Matt Cardle - Water Lyrics

Snow fall on the tree tops, the streets are bare
Bright lights in the windows, and up the stairs
All of your silence, and all of your songs
I still hear the choir, but you are gone

Can’t go back
Can’t fight this

Water, water
Teardrops are falling like rain
Brother, daughter
Still I hear you calling my name
Oh, I see your light
In the water, for all my life

Walking on a tight rope
Coming undone
‘Cos you were my hero
When I was young
We live but we never know
Were lost in the wind
A million candles just flickering
Can’t go back, can’t fight this

Water, water
Teardrops are falling like rain
Brother, daughter
Still I hear you calling my name
Oh, I see your light
In the water, for all my life

Oh, lifted high
Let me lay down at your side
Here I stay
Until your soul comes back to mine

Water, water
Teardrops are falling like rain
Brother, daughter
Still I hear you calling my name
Oh, I see your light
In the water, for all my life

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Matt Cardle Water Comments
  1. roman liccio

    ale guwno

  2. soulofmyheart21

    One of the most Beautiful Voices out there.

  3. Violet Sky

    I think I'm in love...came here after watching his amazing cover of Champagne Kisses, and well can't believe I just now discovered him!

  4. Fakhrizal Rizal

    aaa ...😍😍 , I like it

  5. Edines Camilo

    Matt, sua voz é linda e apaixonante é a sua pessoa.

  6. Jan C


  7. hmm

    im still in love with this song

  8. IamTheMarsian

    Don’t say it’s over
    Don’t breathe a word
    How was I so oblivious?
    I didn’t see how we got so deep down

    When we were walking on water for so long
    I didn’t notice the waves crashing over
    I thought we were sailing somewhere
    When did we start going under?

    Now I see your colours
    And now I hear your truths
    I need something to pull us outta here
    If we could get back up to the surface
    Tell me could it be

    Like we were walking on water for so long
    I didn’t notice the waves crashing over
    I thought we were sailing somewhere
    When did we start going under, under?

    'Cause you made me wanna fight
    'Cause I found something to believe in
    You made me who I am
    And it’s so hard to see how
    We’re so deep down

    When we were walking on water for so long
    I didn’t notice the waves crashing over
    I thought we were sailing somewhere
    When did we start going under?

  9. Rebekah A

    Wow.. I really like his voice

  10. Penelope Wilson

    An acoustic album would go through the roof in sales!!

    Arwen Evenstar


  11. Arwen Evenstar

    These acoustic versions are just perfect so his voice is the main instrument.


    He needs to produce an acoustic album!


    Well, there are the deluxe editions of "Letters" and "The Fire".
    Plus several acoustics strewn across the B-sides of the accompanying EPs. I guess that's what "we" will have to settle with.

  12. HotMatt911

    Matt Cardle, Is amazing. I LIKE it.

  13. Mr Bear Lee There - BearRon

    Stunning song

  14. mattdeross9

    Matt is just a genius. His voice is amazing, can't wait to see him in April in Edinburgh!

  15. Sherry Singh

    One of my favorites ..Matts voice is undeniable...

  16. ruankh

    it`s, he`s... perfect...? :)

  17. Brigita Svoreňová

    love this song

  18. Bor S

    I'm loving more and more of his songs. You have to hear some of them several times before you realize how good they are.

  19. Saša A.

    he is my perfect guy.

  20. Héctor Gramajo

    wonderful voice! I just love to listen it...

  21. Brigita Svoreňová

    beautiful :) just one word: beuatiful

  22. Thach Phan

    He is so good!!!! He deserve more!!!

  23. MrWullybhoy

    This version is soooo much better than the album version

  24. S Archer

    Beautiful song & incredible voice. Wow!

