Matt Cardle - When We Collide Lyrics

You say "I love you boy"
But I know you lie.
I trust you all the same
And I don't know why.

'Cause when my back is turned,
My bruises shine.
Our broken fairytale,
So hard to hide.

I still believe,
It's you and me
till the end of time.

When we collide we come together,
If we don't, we'll always be apart.
I'll take a bruise i know you're worth it.
When you hit me, hit me hard.

Sitting in a wishing hole,
Hoping it stays right.
Feet cast in solid stone,
I got Gilligan's eyes.

I still believe,
It's you and me
till the end of time.

When we collide we come together,
If we don't, we'll always be apart.
I'll take a bruise i know you're worth it.
When you hit me, hit me hard.

'Cause you said hello,
It's where the going get's hard,
Our future is far,
Many of horror
Our future's far,
Many of horror
Our future is far,
Many of horror

I still believe,
It's you and me
till the end of time.

When we collide we come together,
If we don't we'll always be apart.
I'll take a bruise i know you're worth it.
When you hit me, hit me hard.

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Matt Cardle When We Collide Comments
  1. wdharvey1

    For some reason, this doesn't sound as good as I thought it did years ago...He's a good singer...but, this song just doesn't register from him on this as it did the first time I heard him sing it....

  2. ham

    I love Matt's voice. Amaizing. I can listen again and again

  3. peter kelly

    Love this tune XXX XXX

  4. nella parker

    Louie used Grecian gray

  5. nella parker

    Dont know

  6. daniel combe

    75 ans j"aime t' écouter

  7. Catherine Gilligan

    My last name is Gilligan 💖💖💖

  8. Jeremy Ralte

    Many Of Horror...this Matt guy has no feel for this song.

  9. Никита Коробков

    "With his own original single?" Ohhh, I'm so angry!


    Where does it say original?

  10. Captain OwO

    I cried when I heard this for the first time all those years ago.

  11. Daniel Hawkes

    His very own single it says in the description 😂😂😂


    Which is factually correct...sooooo?

    Daniel Hawkes

    Its biffy clyros song mate they released it first


    @Daniel Hawkes Absolutely correct: their SONG (SONG!) But as you clearly read and cited, here it says SINGLE.
    Words have meaning.

  12. sarasoliiman

    His voice!


    More like you're aurally challenged

  13. melissa jary

    Omg memories love it

  14. Alexandra Pedlow

    Love this man.

  15. hanholc


  16. J.R. Lobinsky

    Great song and Matt Cardle will remain as one of my favorite X Factor winners ever

  17. Mike Melnyk

    He deserves the fame he has earned. A favorite of mine now. Some one with integrity, honesty and someone you can relate to. Been homeless 9 years In California. When i listen to his music get transported to an isle of positivity and forget all my troubles.

  18. Myrna Lemke

    ☆☆☆ Matt Cardle, so glad your done painting your last damn room!!!

  19. The GR81


  20. Thomas Zimmerman

    this is terrible.

  21. T T

    Its many of Horror by biffy clyro its the exact same but they changed the name

  22. Mark milky Hammett

    Where is he now? All the people that come from this show just seem to disappear


    That's because you're fixated on artificially hyped sources to give you news on actual artists. Matt's treatment made it perfectly clear that this show is not about building up or appreciating talent if you'd rather write, produce and perform music, instead of being pranced around like a prize poodle. They all but exorcised him from their history after he left the Syco label when they handled his album release rather badly.
    By now he has another 2 Top10, indie Top1&2, self-written solo albums, regular tours, countless gigs, an award winning debut lead role at the Westend, yet another solo album for which he got back with Sony, and currently another stint at the Westend.
    Pro tip: Using youtube's search option and sorting by date, or checking in with itunes, always helps with finding the latest stuff on seemingly "disappeared" folks.

