Matt & Kim - I Said Lyrics

I made the calls in my life, you see
Now the phone lines are down
But together, just you and me
Can rewire this town

Some days I feel like I’m doing time
I know you’re just as confused
This could become the perfect crime
We’re off with nothing to lose

I said, I said
I said it’s real
I said, I said
You take the wheel
You said, you said
You said no deal
But I said, I said
I said, I said

Now we could take over the whole world
Or at least a small piece
It’s not a gun but some hair you twirled
And then you called the police

I said, I said
I said it’s real
I said, I said
You take the wheel
You said, you said
You said no deal
But I said, I said
I said, I said

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Matt & Kim I Said Comments
  1. Bullshite Thirty

    Matt in blackface and Kim in blondeface

  2. Ash Dudley

    Great song but that piano breakdown is epic 3:00 on... Ugh

  3. Allison Gonzalez

    Planning on taking my kids (9,11&13) to their first concert in November down in San Francisco

  4. I-5 Auto sales

    I am a big fan 😁

  5. Kathryn Johnson

    I swear you guys have the best videos ever! Huge fan of your music and videos! ❤️

  6. Noah

    I was on the Matt and Kim topic channel and was so scared! I was wondering why this song only had 1 thousand views and then i remembered the official video! Now it makes sense! This one has wayyyyy more recognition

  7. Chunnyie

    pretty sure the that lady is my soulmate but whatever. dudes not bad either

  8. Isaac Hairston

    nice ping-ponging

  9. Lucas Jochem

    This music video uses the back and forth motion of the ping pong ball to literally show what arguments are like.

  10. Thomas Patsis

    which came first your guys relationship or the music ?

  11. Anthony King

    Came here to watch Matt& Kim
    Now Im crying over a hearing aid ad, and drifted to the touching side of YouTube...

  12. Rodri Espinoza

    Muy parecido a The Kooks

  13. Tomtom s

    something weird happened at 3:27

  14. GhostHostMemories

    roman mars and the 99 percent invisible podcast brought me here (episode 62, Q2)

  15. Olive Oil

    reminds me of vampire weekend's video for oxford comma mixed with their video for giving up the gun

  16. Sodapop9mm

    Wes Anderson?

    Jourdan Cameron

    Sodapop9mm Muted colors, brightly colored text in all-caps, indie music, perfect symmetry- it's very Wes Anderson.

  17. TheMac andDon

    @2:14 those drums doe

  18. piprod01

    So who won that game?


    2 years late, but I think the guy did...

    I'm sorry I made you wait two years for a not-even-definite answer...

    You probably would've preferred forgetting you asked this...

    I'm really sorry...


    Just kidding, they were both disqualified for using too many ping pong balls...

    My Aim Is Trash

    The guy won... coz the girl just smashing the big nothing at the end :D

  19. Echoes

    Such a physical game of table tennis.

  20. Echoes

    Such a physical game of table tennis.

  21. Stars Misguide

    One of my favorite artists!! Saw them live. Incredible. 
    It would be cool if you could Check out some of my music!?!

  22. Roel Soto

    This song is stuck in my head!

  23. Galdozino

     A couple discussion with a happy ending ;) nice and explicit video xD

  24. Mark Haile

    Most enthralling video I have seen in a while

  25. Inez Da Silva

    This is really fantastic! Great eyeopener! Broadens one's perspective excellent insight well done matt! We share a mutual friend! , DannyK 's father InLAW! He sends his best! mwa luv ya!!!!

  26. DeathandGrim2

    Still to this day I ask myself. What did I just watch?

    Best song on the album btw

  27. Will Wilson

    haha I think ill take on ping pong as a hoby now

  28. matthew nadeau

    i didnt look at the video i loved it

  29. Human bean

    I need to play ping-pong now

  30. Kagarin?

    I thought you said that as an expression and chuckled, then noticed, she really was, and lost it.

  31. I.D.Q.A.F

    they have the best beats ever

  32. Juan valencia

    im sorry i couldn't here you what did you say?

  33. fluffytashi

    I don't get it? Why do people think he directed this? Am i missing something? (probably)

  34. Pol Subanajouy

    I agree, they are totally awesome!

  35. juantime23

    Fantastic in all the simplicity,yet conveying intent. Love it!...............

  36. DisregardedGaming

    Wow, this video was so deep and it took me near the end of the video to realise. It's brilliant.

