiepiexo

    Just discovered Matt and Kim and I absolutely love them ! <3


    Welcome to the family of awesome dancing, great concerts, and some serious love. 

    Madison Godfrey

    Same here!

    Aaron Anderson

    +pixie you man you just discovered life

    The Lily


    k Maz

    pixiepiexo it.keeps shot teddy maoeslbum my blue heaven.....

  94. Nights Reala

    Kim got gass yo!

  95. abc0xyx

    and after the making, Kim had 2 knee replacement surgeries...

  96. that1gurl

    THIS IS matt & kim. COME ON haven't you seen their other videos like "Its Alright" or "Yeah Yeah" ??? STOP judging them! THEY ARE FUCKIN AWESOME. They don't like having " typical, normal, boring" music videos. They like to have fun with it! That WHY they are MATT & KIM. 

    Alexandre Poulin

    Daylight man....

    Brandon McGinnis

    they just beat the shit out of each other....
    and it's GREAT!!!!

    Christian Caringer

    I see you like mgmt