  23. Michael Bailey

    Rebecca Ferguson was 10x better

    Michael Bailey

    Julia68yt oh I’ve just clicked on your channel and your a Matt cardle fan, that makes sense now that you can’t accept my or anyone else’s opinion that she’s 10x better then him, have u heard of him since? “That’s what I thought”


    Indeed I am a fan of Matt's music. But for the life of it you wouldn't find me on any other channel shitting on anyone's else's music or throwing Matt's name around in any way, for that matter. That is the point, and the fact that you're incapable of wrapping your mind around that is also what I thought. On top of that you've been to my channel and have to ask whether I've heard of him since? Do you feel at all well?

    Michael Bailey

    Julia68yt go back and read everything I’ve typed to you, your saying I’m shitting on his name because I typed that Rebecca Ferguson is 10x better, logical, are you at all well? Or blind?


    My first question still stands. Why come on here, where the specific person you say you like better won't ever read your praise?

    Michael Bailey

    Julia68yt because I watched Rebecca Ferguson’s final audition and then came to Matt cardels final audition, Rebecca Ferguson was 10x better so I typed is, didn’t realise this comment section was for Rebecca Ferguson or Matt cardle, thought it was for the public, correct me if I’m wrong

  24. Tata Tata

    I luv his voice. He has a voice dat can sing. N a good attitude. I'll come back for more!!

  25. Juliana Gonçalves

    4:24 Harry going “ahhhhh I love you Matt” in the background 😂😍😂😍

  26. jimbo2487

    Woah! Watching this back, how did he ever win? Literally every other note is off key


    Are you just trolling 8 year old vids? He is not off key and you know he's not off key. And he won because he sang the best every week.


    +drhouse1100 and you sir! you must be deaf lol


    So you are just trolling.......slow day?

  27. Jedi Master Smoochie

    My issue with this version is he lacks serious emotion from the Original. It sounds manufactured and no where near natural. This is an amazing song btw. I recently got introduced to Biffy Clyro and I plan on making everyone I know in the U.S.A. listen to them, they are a fantastic band.


    So fantastic that you feel the need to run ads for them like they are lemons, or what?

  28. Keith Wilson

    Matt Cardle was suffering from throat infection, in semi final and the final, pretty amazing performance considering.

  29. Carolineokane Okane

    James blunt

  30. Elin B

    Han var så sjuk här bless. Elias är fortf krasslig som jag 🤒

  31. Calvin Mayfield

    Matt has no unique singing voice and he surely should not have beaten Rebecca. Rebecca has a unique voice and her range is unbelievable. What it takes to be a winner on X Factor if you are a women and a minority?


    Matt has the superior voice and talent. Rebecca has an average voice. Matt has a 4 octave range, it's well known and proven. Rebecca does not. It has nothing to do with "women and a minority". Matt was the best on the show.

    Bob Msani

    I didn't quite get his voice either, but you say it like Leona Lewis didn't win it and become a big shot. Srsly, enough with that liberal narrative. dont you see you are being exactly discriminative

  32. god usoland

    this guy sounds like a dying cat. was not expecting that when I clicked this video.


    Oh know he doesn't. Stop being a troll.

  33. Dyan Starr

    I am seriously addicted to this song, this Singer - Matt Cardle!  I play this every day, at least once.  Usually five or six times a day.  I do not do this with any other song.  It's all totally from the heart.

  34. Nick Love

    It was just beautiful. The every song.The all lot.Just fantastic

  35. Khalilah

    No hate but i think this song is not for him

  36. Jack Oli

    It still amazes me how everyone loved this guy. He was alright at best, not a great voice at all and this performance honestly verged on painful. His pitch was all over the place and his voice is thin and weak. Rebecca was robbed.


    No, Rebecca was not robbed. She did not have the voice to win. Matt has the range and the better voice. His pitch was not all over the place at all. His pitch was bang on and his vocals were strong. You know nothing about music if you say his voice was thin. The week he had the chest and throat infection, he was still on pitch and in tune. You are a Rebecca fan, I get it. But she was not the strongest performer....Matt was.

