Matt & Kim - I Wonder Lyrics

Maybe, maybe
I learned all I need to know
From bottles and their broken glass
Maybe, maybe
These streets were my teachers
And I sat in back of class

Time spent thinking
About what I should have said
And saying
What I should have thought
We’ve all, we’ve all danced alone
And on the floor
Leave everything you brought

I wonder what I would have become

Running, running
I think that we’re running
Out of tape
So can you hit rewind
I don’t, I don’t
I don’t want to see it go
Let’s do this one more time

Things come together
A folding chair
With grey streets
Black nights
Ignore the red lights
Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye Grand
Lets take it back
To where it all began

I wonder what I would have become

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Matt & Kim I Wonder Comments
  1. Bey Pop Phi

    I've been looking for this song for years after hearing it at a Hot Topic. Now I'm satisfied

  2. m. n.

    THIS is one of my top fav matt and kim songs omg I hope they play it in AUSTIN THIS YEAr 2018 ! ;)

  3. Halle McGregor

    his voice reminds me so much of smallpools its not even funny

  4. Cinder Lux

    Make a video pleaseeeeeee :)

  5. Jabriel Woodall

    I like the lyric video.

  6. Kiki Luzia

    It's always on repeat

  7. Kiki Luzia

    Sorry 2012

  8. Kiki Luzia

    Great vid love the voice styles both voices complement each other perfectly one of my most favourite songs of 2013

  9. caress scott

    Matt's voice reminds me of Austin moons voice from Austin and Ally Hahahaha.

  10. fugglystick

    Kim singing reminds me of MC Chris.

  11. Daniel Davila

    Kim is the drummer, she doesn't really sing.


    She sings at 1:58. Here are some songs where you can hear her singing: World is Ending, Northeast, Haunting Me, Wires, Ten Dollars I Found, there are more but I can't think of all of them lol.

  12. seriousgeorge001

    This song sounds a lot like the intro to Lights' song called The Listening!

  13. TheBlackMrRogers

    Kim should sing more

  14. HarbourMastah

    You cant stop doing that

  15. frio

    Try not singing tapping or humming

  16. afrothunder1826

    I wonder what I would have become...

  17. Lefty Kelly

    I like her singing:D

  18. 13hedgehogs

    why does it matter?

  19. smoky281

    ryan go home

  20. Soliduis Mantis

    I think you mean she should sing more. <3 kim

  21. justin stpierre

    kim should stick to the drums lol

  22. Phillip Brown

    i rox with Matt & Kim...and to think that if it wasn't for FIFA i wouldn't even know about them. :-) "I wonder what...I would have become" LOVE IT!!!!

  23. GryndStone

    Just thinking about how much this album is like there first, and for a while i thought that was bad, but i the more i think about the less i care. Happy little noises ftw :D

  24. AzureAnie

    @Ian Barringer Rebecca Black isn't on the radio. She got infamous in the internet...

  25. niijima.

    Thank you xRpMx13! 3

  26. Eis4EthAndEthanisMe

    is sick.

  27. Doge

    Matt and Kim aren't exactly a serious group. That's what makes them great. They're just this free spirited duo from NYC that makes these happy little noises that make me dance around my room singing along to lyrics that don't have depth at all. Love you guys!

  28. Red

    not their best work but ehhhhh

  29. Shawn Hayashi

    This song and "Now" are my favorite !! C: matt&kim are so insprirational cause they're from NY & I wanna sing with them one day

  30. lee folger

    if you like this then i will go and throw a pie at a random [email protected]!!!!!!

  31. OneWheelArmy

    What instrument is that at 1:30?

  32. JadeC4


  33. LifeLovin1

    This. Song. Is. Fucking. Incredible.

  34. lee folger

    if only if this were longer...

  35. Ayk Polat

    dont even care if i mispelled

  36. Ayk Polat


  37. Evan C

    ryann check out his channel xrpmx13

  38. lee folger

    ya i wonder what matt would have become if he didn't do this singing stuff

  39. lee folger

    thumbs up if you were listening to this song since the first day it came out

  40. fuckit

    6 people don't wonder

  41. David Burch


  42. David Burch

    Sounds like it has a hint of a allowed down version of Cameras.

  43. Kay

    whos ryan?

  44. Milkvana

    RYAN! <3 But also Matt and Kim

  45. Brendan Cannon

    troll loooolololo troll troll troll

  46. Tyberious164

    No top comment for you... this belongs to xRpMx13 <3

  47. fetche01

    The Ryan Song :)

  48. Trent Cates

    thumbs up if Ryan sent you here!

  49. Brendan Cannon

    ryan sent me here ftw

  50. JordeshBrandon77

    xrpmx13 sent me here

  51. KimboPineapple

    RyaN SEnt Me heRe

  52. lee folger

    god damn you guys stop arguing and listen to the damn song.!

  53. lee folger

    ya what ever i least i dont like dick

  54. lee folger

    fuck you your a bitch

  55. Good Morning Caroline

    Well, to be honest I don't really like this song and i'm a bit disappointed because I usually love Matt and Kim's songs...

  56. cesar herrera

    xrpmx13 sent me

  57. robbie101011

    lyrics are easy to remember

  58. lee folger

    haha i new i would get too many dislikes but really i didnt even dislike it

  59. lee folger

    hell ya i love that

  60. Mauricio Rojas

    Kim singing? That's so cute.

  61. Cire4ever

    Tool =D

  62. lee folger

    yes i get to be the first dislike

  63. keykeyine

    Can I purchase the lyric video!?

  64. caitlinji

    The answer is pointed out --> 2:00

  65. Garrett Pounds

    What program was this made on??

  66. lisa white

    this song needs to be longer. i get sad when it ends

  67. Estavon Hawley

    Man,Matt and Kim is the best band ever

  68. ub40fx1

    I love you guys so much

  69. lee folger

    cool new album

  70. MrJDucky

    F*cking Jizz Worthy xD

  71. OhItsJustKim

    This is the best morning. I'm glad I checked YouTube <3

  72. Clare Ramirez-Raftree

    So proud of Robert! I met him at a Matt and Kim show in Providence almost a year ago. So good to see that he's getting to do such cool things now!

  73. Arisa Yasaratne

    Literally can't even

  74. helgrind1000

    Matt, Kim, you are fantastic.

  75. blud4cash