Matt & Kim - Hoodie On Lyrics

Look lookin' like a king
Look lookin' like
Look lookin' like a king
Look lookin' like
Look lookin' like a king
Look lookin' like
With a hoodie on
(With a hoodie on)

I don't dress up for much, just a hoodie on
I look like a king with a hoodie on
You care too much, it goes on and on
I wrote this song with a hoodie on
I woke up like this, put a hoodie on
A pair of chucks and some jeans I'm gone
A suit and tie always felt wrong
Bought my new house with a hoodie on
I just shut down the club with some subs and a drum set
Yeah, god damn that might be our best yet
Hang round town, I'm here, I'm gone
Been round the world ten times with a hoodie on

Look lookin' like a king
Look lookin' like
Look lookin' like a king
Look lookin' like
Look lookin' like a king
Look lookin' like
With a hoodie on
(With a hoodie on)

I don't dress up for much, just a hoodie on
I look like a king with a hoodie on
You care too much, it goes on and on
I wrote this song with a hoodie on
I can still turn heads with what I put on
Windows down, come on ride along
Can't wait here, I'm already gone
I dress to impress with a hoodie on

(Year after year)
(Year after year always on)
(Year after year)
(Year after year)

(Year after year)
(Year after year always on)
(Year after year) (Look lookin' like a king, look lookin' like)
(Year after year)
With a hoodie on
With a hoodie on

With a hoodie on
With a hoodie on
With a hoodie on
With a hoodie on

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Matt & Kim Hoodie On Comments
  1. Shawn Walker

    Stopping in to say. This is catchy. Might get my black card revoked again
    But oh well. Lol

  2. HOSHI星

    Killed a man with a hoodie on 👌

  3. Stella Stapleton

    Rolls eyes

  4. Therealbdeem TM

    Here in 2019?


    Therealbdeem TM ayyyyy! Lol on repeat 😂

  5. Jimmy Sande

    im waeringa hoodie

  6. ShloKing

    I need a hoodie with a gold crown printed on it... I might draw on one of my hoodies...

  7. ShloKing

    They look so happy... I'm kinda jealous.

    He's with a girl that he shares his passion with, they seem great together, etc. Plus they're MAKING something, and something worth consuming. More than I can say for myself.

  8. Samantha Anne

    This is the shittiest song ever. I only came here to show my husband how trash it is.

  9. michael kurland

    First time hearing this song hoodies are my favorite peaces of clothing

  10. Noah Tonnesen

    1.25x speed transforms this song

    Scott Bellew

    thats the jam!!!

  11. Shamar Powell

    No joke this is me or i dont feel right with out it

  12. Juliet Vo

    Honestly, this is one of my favorite songs from you guys. Sending lots of love:)

  13. Kade Graves

    Good job I love this song

  14. Zero Two

    I watched this with a hoodie on

    Not watching matt and Kim feels wrong

    Thats what I have on mind right now..

  15. Elizabeth Nelson

    This me...
    I wore a hoodie all year last year

  16. Barbara Matthews

    Love your song and my grandson he loves it too .

  17. Aleena Poulo

    I always enjoy the carefree and sort of cheerful defiance that reminds me of middle school and early high school. 😁 Thank you for the song you shared!

  18. Graham Ulmer

    I listened to this song with a hoodie on.

  19. Yansari Michelle

    If you don't like Matt and Kim now you never did

  20. _InkDoodles _

    Legit my theme song 👌👌

  21. dwilbur13

    So my four year old son just got out of the bath and was being dried off with his Nemo towel, which happens to have a kind of hood on it.  He had the hood over his head and said, "Daddy, I have a hood on, like a king".  It was a very proud moment for me.

  22. jamie w

    Its awesome

  23. HoodieLeft Boi

    This song speaks to me

  24. Amy Midori


  25. THM Mini me

    I'm watching this with my hoodie on

  26. sinicle 56

    I heard this in a playlist on spotify and had to add it cuz it describes me😁😂

  27. admrlmeow

    never mind the song who commissioned more skate posers???????? bruh can't even kickflip ? checkered nails? NOOOOOO keep your goofy style and buy some longboards instead

  28. J M.

    I don't think I own a hoodie...

  29. Ryan MacLachlan

    And they shred skateboards??? Jesus they slay. All angles slay. Mon-Fri slay. July-June slay. 8 days a week slay. Slay any which way slay. Slay!

  30. John Leppien

    Awesome song.



  32. MaTcHBoOkPoEt13

    Wouldn't be a Matt and Kim video if Matt didn't slap Kim's ass at some point 😂😂

  33. Ariel Novak

    This song grows on you! Give it a chance! 😉

  34. Harmonie Fair

    love this

  35. garbage

    so weird. I love the video tho lol

  36. Chris Pendragon

    GASP. Matt touched the butt.

  37. Aziel

    Matt & Kim are in the hood

  38. Cassandra Breese

    lol this song is so me, everyine complains cause year round at some point i have a hoodie on, :)

  39. mary primrose

    this song is me and my best friend's song (love you Angel Burall)

  40. nico schumacher

    I remember going to a show when they just dropped New Glow when I was 9 and my parents were best friends with Jonathan Levine (one of Matt and Kim's friends) and we were going to meet Matt and Kim but I have always had a big problem with migraines so by the end of the show, I couldn't stand up. I had such a bad migraine that I couldn't stay anymore. The next morning I got a message on my laptop of a video message of Kim saying she wanted to hang out with me. I was crying. That made so happy! Thank you 😊!