  37. alfonso ojeda

    I mean, he has a good voice.. But I prefer the original by BIFFY CLYRO (Put it in the description, it's a cover, the least you can do to the original band is to give credit to them...)

    alfonso ojeda

    Julia68yt I think I was quite respectful towards you in a manner you are not returning. I'm not trying to be an expert on anything not blame the singer or whatever you think I am doing. I only stated that given that it's a cover, some credit should be given to the original band, to show respect for their art and also to get people who don't know about BC (or any other band that is being covered) to discover some other songs and even compare how similar or different from the original the cover was.

    alfonso ojeda

    And BTW, thank you for the information about how he is received in Scotland. I heard Simon Neil has said he liked the song. I guess it's an honor to get covered by anyone. It's a way of paying respect to a song/band you like so much that you want to put part of you on it. Again, nothing against the artist, only the video's description.


    Don't worry. Any unsuspecting viewer only needs to read the first 5 comments. Chances are high, at least one of those has someone mentioning the original one way or the other LOL

    alfonso ojeda

    Julia68yt that was the idea all along :)


    Which aids my point. Because it only happens on these particular videos featuring this particular song.

  38. Jacquie Booth

    One Direction should have one by miles. This guy isn't even good


    News flash: 1D doesn't even exist anymore. Run into the ground. Overworked. Broken up. Dismantled. Finished. Matt still alive and kicking.

  39. Jacquie Booth

    One Direction should have my miles. No contest


    Then give them your miles.

  40. Aurelius

    I don't what others are talking about in the comment section. I don't know who Biffy is. I heard this song for the first time and i loved it. Matt is amazing


    AssasinArsenal47 The song is from Biffy Clyro, a now famous band. When they shot the song they weren't so famous. This man stole theirs song and called it "When We Collide" instead of "Many Of Horror", which was the original name. He didn't even mention them, he said the song was from him!


    You won't be able to provide one single shred of proof for that ... and there are LITERALLY several hundred videos, in which Matt goes over and beyond to credit BC if he has the slightest chance to get a word in edgewise, that say that you are a complete Fing liar.


    HAHAHA! Biffy Clyro a famous band? Where? In their home town maybe. Where I live no one has heard of them ever. This man you are talking about was on a singing competition show. The show paid for the rights to this song. The show then gave him this song to song. This man then sang this song, won the show, took this forgotten song to #1 and made Biffy Clyro a lot of money. And they were happy. This man never ever said this song was from him. Grow up.

  41. Esk K

    He sucks and they can't be honest with him and say your not a singer go back to doing what you were doing. Now he thinks he is a rockstar.


    Oh stop, you know this isn't true. You are not a very good troll......and you're a little over 7 years too late. Matt has a successful career in music and West End theatre. So you can just go away and keep on practicing your trolling on other vids. Good luck little man troll!

  42. Esk K

    Tone def people need to not sing


    'Tone def' people shouldn't make stupid comments.

    Esk K

    drhouse1100 I'm not tone def. if I was I would think he was amazing.

  43. Marise Wessels

    nervous. luv his voice

  44. Ciaran Devlin

    The thing that annoys me is the fact this is labelled "when we collide" even though it's actually called "many of horror"


    You've been annoyed for over 7 years? Wow, that's too bad. Biffy Clyro have already got lots of're a lot late on this one.

    Richard Davis

    @Ciaran Devlin -- Not sure why you would be annoyed. 'Many of horror' does not appear to have even the slightest relevance to the content of this song and in any case it's more than a little bizarre.


    He clearly says, "many of horror" in the lyric. "many of horror" refers to the love he's lost. Do I need to explain anymore?

  45. Glen Roberts

    Someone is going too get throwout from the U.K KINDOM.

  46. Glen Roberts


  47. Glen Roberts

    I Eleanor Maitlann Love,love Matt Cardle , when we first meet it was in prayers THANkS!

  48. Leo H

    what happened with this guy? i loved him so much!


