Matt & Kim - 10 Dollars I Found Lyrics

I’ll buy the next round
With 10 dollars I found
At the Nostrand stop
Surrounded by cops

Belt it out with me
‘Cause it’s cold in the streets
Laughter makes the sound
So don’t keep it down

Together we’ll change
Wash away in the rain
Friends just for the night
Or maybe for life

I’ll buy the next round
With 10 dollars I found
At the Nostrand stop
Surrounded by cops

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Matt & Kim 10 Dollars I Found Comments
  1. fatalpenguin

    This song is this albums version of Northeast to me. <3

  2. jordynxo

    this makes me almost cry cause sad mostin

  3. spider heads

    "friends for the night.....or maybe for life" I love all matt and kim songs. Everone go text or tell ur bff about matt and kim and make them listen to them rite nowwwwwwwwwwwww

  4. spider heads


  5. spider heads

    Lol does anyone notice Kim's face and matts face are on the dollard

  6. Elizabeth Alton

    how can this only have 54 comments. it's been 2 years.I have grown up with Matt and Kim's music, and I think that they don't get recognized often enough. (OMG I hear Kim's voice too!!!)

    spider heads

    Me too! I feel the exact same ive  been listing to them ever since I was like three and the only song I ever heard on the radio was Get It but it rarely comes on

    spider heads

    Elizabeth Alton wow and if you don't include my comments then it still has 54 comments and that was about a year ago

    Elizabeth Alton

    +Adelle Sarant I know!!

  7. AcBrandonT

    love this song love ever song they made on this album #Fan4Life  

  8. TheBand234

    What does this song mean?

    spider heads

    it means basically that I have these ten dollars and I don't don't have to be rich to have a good life cause I'm with you that's what theyre saying

  9. Lifemodo


  10. Schumaccio

    Discovery Max

  11. Nina Pond

    whoa i can hear kim omg wooow ^-^

  12. Daniel Davila

    Kim is singing :D yay

  13. Tasia Pope

    there is not one song by matt&kim that I don't love

  14. verbs123

    signed into YouTube>saw videos>then commented. Not difficult to understand....

  15. GravityTheMusicGhost

    found 40 bucks in my back alley

  16. Antonio Leon

    but you sign in to comment .-.

  17. Andrew Durrant

    I found a wallet with $70 on the ground yesterday

  18. DEFIANTXxsocioty

    haha same

  19. Dustin Walter

    your harlem shake video brought me here

  20. Robert Knight

    Wouldnt mind getting arrested on this

  21. Jose Quezada


  22. marco adiletta

    i wish matt and kim were on my money

  23. Devin Hale

    "Friends just for the night / Or maybe for life" Beautiful. <3

  24. Alex

    Nostrand Ave checking in. Terminal 5 will be loud tomorrow.

  25. Billy Tallas

    Song doesn't like you-_-

  26. Apru

    i hate this song too slow

  27. Vikktoriah Lee

    Hi Matt and Kim you are too funny...btw can I get that $10, you found I dropped it when the cops

  28. Rychoo

    Unfortunately, in the dock at work, it's loud.. so "surrounded by cops" sounds like something else..

    Fantastic song though!

  29. lishaQuisha

    Just noticed Matt and Kim's faces are on the money haha

  30. Declan Sherry-Pronk

    Me too Im so excited!!!

  31. yearnull

    I swore kim said surrounded by cocks till i found this video

  32. Joshua Dyck

    So short! I want more of this beautiful sound. When it ended i was suprised to hear it end.

  33. - amyjanerose -

    gonna see them on friiiiidddddaaayyy

  34. keykeyine

    Why aren't Matt and Kim on my $10 bills? D:

  35. Chandler Rice

    Somehow I just heard of them today! They are amazing!

  36. Jesse Jones

    i found forty on the ground last month

  37. Thomas Ruocchio

    Love this new album!

  38. Hunter Jennings

    i found 10 dollars one day :)

  39. The Pirates Capsule

    omg can u let me know what songs oberhofer will be playing :'D please and thanks update meehh ! <33

  40. Jan Miclat

    Cool story bro.

  41. broghywert

    phuuh now im gonna chill cuz iv watched all of them now just enjoy them :)

  42. MrJDucky

    I just had several mental orgasms within my college class. Log in, ErMuhGerd.. LOADS OF NEW VIDEO'S FROM MATT AND KIM :DDDD

  43. Jesse Jones

    That was my 10 bucks!

  44. Greg Poblete

    Sign on to Youtube and see a butt load of Matt and Kim videos. I'm okay with this.


    G narly

  46. Adam Shean


  47. Andrea Zamora

    hope they play this song on tour!

  48. prunejune93

    You are both so amazing!!

  49. petey dicianni

    Love you guys!

  50. colin smith

    ahh short and just repetitive but its got the nice slow beat

  51. runescapeplayer99

    and your last to get laid

  52. Jesse Jones

    very nice!

  53. colin smith

    awesome sauce

  54. PunkEMT

    Kick ass!

  55. TheClique86

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!