Matt & Kim - Get It Lyrics

At 1 a.m. we go for gold
At 1 a.m. when we we lost control
At 1 a.m., oh yeah
God damn, god damn
We don’t want to go home

At 1 a.m. no wrong and right
Shades of grey
Black as the night

We all sing along
But the notes are wrong

Get it
Get it
Get it

At 1 a.m. let’s make mistakes
At 1 a.m. when we we cut the brakes
At 1 a.m., oh yeah
God damn, god damn
We don’t want to go home

We all sing along
But the notes are wrong

Get it
Get it
Get it
Get it
Get it

We all sing along
But the notes are wrong

Get it
Get it
Get it

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Matt & Kim Get It Comments
  1. Kit Kitten

    2020. Still a bop.

  2. DKGifford19608

    Top 5 live band

  3. Sean Rook

    Some day, my kids will be grown up and hear this song and realize the lyrics were not "got jam, got jam."

  4. Vaughn Gainey

    I would love to see them live. Their shows look like so much fun.

  5. CurranJohn Smith

    worst song ever

  6. Demorez

    Bargain bin version of phantogram. cliche lyrics while someone burps into a microphone for 3 minutes... Who actually thinks this is a good song?

  7. Brett Fowl

    0:39 What instrument is that?

  8. Dj_toxic 14

    they should call the song 1 am

  9. OddOneOut665

    That beat at the beginning reminded me of 'Puttin on the Ritz'...

  10. Joseph Gómez

    2018, 2019, 20infinitive somebody here?

  11. Krabby Tuna GT

    Omg i love them xD

  12. Ashton Heilman

    Who else is here from the royal Caribbean commercial

  13. Joey Grotentraast

    I must be crazy right?

  14. Andy the fox

    They should like to be woke up at 1 am

  15. Unknown Awakening

    Classic 2015

  16. Colin Kaczor

    I wonder if Matt or Kim read these comments while listening to their music...Psh I wonder when the next time they will click on this song to pump themselves up

  17. Colin Kaczor

    I love Kim’s signature move standing on the crowd. Confident idol

  18. jeniel cross

    good song

  19. Ori Bear

    Why does she dance like she’s trying to get a pebble turd out of her arse ?

  20. Collin Morris

    Their music is annoying. They're a little too happy for my taste. But these motherfuckers really know how to put on a show. The bass from this track at their concert was crushing.

  21. twailertwash

    I have not commented on a video here in about 3 years, but I actually feel compelled to say that this is without question the worst aural atrocity to ever grace the planet. If you like this please take some drugs or something that will make your taste less shit.

    Peace and love x

  22. mugen1333

    there's no such thing as too much kim butt...we know it...she knows it...matt knows it.

  23. M A

    Such grace. Such c;ass... Much fun?

  24. greempaste

    I think it's the weird little background beat noises, but this song reminds me of animal crossing

  25. Jarod Marino

    This song hypes!

  26. Calvin the hamburger

    Hey that sounds like the guy from banjo and Kazooie

  27. d d

    seeing this live was something else

  28. Ori Bear

    That gal dances like she’s trying to take a shit.

  29. Deanna DeBenedictis

    Did you guys sample Mumbo Jumbo from Banjo-Kazooie?!

  30. Joey Grotentraast

    When you realize that you can't comprehend the fourth dimension, while it's there in front of you.

    Joey Grotentraast

    I have to make the drawing again.

  31. OttBott

    Possibly my favourite Matt and Kim song

  32. Sipriano Solis

    1:30-1:35 is by far my favorite scene Kim is so great :)

  33. Mr Nine 9 Zero

    watching This At 1Am😎😎😎

  34. Reese Anderson

    every single time i've heard this song i thought "at 1am" was actually "I want him" so i thought matt and kim were just best friends and matt was gay

  35. screweddevelopment12

    this is awful

  36. kimberly mclaughlin

    time to get up and start the day son!

  37. Joel Quinonez

    Matts so hot, those arms carry me away daddy

  38. Christa Kearsey

    This song helped me get through grad school...whenever I was happy, sad, or anywhere in between I listen to you guys...and this song gets me soooo pumped to work through the times that aren't so fun so that I can get back to dancing <3

  39. Luke H

    most attractive couple on earth

  40. Brianna Houle

    Ugh I'm so pissed I wasn't able to see them when they came to denver! their concerts look amazing!

  41. Paulin :3 Wolf :p

    the girl drummer.... 7u7 damn

  42. Ajani Wright

    who's here from the royal carribean ad?

  43. Micah Anderson

    I didn't even know this song was on a commerical I just came here cause I love them

  44. Brian Boyd

    what font is this

  45. ShadowMosses 1998

    a girl

  46. Charlie Jones

    The news junkie send me ,if you know you know

  47. Robert Codispoti

    Wish there was a remix out there with more of 0:40 it sounds amazing!


    Rob Codispoti Agreed. It's my favorite part!

  48. Georgie Hellmann

    Fucking bop holy shit fuck yeah

  49. Ridy

    i dont get it

  50. Anthony Howard

    woodyshow anyone??? you know!

  51. thunderrolls

    seriously i cant help but notice how beautiful her ass is im sorry

  52. stay in orbit

    copia barata de tøp ??? prolly


    No these guys have been around for MUCH longer

  53. snoun

    oh shoot this was them?