    His twitter is @mattcardle, his facebook is mattcardlemusic, his website is mattcardlemusic dot com, his youtube channel is mattcardlevevo, his 3 albums are on itunes world wide, and a 4th album is on its way.
    Type "matt cardle" into search and sort by date and you'll find thousands of videos from his tours and gigs.
    Type "matt cardle memphis" to find a collection of his stint as the lead at West End last year.

  49. Louise Barker

    love this song

  50. Ian Kirwan

    think he was only person to finish top in every week

    Jack Weaver

    Well. On top from week 2 as Mary gain the most votes and was on top in week 1

  51. annamaria ranieri

    In my opinion this guy has a great voice but of this song he is out of tune and ruins it but it just goes to show how far a person can get with the backing of simon cowell and his judging panel - my opinion, he shouldn't have won with this performance - hes ruined the song.


    Simon's backing .... Riiiiiiight. Cos Simon so totally didn't want his own lil boy group to win, and also totally didn't go over and beyond himself to inflict them onto the world before Matt even had his album out. Yeah...absolutely not.
    IF you want to conjure up an example of backing it's definitely NOT Matt - who provably has been all but erased from xfactor's history. (And still went on to release 2 more albums under his own c&p and had them charting #1 indie. With a 4th studio album almost ready for relase soon.)
    Apart from the fact that Matt was so ill during the last 3 weeks of the show that they thought of pulling him out, in-ear monitors weren't available most of the time (like for this song), while monitors in the roof were insufficient to provide proper feedback. You throw this conditions like these at any artist and see how they'll cope with it.

    annamaria ranieri

    Clearly you are a fan, however, perhaps you can get back in your pram long enough to read my comment correctly - I am speaking of one song and one video only and it is this one, and by backing, I am referring to the fact that not one on that panel - including simon - said anything about him being out of tune and illness or not, if this performance was to them the greatest of the whole show then that says nothing for his talent at all.

  52. Alex Bannister

    nice so original stealing the song off biffy clyro and saying its your own well done matt

    joy Remana

    Where doe's it say original not stolen credits went back to Biffy And Biffy has no problem with it.... Actually Biffy's own words He has good taste in music


    Simon Neil actually made tons of dough from the this as the credited writer of this song. Tho his so called "fans" try and take the route of excusing this with having private problems at that time and being drunk and not accountable for his actions when he gave xf the permission to use it. With fans like that you don't need enemies.

    Josh Wells

    Won him the X factor tho

  53. DrewSmithTV

    I honestly believe he didn't do this song justice.... Simply doesn't compare to Biffy Clyro

    Val Horn

    DrewSmithTV plum in

    mr bungle


    Alison M

    Both versions are good. Matt has an amazing voice but here he was singing live at the end of a two hour show, after being ill with a chest infection for a few weeks. He had to just do his best, he wouldn't get a by just because he was ill. It doesn't do him justice as he sung much better at the start of the process, before he was ill. Just remember Biffy Clyro probably don't sound the same live as they do on record. Their single was tweaked in the recording studio.


    +DesolateX That's your opinion. The song was unknown and forgotten until Matt sang it. Thousands of people liked his version better, and still do. And yes, I have quite a few clues....I can lend you one.

  54. Blazer433

    Wait, in the description it says this is his original song?

    shirley williams

    its his own song , he writes his own he brilliant

    joy Remana

    shirley williams This is a cover off BIFFY Clyro The original song is Many A Horror This was Matt's winners song for xfactor

    Grant Reill

    Joy Remana come on the Biff!

  55. Yehuda Pinto

    Simon remark is off

  56. Yehuda Pinto

    He has a special voice. He does sing in an off-key way, but somehow he pulls it off, at this stage is characteristic.

  57. Tristan N

    Many of Horrors - Biffy Cliro... /:

  58. Diego Perez Perea

    He sings sublime. His voice, thats it.

