Matt & Kim - Can You Blame Me Lyrics

Riding high, Empire State
Riding high and roll the dice
It decides our fate
Bottle rockets off your roof
Riding bikes through red lights
We're bullet proof

Can you blame me for just being alive?
Can you blame me for just being alive?

Climbing the Manhattan bridge
Gave the finger to our city with a kiss
We get kicked out of the bar
I know, I know sometimes I take things way too far

[Chorus x2]

[Chorus x2]

(Don't blame me, don't blame me)
(Don't blame me, don't blame me)

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Matt & Kim Can You Blame Me Comments
  1. Oh Canada

    This takes the cake for my favourite music video of all time. Creative and original but still perfectly fitting

  2. barefoot and independent

    who was the picture cutter? great work team!

  3. Luke Markowski

    I noticed edmonton in the video.

  4. anyways

    Facebook tingz✨

  5. Elizabeth W

    Matt and Kim your videos are amazeballs and make me happy.

  6. Jeremy Hotelling

    M & K, this video is amazing. Your fans are simply incredible. This totally made my day.

  7. chase Melvin


  8. john njuguna


  9. Tinkerbombshell

    Another goodie by Matt and Kim!!!!!! Yassssssss!

  10. Gods' Very Own Twins

    been looking for this song.from facebook.ddnt kno.tws actually a song ...m sooo happy

  11. Anand Rajan

    Did Facebook use this song or is it the other way around?

  12. Lee B.

    So creative!

  13. Christopher Fusari

    i can not believe this video hasn't got more views !

  14. Tyler Candler

    Ok time to clear up some misconceptions in the comments

    1. They were using waterproof cases on their ipads when they jumped into the pool

    2. The train was just some clever editing, go back and see for yourself

  15. Kayla Pounds

    The people who jumped into the pool with their tablets! How?! Lol maybe they just thought ruining them was worth it for Matt and Kim and the video. After all, we do have train tracks dude too

  16. Luna Midnight

    Just found this YouTube channel so I don't know what's going on but it does sound good for someone that's very confused!

  17. Gemma Pettersen

    That train one though? There was a train coming?

  18. MollyIRL

    I heard this song today in American Eagle.

    It's not bad.

  19. Devon G

    Not a fan of the old dude thrusting his dick on a public playground .-.

    Joel Goodo

    +Devon G let me guess, youre a fan of 2:14?

    Devon G

    +mr goodo ??

    Joel Goodo

    @Devon G its not that hard to understand

    Devon G

    +mr goodo I understand what you're asking but not why. and it helps to actually explain when someone asks a question rather than just "it's not that hard to understand."

    Joel Goodo

    @Devon G you didnt ask a question all you put was "??" how am i supposed what you are talking about, so it helps to actually put words in your sentence when you are asking a question

  20. MickeyMikeySteve


  21. sixamphs

    The guy with the wagon gets the gold star I think.

  22. kiraanimerawr1

    Respect to everyone who thought they were being unique and quirky for swapping genders.

  23. Ler

    Yippee! Checked every week for this to come out. :P

  24. fram smith

    Lol the guy in the wheel barrel, that was smart how he ended his. not as great as I thought it was going to be, still fantastic, but thought it was going to be more...still excited that it came out.

  25. gyoutasan


  26. Clarence Burris

    Freaking awesome. everyone was so creative lmao

  27. Sammy Flowers

    Best video ever!!

  28. salamy123

    This turned out awesome!

  29. ScruffyBoi

    Took a long time guys cause they asked people to send then before their whole tour and that's why it took a while, because they do all their video and responses themselves. They had very little time to work on stuff during their whole tour :) you're welcome

  30. Chris Bobbitt

    Gnar my friends, to much gnar.👌

  31. Jason Ricciardi

    Flawless victory. Love you guys!

  32. Joe Hanson

    I made it...TWICE!!!!!

    Ellyn Fisher

    +Joe Hanson Me too!!!!!!


    Cool!! Which one were you?!

    Ellyn Fisher

    The pink dinosaur onesie 

  33. Viewsk8


  34. Alan

    Is it safe to say that Matt and Kim fans are the best fans?

    Der Hennes ausm Wald

    I'm new to Matt & Kim since i saw Dirty Grandpa a few weeks ago and i loved the intro song 'Daylight'. And now i love 'Hey Now' and this song, too. Didn't even notice these two! But back to topic: Yes, i can say that we are the best. 😁

  35. Yellow Mesh

    I waited so long for this

    Neuro Nade

    +Beto McKnight it took forever

  36. Jonathan Gorvy

    Matt and Kim are the best! I loved this video :D

  37. Joseph Howard

    I love these guys these two r amazing I assume there married or dating if I'm wrong no one rage on me 😝😨

  38. Shore Shot Archery

    That was sweet!

  39. Leonard La Paz

    cool I was one of the first 1000 people to see this video, 905

  40. José Ascencio

    This took waaaay too long, but it is amazing

  41. K L

    The guy on the train tracks probably had a hard time getting up afterwards due to the weight of his massive balls.

  42. Ruby Sanchez

    Watching over and over and over! Thanks for the pick up!

  43. Sarah Jack

    so cool guys!! really great job!! cant wait to see more of this kind of thing!

  44. dethswurl117


  45. TheBand234

    that dude with the train is absolutely out of his mind

    Thomas 1

    +TheBand234 it's edited in


    +MrNommas oh

    Max Yari

    +MrNommas why do you think so?

    Thomas 1

    +Max Yari Really jerky movement. It just jumps forward suddenly and not very smoothly. Plus, why would it have the light on in the daytime? Not to mention how dangerous it would be with a real train.


    The train is real i was there

  46. Dylan Odri

    this is amazing

  47. Jennifer Rader

    Love it!!!