  54. Ally rose

    Been a fan since 2010 still rocking

  55. FenrirMF

    God damn god damn...I need to see these two in concert.

  56. Politically Drunk

    It's better in the Royal Caribbean commercial because there it doesn't have the weird old man gasping sound

  57. DawnRainWasHere

    Kim is so freaking cute, so is Matt.

  58. Kiera Giovanini

    finally found this song !

  59. Mike S

    It's spelled brakes

  60. SkyWarrior100

    Who heard this song from alt-nation?

    Rosey Garcia

    i did! :D


    +Rosey Garcia That's awesome!

    Aidan Delarosa

    SkyWarrior100 alt nation is the best


    @John Delarosa It sure is!


    3 years later this song is still great and sadly not still on Alt-nation

  61. Denise Alencar

    Matt is like a really hot Sheldon.

  62. Bug Is a WADUR BUG

    Let make mistakes

    I always knew they were my mommy and daddy

  63. Ricky G

    I gotta see these guys live...I love the happy, positive vide...I love the new music vibe

  64. Brayden Peters

    I love the transition at 0:08

  65. That Witchy Girl

    You can hear how much fun they have doing this in their music. It's so great. I just find it impossible to not to feel happy when listening to them <3

  66. Michael Doyle

    Thank you Matt ANd KiW" Micool moo u?+_;;;kjhbnuyghytrfgyth/? SORRY MATTHEW.

  67. SANDSO

    what concert is this ?

  68. Moe Sal

    for fucKS sake why do people want to change their name to Kim and Matt. Fuck political correctness

  69. Moe Sal

    for fucKS sake why do people want to change their name to Kim and Matt. Fuck political correctness

  70. gee money

    wow kim, just wow. matt is a lucky dude.

  71. Queniff R

    They could both get it.

  72. M249MachineGun

    I don't think there are any black people in this entire video

    Sean Santiago

    there are very rarely white people in Lil' Wayne stuff. life is hard for the world

  73. Bone Jones

    "We don't wanna go home"
    Hello royal Caribbean

  74. Caddy Groover

    Music like this gets NO radio play and you what? I'm glad it doesn't because the fact that either some of us knew who these two were for a while or went to Google to find out who they were from a commercial shows that we as people in need of good music will go to great lengths to find uplifting music to soothe our souls. Thumbs up to anyone who hates today's so called "talent" on the radio. You guys have more talent in your hearts than all of mainstream artists have in their brains combined.

    ACB Films

    Shut your fucking face, this song is still lowest common denominator slop

    Austin Peterson

    I heard it on Alt Nation on Sirius XM.


    Alt Nation.

  75. Xenarzio

    at 0:30 its like that guy is lip syncing

  76. Markus Arike

    Matt and Kim crushed it at Coachella last night, 100%.

    Ashley Doyle

    +Markus Arike OHHHH I wish I could have been there!!!


    although I saw them in Pennsylvania for a concert and that was amazing

  77. Ady Rubio

    blew me away! their performance at Coachella. . wow.

  78. Bass Lion

    I like the song but the lyrics are a little cheap and simple..

  79. Angie La

    who else noticed the poop emoji sigh?

  80. the dan hibiki

    Bless Kim's Based Booty

    Bo's'n Bruce

    that booty is eerily manly
    and along with her boyish moves gives me creeps tbh


    I love her booty

    Irl Goofy

    the dan hibiki and only Matt can have it


    Bo's'n Bruce yeah, she's got a man body lol

    Jim AItruist

    Bo's'n Bruce she does look like a man in that department, yes.

  81. derek Ohare 1

    enjoyed that .thanks .

  82. Caption Crunch10

    +maddy stardodd I am

  83. Punchthebell

    A dude at my school recommended this song to me and I've been hooked in it since! Love it!!!!!!!!!

  84. Obi1Jakobi

    anybody here because they were trying to find out name of song of royal Caribbean commercial then went

  85. Isis2012 E

    Royal Caribbean brought me here!

  86. FxtrotOscrRmeoDelta

    Am I the only one here from Man Seeking Women?

  87. Charlotte Carlile

    saw them play this live fuckin amazing energy

  88. bairem hamza

    I am here thanks to the ship Anthem of the Seas ❤️

  89. javii montoya

    pero igual es buena❤

  90. javii montoya

    me gustaria que la cancion sea toda como 00:40☺💚 y no como 1:10 odio esa parte😢🔫

  91. Josh Holmes

    HangOut fest!!!! Orange beach

  92. Jimmy McClure

    This is called ArrestFest by the locals. Do not go to this unless you want to be victim of a police state!

  93. Isiah Frazier

    this is garbage tf xD

  94. Koko Variety

    I am here because i typed in Get it!


    Royal Caribbean Cruise commercial here too. There has to be a club remix with just the get it. Ya feel me?

    Bella Jones

    I feel ya

  96. Oscar bueno

    que alze la mano quien llego aquí por el comercial royal caribean jajaja

    Paul Barba

    Si xDD.

  97. Haley Michelle Jones

    who's here from the royal Caribbean commercial?! I'm not but it seems like a good way to fit in

  98. mike neo

    I shazamed the shit out of this from the cruise commercial, glad I did