  59. angela ashpole

    Hes fantastic live, saw him in concert, he sang this song sooooooooo good, thanks matt for such a brilliant night

  60. Juan Jose Rubio Sebastianes

    Es una de las voces más bonitas jamás creada

  61. Charlotte Graham

    I think 1d should've won

    joy Remana

    What's the big deal!!! Simon made sure 1D went global if you look at past N present winners they have not got a winners deal. actually you don't have to win any more just get into Simon's team win or lose your global N no 1D did not deserve the win. If the winners are ready to be lead like 1D then that works What's happening now people going into the show are really talented N their not getting a fair deal They want winners to put out covers for their first album now a days winners want their own music

    Charlotte Graham

    I didn't make a big deal like at all. I just made one little statement and you like explode. Maybe you're right, maybe they shouldn't have won, I'm just saying (sure I'm not a world famous judge) I think they were The best

    joy Remana

    There you go again obviously it did matter but you do win in this respect they did go global Simon made sure of that When the results were read out for weekly voting 1D came third N Simon acted like a little kid "they did come third " what da hell !!! I watched a concert of 1D people paid money to watch them tackling each other on stage In that concert Harry got hurt cos there was people who did pay for a concert they were being thrown with objects The tween fans didn't care what they did

    michael breen

    Joy Remana

  62. Karen Lm

    He does sing in an off-key way, but somehow he pulls it off so that it sounds pleasant. No doubt he has a special vocal.

    Charlotte Graham

    Ikr it's kinda weird

    Maud Kennedy

    Off key?? Matt??

    Margaret Thompson

    Karen Lm .vicky leondreous

  63. Jackie Reed

    Sure if he is pitchy then why has he sold over1,000,00 copy's I guess you don't know what good music is

  64. Joy Rowe

    This man is amazing!!! His albums are incredible! 💋💋💋

  65. Daan van Beek

    It's a cover, mention that...


    +Daan van Beek Rrrright. Because since every other piece on XF has never been anything but a total original no-one would ever think of the possibility that a song could be a cover.


    @Daan van Beek
    Watch more UK stuff and you will see that they pretty much never mention it, unless it's some kind of "themed" week like "let's do Beatles songs". Plus comments from the judges are always like that.

  66. hanholc


  67. ATL-NFiaRMY will stan ATEEZ too

    Awesome voice! I keep coming back to watch this including Knights in White Satin and First Time Ever I saw Your Face. He's amazing!!! ♥♥♥


    it's beautiful

    ATL-NFiaRMY will stan ATEEZ too

    +Anton Dukes yup!


    +Merci TheBulliful Falcon lifts my life at this moment in time forsure..

  68. MeMyself&I

    Am I the only person who thought his voice was awful? Sorry....


    He sounds like a girl

  69. Silver-Surfer

    Sounds pitchy to me - no wonder his vanished afterwards

    Lorraine Bromley

    why. you. leave. matt. cardle. alone
    keep. your. thoungths. to. your. self. thats. l. think

    Jimmy M

    To whom  are you talking Lorraine ??? Its unclear.

    Brandon Vice

    Love with no autotune or lame edits

  70. Gale Frost

    Did not like this song, it did not show his voice, like what are they doing?

    Lorraine Bromley

    l. love. matt. cardle. he. is. a. great. guy. with. a. massive. good. voice

  71. holly .m

    I don't understand like where are the winners at. I never hear of them on the radio or tv. Only a few are actually heard about and sucessful but like... One direction came 3rd or 2nd and look how sucessful they are. Fleur east and Ben haenow are the only ones that have been mentioned of but the others have dissapeared.


    +Holly Matthews
    Oh yes, you do listen to indie. As I tried to explain, indie left the grungy side of town long ago. Like or no like, Adele, for one, is with an independent label, she's listed in the indie charts. She just made it so big that it really doesn't matter anymore. Any station - connected to or controlled by a major label or not - would make fools of themselves for not playing her.

    As for less massive artists, though, whenever you feel the thought coming "where the hell are they?", and it's an actual lack of understanding and not just part of some rhetoric "bunch'o'losers"-construct, then actively looking them up shouldn't be that much of a stretch. Just because there's no ever-present, easily accessible iTunes banner doesn't mean a search would come up empty.

