Matt & Kim - Fall To Pieces Lyrics

We were the weirdos hanging out in Prospect Park
We were the weirdos making out at a graveyard
And maybe I'm not still exactly who I was
But pretty close 'cause red is always in the blood

Build all of me so I won't fall to pieces
Build all of me so I won't fall so I won't

And maybe I don't fit the mold 'cause I'm hand done
And maybe I never cared if I lost or won
And yeah I said I'm not exactly who I was
But pretty close 'cause red is always in the blood

Build all of me so I won't fall to pieces
Build all of me so I won't fall so I won't
Build all of me so I won't fall to pieces
Build all of me so I won't fall so I won't fall

Don't worry I was not confused
I never wanted to be rescued
Don't worry I was not confused

Build all of me so I won't fall to pieces
Build all of me so I won't fall so I won't fall
Build all of me so I won't fall to pieces
Build all of me so I won't fall so I won't fall

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Matt & Kim Fall To Pieces Comments
  1. jordan chaske

    Kim everytime I dance I dance for you

  2. jordan chaske

    What's up. Matt and Kim how's it going me I'm just chilling listening to music and I was just wondering that it's gonna be October in A few days and I'll like to know that when are you two are gonna make another video I hope soon cause I got A doctors appointment coming up on the October 8th and I gonna go through A ultrasound and I never had A ultrasound before and I'm still Listening to your guys music and it makes me feel good about myself when I listen to Matt and songs

  3. toastburntbread

    why is Matt so sexy?

  4. Chente Boom

    Big up Stick Figure and Cocoa

  5. Diego Sanchez

    1:50 man look how Matt looks at her. You can tell they really love each other so much. I can't.

  6. Dr Worm

    I’m so mad at myself for not being at the show in Columbus!! I went to one of their shows about six years ago and it was amazing. I had such a huge crush on Matt and was trying to get towards the front, but the crowd was so crazy that I was pushed to the ground and couldn’t get up. No joke, Matt fucking stopped playing and told everybody to get back so I could get on my feet. When I got up, we made eye contact and he smiled at me. My 16 year old self was so happy, I will never forget that. Thanks Matt! 😁😁😁




    Damn Kim can shake what her momma gave her

  9. MacAttack

    Soooooo.... Whats been going on you cool guys? Miss you!

  10. MaTcHBoOkPoEt13


  11. Jeremiah Points

    love you guys

  12. Jack Franks

    After watching this, have to catch ya guys live next year! Get better ASAP Kim!

  13. awqeredt !!

    it says the video is not available? does anyone know why???

  14. Megan Carver

    Kim give us a Spotify playlist so we can booty shake and get our sweat on with you!

  15. TheCalebEffect


  16. Olivier Renson

    You're Just The Only Happy Punks

  17. Alësha Tarvi

    1:50 is the best moment ever, true emotions

  18. Haley Smedstad

    you guys made mopop so fucking amazing

  19. Sparky Smith

    Liked the video before even watching it :P Hope y'all have an amazing and productive 2017!

  20. Corey

    I love you guys. your relationship is a inspiration to us all. PTS come back to FireFly music festival 2017.😀

  21. Jose Alvara

    God I would love to see them live.. it looks like a good fucken time

  22. Austin Boss

    Will always be my relationship goals, god damn.... Amazing people<3

  23. starrfadeable

    matt & kim put on the best show EVER!! You must see them live, the energy they put off is whole heartedly absorbed by the crowd. People dance like there is tomorrow and no one is watching. Their show is one of the best I have ever been to and I've been going to shows since I was 13 and have seen over 200 bands live. The energy is so infectious and leaves you feeling euphoric.

  24. Nes7orR

    I was at the Gov Ball show in NYC!!! You guys were AMAZING!!!!

  25. Tobias Foley

    LMS if u thought the words were "fill all of me" not "built"...
    Ahh!! They're so cute!!
    This is a hard video to watch at work lmao

  26. Grant Bowtie

    there isn't a duo in the world I love more than you guys. honestly you always brighten me and my friends days and watching you two have fun doing what you love always puts a smile on my face :) I'm glad to have discovered such talented artists, honestly without you guys the world wouldn't be such a rad place to be in

  27. Axel Yates

    I was at the show in Dallas. Absolutely amazing! Come back soon!

  28. Paul Brummer

    matt and kim, no lie, I got chills. Great job! Always ready for more!

  29. Jesus Tafoya

    Noce de donde los encontré ni por que estoy suscrito pero me alegro que llegaran a mi vida las mejores canciones de mi vida saludos desde México 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  30. Jesse Aberdeen

    video is not available... WHY?? 😭😭😭

  31. Kinky Karl


  32. Sam Machovec

    Love it. M & K live is always amazing!

  33. CourtneyIsSleepy

    I'm so happy and proud of you guys, I'm tearing up! 💜💜

  34. joditraut

    just the loveliest pair of humans alive.

  35. Charlie Webber

    made it onto the music video aye

  36. Travis Trevizo

    This song just tells me to never stop having fun!

  37. Dan Weidman

    Amazing per usual, good work

  38. Morgen Selmer

    Love you guys! This vid is awesome. See you next summer?

  39. Jennifer Goebel

    Keep coming to Columbus Ohio!!!

  40. Saku Hey

    2 of my favorite people

  41. Mimi

    Y'all should make it out to Pittsburgh 🙌🏻

    Jeff Sokira

    They're coming back to the burgh this fall!

  42. Markus Arike

    0:52, millennial whoop. We can always count on Matt and Kim to include the most angst ridden interval ever created in their songs. :-)

  43. Daniela Gonzalez

    Man this got me emotional. Thanks for being our favorite weirdos & encouraging us all to stay weird in a world the tries to get us to do the opposite. You're the best!

  44. Jamie Rose

    Never surprised when my favorite band comes out with a perfect music video every time.

  45. john deer

    I fucking love matt and kim!!!!!

  46. e13Dezign

    *Cocoa the tour dog and Stick Figure playing at 1:33.

  47. jacenK

    love you 2

  48. VStrizzy

    Too bad you didn't play this one in Dallas :(

  49. Sam Weldon

    This song is my favorite from this album! You guys are amazing. Real sad I missed you in detroit this year :(( hope I get to catch you in concert eventually!

  50. All ab0uT -fl0wErs-

    none of your videos are available

    Jeremy Matias

    All ab0uT -fl0wErs- Have you tried using a VPN ? I have the same problem and that ends up working for me everytime.

    All ab0uT -fl0wErs-

    No but I'll see if it works tho

  51. silenttristo


  52. CultClassic/ DeadInside

    IDK what's more enjoyable : the song itself, or Kim's booty OwO BTW, am I the only one that barely noticed it ? LOL

  53. Gregory Harper

    Y'all are freakin sweet!

  54. CiscoFrancis17

    It sucks that I missed you guys in AZ. Instead, I celebrated my stupid birthday a few days earlier. Next time

  55. Christian Flores

    yesss omg!!

  56. moe zart


  57. mb1213

    Great video. Can't wait for new music

  58. Kaudo

    Nailed it.

  59. Euphoric Vibes Music

    Love it!

  60. Leonard A.

    Please come back to New Mexico. <3

  61. Alexi Sans S


  62. Michael Lee


  63. Flo Peters

    super proud to be going to the same college as you both. your music is often what keeps us Pratt cats going during late nights at studio. thanks for the beats :)

  64. Antonio Castillo

    and you guys are awesome, can't wait for y'all to come to Dallas