Matt & Kim - Make A Mess Lyrics

Let's make a mess cause we've been clean for way too long
Let's get undressed and dance naked to this song
So sick of playing by the rules, so bored of caring what is cool (Hey!)
Let's make a mess cause we've been clean for way too long
(Go, go, go!)

Let's make a mess cause we've been clean for way too long
Scream the loudest and get all the lyrics wrong
Live every day like it's your first, while everyone else looks rehearsed (Hey!)
Let's make a mess cause we've been clean for way too long
(Go, go, go!)

Let it, let it fall down, let it fall down, let it all fall down, go!
Let it, let it fall down, let it fall down, let it all fall down, go!

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Matt & Kim Make A Mess Comments
  1. Boyish 000

    I love driving my convertible fast to this song.

  2. StrawBerIzzy

    This song gives me A BIG creative drive I JUST WANNA PUMP OUT ART AND STORIES FOR D A YS S S S!! It’s so good ;u; 💕💕

  3. Thomas Weisgram

    2019 anyone?

  4. Fancy Lance

    This song is straight 🔥

  5. Marley Cameron

    I love this song so much! I just found it yesterday and I've been listening to it allot, but I'm already really sad because after just a few more listens I'm going to get sick of it...


    Listen to their song Blazing Dynamite. One of their best ones

  6. Bobby Cline

    Kinda sounds like a....kazoo

  7. - Mako_Shar_k -

    who's here cuz of Pepperpixel's animation? lolol

    Candy Lee

    Yeeeaaaa Scp Animation😍

  8. Lactose Intoler-Art

    This song is so wondrous and kinda lyrically awesome..!! LARVEZ <3

  9. Todd Marshall

    This song makes me ridiculously happy

  10. Craigggg

    Kim said "From the beginning?" Man I love this band.

    Bobby Cline

    Same ma brother.

  11. Mr Nine 9 Zero

    THIS IS MY JAM!!! If I Were Matt And Kim I Would Listen To. My Music Non Stop!!

  12. TurboldTuvshinbat


  13. Solidsupra 818

    I hated this song when It came out WITH PASSION, it's grown on me 😊

  14. Embrod4k Last Name

    I love them so much!! <3

  15. Bane

    I like this song because it has some electronic in it

  16. gun5 deeply

    their beats are legendary! :D

  17. gun5 deeply

    I like this song

  18. Dylan Knowlton

    new album sucks

  19. Octavian Tudor

    Sounds better at speed 1:25. In my opinion.

  20. james gusto

    Why do so few people know of Matt and Kim?

    Austin Montez

    Because there are too many people who are listening to dumbasses like drake or silento

    Thomas Weisgram

    What do you mean cuz they have 115k subs

  21. Mango

    luv dis song

  22. Kholoud Khaled

    try speed 2 you're welcome

  23. oLyke Butters

    I can dance to this shit all night

  24. Isabel Lew

    Just saw them in concert. This song was amazing!!!

  25. KellyOKellyComedy

    Haha this song is so fun!! I love these guys!

  26. ozolnieki

    yesterday i heard this song for first time... now i addicted !!!!

  27. cook j

    I fuck my wife to this everynight........

    Dr. Plague

    Let's make a mess ;3

  28. millieloves2

    Just ballin live at T Campbell show late night show whatever but it was awesome

  29. JVpictures

    Great song! Awesome live!

  30. Daniel Anthony

    Sounds like the Dr. Mario theme... I love it.

  31. Zabrielle Holloway

    This song makes me so hype omfg

  32. Nykki Cox

    So much fun! I love love love this song! Such a great vibe. I love getting all the notes wrong :)

  33. All ab0uT -fl0wErs-


  34. Sarah

    I love this song so much but it kind of reminds me of playing an old arcade game which makes me love it so much more!

  35. rollingstoned58


  36. Dylan Nalyd

    Their music is the best to party to

  37. Yadira Olvera

    Yessss I love this song! ! Makes me happy :)

    Dylan Nalyd

    @Yadira Olvera Makes me happier! Their music is really good

  38. TheNetflixGamer

    This is definitely my favorite on the album

    Brofessor Welch

    You are definitely my favorite person on the planet!

    Solidsupra 818


    embily ?

    being gay

    is okay

  39. lamarius Doyle

    Is the album out yet? and will they put it on vinyl?

    McKenna Walker

    @lamarius Doyle it was released on april 7th

    Maxx Sheldon

    It's Matt&Kim of course they will have copies on vinyl

  40. Prodigital Son

    Love it

  41. trainfart


  42. Daniel Smith


  43. Werepupper

    the songs are so short xD


    A lot of their songs are. They're still good though. If you use the repeat button, it's longer. Ha!

    All ab0uT -fl0wErs-

    hello mermaid man!!!

    Maniac Reviews

    I Said, Now, Where You're Coming From. Those are some longer ones.

  44. Caitlyn Ekes

    Sooooo FUCKING Awesome

  45. jared moore

    All the hype is finally over and we'll deserved :3

  46. Meredith N


  47. Orange Box

    My daughter is 2 and I am 23. We are dancing our butts off to the new album!!!!! Love Matt & Kim 💥💥

    Miguel Castillo

    Ha-ha lel

  48. Brofessor Welch

    Skrillest most insanely awesome song of all tiiiimme! My ears are oozing sweet honey and jellyfish jelly and its a mess!


    +Brofessor Welch Are... Are you ok?
    Are you high?

    gilberto martinez

    its okay i am

  49. Gabriella Coraci


  50. TheMrJay8

    2015 just got a lot more fun!

  51. reddeadwar2011

    Best day ever!

  52. Halfkneazle

    New Glow hype!

  53. Alyssa Mage

    Under 20 views club

    Dylan Nalyd

    @Alyssa Mage under 21 views club


    @Dylan Nalyd
    Under 2,225 views club


    @TheWowso under 27,373 views club :P

  54. fluffybuttons12

    Already love it