    Indie just doesn't define a specific "style" anymore. It just says that your ways of promoting and distributing your music (i.e. physical CDs) isn't done by major labels (who usualy want to have a say in your A&R, too). For his last album Matt picked a marketing company for these exact services. The label name just read "Matt Cardle". Let's see what he does with the new one.
    Still doesn't mean there's no pop. I mean ... what does "Hit my heart" [ DhOek-2KgL4 ] sound like to you? Or one of his, as of yet unreleased upcoming songs , "Blue" [ xZMWl-0393Q ]?

    holly .m

    I'm sorry but I am only twelve years old! 

    holly .m

    I don'r really understand so just leave this. Obviously I have a lack of understanding. It's just, oh I don't know! I'm sorry if I have offended you in any way or if I'm being stupid but really, I just said what popped into my mind. Obviously before I didn't think of what I was saying because I just literally spoke out a thought that came into my head and commented. I maybe should of thought what I was saying before posting my comment. I'm sorry!

    Lorraine Bromley

    theres. one. matt. cardle. he. his. lot. better. then. ld

    Shania Farrelly

    good MA t good

  72. Shannen Loggenberg

    NO!!!! He butchered this song. Only Biffy Clyro is allowed to sing this.

    Chloe The Cat07


    Dan Bleasdale

    He didn’t butcher it at all he lost his voice before it

  73. Alexandra Stratan

    uf...oh so beautiful! very unique voice, always such an emotion packed, all or none vibe

  74. Mony Moon

    This song is not so good but he is amazing

    Alexander Rhodes

    sorry, you've got your words mixed up; he is not so good but this song is AMAZING.

    Lorraine Bromley

    l. do. beleve. in. matt. cardle. got. real. good. singing. voice. thats. he. won. on. the. x. factor. with. it

  75. phil dann

    not his best performance. guys gotta pair of lungs though!

    Shania Farrelly

    awesome addition

  76. 올빗

    one direction

  77. feralferret

    Why did Simon Cowell "have to pick myself up a bit here"?


    +feralferret Because his group, 1 Direction, just got eliminated.

  78. Julia68yt

    By now Matt has 3 Top10 self-written solo albums, working on his 4th.
    For the next couple of months, tho, he's taking a lil detour onto London's West End, starring as the lead in the musical "Memphis" next to Beverley Knight.

  79. Oktavianus Elta Molle

    Every lyrics that he sang, i feel goosebumps, really. I just saw this once, saw him on chart and check it. Just wow!

  80. Luvier

    What are you doing Matt!?? ! This song is only from Biffy, fucking biffy.
    You not can singing this, is not your song. MON THE FUCKING BIFF


    no i think biffys version is BORING and he dont hit the high notes like matt does


    +MUFCFAN I was searching for the song of Biffy and honestly I think that this guy is terrible!

    Mitchell Cizmas

    MON THE BIFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!! No comparison!


    Mitchell Cizmas THANK U


    elliot26 THANK YOU!

  81. thiện hưng Đỗ

    every time i repeats listen his song

  82. Arwen Evenstar

    Listen to what he has done since this competition. He was good in this but since then he has gone from strength to strength...a singer with real integrity. Listen to his accoustic sessions with radio 2...amazing. What a voice!

  83. Unoriginal OG

    Was this really a winner? I didn't like it at all 


    @Mustafa Preşeva They called him a painter cause they weren't interested in "selling" him as a musician, cutting around everything he said otherwise. At least at first. In live show 5 they finally ran an intro showing him with his previous bands, clarifying that he did those "bum" jobs to scrape money for studio time.


    @Mustafa Preşeva
    Run a little youtube search on "seven summers". That's one of his former bands. There are also music videos for the songs "Youngblood" and "Way to be" which show him exactly how he turned up at the auditions 1 year later. No made up story behind that "outfit". He just didn't bother to dress up LOL :)

    Lorraine Bromley


    ne Bromley

    rr Gallego

    your not gifted as he is thats why you gt jelous to him...try your luck in xfactor and see if you can make sure u cant.your bad atittude makes u a big loser..