  37. Kiernan Nicholls

    another ball hits it. pause at exactly 3:46

  38. fugglystick

    ... there is no 4:46

  39. UpperCrustthe3rd

    matt and kim fucking suck


    Your video on very tall trees fucking suck

  40. Jennifer Fitzgerald

    I'm pretty sure I read he helped direct it or directed it somewhere!

  41. ReMan

    Holy shit, this song is AWESOME!! Almost better than Daylight, my first and favorite!

  42. xxYourself42xx

    i could watch matt and kim music videos all day... oh wait i do... maybe thats why i never can finish my AP world HW

  43. Cory Kay

    Love the drums at 2:14

  44. Autumn Cymone

    everyone is saying the black guy, but this whole time, i thought he was Indian O.O

  45. Jacky Tran

    it takes balls to pull out a pair. Does this makes sense? feels right when i say it >_>

  46. beccasmizzle

    I love this song.

  47. Michael Sullivan

    this girl keeps pulling balls out of her ass

  48. Kelvin Klink

    If you stay looking the ping pong so much hypnotized, mark X to the spot

  49. Adam

    i think the black guy won in overtime

  50. Cameron Peinado


  51. Jake Patterson

    Everybody's secretly rooting for the black guy

  52. alex hinckley

    Matt and Kim I have big dreams for my life and I plan on meeting you ahead in life

  53. Bigsam250

    Its really rare that I stop listening to what I usually listen to which is like electro and metal and find something completely different but I love it..... its strange

  54. yakup abbaszade

    bizim sait amcaya dinlettim bunu dedi bacın siqem

  55. CROGERS0605

    The harlem shake brought me here

  56. Decagonalist

    No, It would be far more difficult to put them in digitally then to just have them there.

  57. itsthebino

    nope. wrong.

  58. Vishal Singh

    I couldn't even focus on the lyrics

  59. bettersongaday

    bettersongaday 10.23.2012

  60. California Something

    Sorry I missed this guys. subbed now.

  61. RocketGuardian

    Matt and Kim make better music videos than Ok Go. lol I do love the randomness of their videos.

  62. kaliegh quick

    the girl moves like flowing water

  63. Jo Thomas

    seems the legit


    That girl has got a lot of balls in those shorts.

  65. PugLife357

    This video is very Wes Anderson-like. I like it.

  66. 私はうんちです

    i don't always listen to indie, but when i do i youtube search matt % kim

  67. Milk Pixel

    what is the lyric video or first listening

  68. Mike Hunt

    is the picture on the far right matt?

  69. fuck you google

    than hats off to your sir,

  70. itsthebino

    i shot and edited the video. this was one single shot.

  71. fuck you google

    thats some sneaky editing, the cut is a sweeping cut following right behind the ball since your naturally drawn to the moving ball and wont see the people jump a tiny bit

  72. Cptheadstomp420

    grow the fuck up

  73. Shawn Hayashi

    When I run away with my gf, I'll blast this in the car c:

  74. LifeLovin1

    Black dude dominated.

  75. Hunter Jennings

    worst part was 4:28

  76. xcountrycowboy

    fav song of the new album. love the drum solo at 2:15

  77. maximumtheandy

    296 ping pong balls were hurt in the making of this video.

  78. Maxx Sheldon

    So..... Who won this game?

  79. Apru

    yeah i know

  80. Aaron Brown

    in the middle of the video: well this is boreing *more balls come out * dats more like :]

  81. DonkeyPlays323


  82. Oswaldo Gallegos

    Dam, I just cant stop listening to this song! xD

  83. Trey Marks

    it's like the beginning to a Wes Anderson movie.

  84. Chunnyie

    Easily my favorite song from album. It's so funky. Way to take a different direction with this one.

  85. amesynth

    Exactly the first thing that popped into my head :)

  86. William Horn

    Life is like a box of chocolates

  87. William Horn

    I said Forrest Gump

  88. pixithemis

    No it doesn't. Please don't stay stuff like that, i died a little inside.

  89. TheMoonArtist

    I can see this on Gossip Girl, the song fits well.

  90. pixithemis

    Probably both the best song and video clip in LIGHTNING!

  91. TacieVL

    It's in a playlist already :) check out their channel

  92. xhectichectorx

    this whole album (like the others) kicks ass start to finish

  93. Cody Candler

    Did anyone else like this video before they even watched it?

  94. Jesse Jones

    new album*

  95. Karl Zechiel

    I really need to get this album.

  96. RelapseGalore55


  97. ScruffyBoi

    How dare anyone dislike Matt&Kim, they work hard to do what they love.