    Wow! That's extremely sweet of Kim. Did you two end up hanging out?

    spider heads


  41. koniarka 12354

    ★☆♡♥ *.*

  42. Jesus Take the Wheel

    This was my jam last year!

  43. dahtguy youknow

    my favorite is your daylight song

  44. Tri Bagus Soleman

    I watch this video with a hoodie on

  45. Phan Dragon

    Why is this me

  46. Cole Belinsky

    I don't know how I feel about this song.

  47. Oliver cooke

    listened to this song with a hoodie on

  48. Oliver cooke

    with a hoodie on

  49. Aren Steyerman

    matt's voice and mattpat's face would work so well..

  50. Wolf Bomb

    That's me

  51. Maja Baker

    they're playin' my song

  52. Le Kazibam

    damn that flow tho

  53. Nokturhn

    I miss old M&K shit. The raw sounding stuff; 5K Blazing Dynamite type

  54. Mackey

    This song describes my life perfectly

  55. Circe Granger

    They blocked this at my school. :(

  56. Liam Heffernan

    Yo Matt is actually a decent skater...


    He did an Ollie that's like level one shit

    Scott Waltrip

    yeah but he did it with a hoodie on though

  57. Awww im a MOnSTeR BOO!

    on my lunch break with a freekin hoodie on! xD

  58. Noah Cronnelly



  59. TheSuperpoaster


  60. Angelique Lee

    sound soooo awesome even like all of their songs

  61. Andrew Roque

    This song needed a little while, like a fine wine.

  62. Zendaya Coleman

    I'm sorry but.... I'm not gonna say anything. I don't wanna post anything to make them sad but still.....😯😯

  63. Fishey Gaming

    With a hoodie on...

  64. mikayla brown


  65. blue room

    I had to go get a hoodie after listening to this

  66. Leemythic

    I'm fucking feeling this song!!

  67. Rene Benoit

    They should check out the skate park in Philadelphia! It's located beneath a thruway and completed built and funded by the community. --at least from what I've been told. It's cool down there.

  68. Vicky A

    Like it! .. with a hoodie on ofc

  69. RUTheCatalyzt

    It's music ...made for suburban white people.
    I'm not complaining though. They jammin. I fux wit it.

    Roxxy Sweets

    +RUTheCatalyzt Just sound New York-ish to me, but uhhh....

  70. Teran Ross

    This is such a Matt and Kim song.

  71. Emperor Pilaf

    I LOVE them no matter what

  72. Jakemkee

    I can't believe this doesn't have more views!

  73. Sean Heilman


  74. Stupid Challengez

    They could look like a cute couple

  75. Mitch Talbot

    Been inspired to wear a hoodie tomorrow xD

  76. AfroShann

    I keep thinking Matt is gonna say "I look like a THUG with a hoodie on." Lol

  77. Aronn Stone

    This song is actually pretty AWSOME 😎

  78. Taliah Angelo


  79. Ross


  80. brandonhill111

    nice bass

  81. Eric Mann

    paddy's pub?

  82. SKYNET #2025

    it's hoodie season

  83. theregulargatsby

    People act like these lyrics are so shallow, but they're totally Matt and Kim. Their sound is slightly different, but still in their own style. I think it's a clever shift.

    SKYNET #2025

    it's just a fun song. not everything has to be thought out

    Jack Johnston

    +theregulargatsby They have to kind of follow the trend in mainstream music to stay popular.


    +Jack Johnston they're not popular tho. And that's what great about them. They make the music they want and get appreciated by a good quantity audience that appreciates them as artist.

  84. teapotlizard

    i heard this in a store in estonia. looked it up as soon as i got back home. :)

  85. you-are-the-pelican-man

    Story of my life

  86. Dylan Knowlton

    Too bad you are sell outs now..

  87. Larissa Down

    this song sounds so sick live 👌 the beats are awesome!

  88. Jesse Martin

    Am I the only one that thinks of Izaya Orihara from Durarara when I hear this??? lol

    Renard Againster

    +Jesse Martin Yes.

  89. FerrisZzZzZ

    I'm a fan of Matt and Kim.. but this is just cringe worthy.  There's no way something this bad was made unintentionally.

  90. Roxxy Sweets

    I swear this is like the only couple that makes me think you can still have fun after marriage, cause all the married ppl I know are MISERABLE...
    If they get a divorce, I'll cry.

  91. atticusfn

    fucking love it, haters gonna hate

  92. David Heklowski


  93. Jared Brown

    i wrote this comment with a hoodie on

  94. prohumor42

    I can honestly say without a single doubt in my mind that that is the worstest thing i have ever heard....that is so terrible it honestly makes me want to scream....if it was physically possible i without a doubt would be puking out of my ears...that is the worst thing ever without a single doubt. This is the shit they should be torturing terrorists with in other contries ....words cannot explain how terrible they are

  95. Lance Baker

    one of the gayest songs ive heard

  96. alice gemni

    this song is kinda wierd

  97. Joanee Westreen

    Why do people even care about lyrics 
    i always feel like the tune is all that mattered