  25. Esaú

    remarkable and special you have !!! ;)

  26. Sherry Singh

    I read the other comments and I agree Matt should be world famous .. I recently found him on YouTube and I can't get enough. I tell everyone I know in the states. He is amazing and deserves much more recognition ., I

  27. Sherry Singh

    OMG!! It doesn't get any better than this.,, sometimes I wonder how is it possible to be just this great. This is flawless Matt!!! Please come to the states and bless us with your amazing talent .

  28. 8736loll

    A year & a half on and still as breathtaking.This is even more beautiful when he sings it live...He has a true gift ..roll on Unplugged :-)

  29. Azam Brahim

    Matt cardle - aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome!

  30. Kyle Nicholson

    type repeat before youtube then after the dot then you'll be fine

  31. Joseph Warren

    Why is this song so short? It's getting more and more annoying having to click play again.

  32. Brigita Svoreňová

    unbelievably beautiful song :)

  33. nuimaleko7

    Generally I prefer Matt live versions of the songs from Letters to the studio versions, but the studio version of this song is so good, that I like it a little better than this. I'll take any version of one of Matt's songs to almost anybody else's music, though.

  34. Andrea S

    God I love this!!! Perfick in every way :-)

  35. Sheila Uria

    I'm a Directioner. But Matt DID Deserve to win. Everything happens for a reason. Who cares if 1D didn't win? They are the Miost Famous Boyband on the planet, and I'm proud of them. And Matt is such an Amazing Song writer and Performer

  36. Cardle andAnsell

    beautiful as ever, a total work of art. I saw him do this live on the Letters tour and he was wonderful, with blue lighting behind, he nailed it live every time but I particularly loved him at Colston Hall in Bristol doing this song.

  37. Jonny B Twat

    sure they do...just obsessive weirdos with no taste x

  38. sexonthebeaching

    u killed me man! awesome <3 lots of love from Poland

  39. Brigita Svoreňová

    love this song :)

  40. Vanessa

    I love his voice and he is a cutie!

  41. Tao Á

    seems like everybody doesn't care him after X Factor :(

  42. Lauren Bernard

    why isnt he more famous. ugh i love him so muchh

  43. SuperKittykat1981

    Wonderful! Matt proves that music and love for it can unite us all! Thank you!

  44. Hana Knavova

    Absolutely fantastic!!!

  45. Mary


  46. Brigita Svoreňová

    :o) beautiful

  47. winnerACE1109

    this is my fav song from the album.. it should have more views!!! ive been hitting replay all day lol

  48. winnerACE1109

    i love this song

  49. susanna fung

    so beautiful!!! I love his voice....

  50. Joseph Warren

    I am a dude and I love his voice. I sing in front of my girlfriend....shits given = none.

  51. Rebecca Steele

    He is just perfect in every way!

  52. Brigita Svoreňová

    I love his voice - it's my mental hygiene :o)

  53. nuimaleko7

    That is true, but it is all irrelevant now. Matt's new abum 'The Fire' will be out on Oct. 29. He has hooked up with So What Recordings, an indie label, but the really cool thing it that So What is a subdivision of Silva Sceen Records a major player in movie soundtracks. That means that Matt will be in the perfect place to get his songs put into movie soundtracks and that is where the real money is these days for song writers. He had some songs in movies already, but expect a lot more.

  54. broken259

    Probably because all the money and big promo spots was poured in to them by Simon Cowell and very little given to Matt:)

  55. Chalani Wickremasinghe

    why is one direction popular than matt???

  56. Nooran

    youtube seriously does only show my views....

  57. Ally Harwood

    I love 1D but Matt really deserved to win! Talent like his should not go to waist.

  58. nuimaleko7

    Many reasons, Simon Cowle's machinations in favor of 1D, the boy band he created and owns, Sony's historical indifference to reality show winners, Matt's war with Sony and Simon over career and creative conrol,which left him without promotion, finally X Factor winner does not mean instant megastar.(Leona is the only one that happend for and that was mostly due to Simon's massive promotional campaign); instead it is just an opportunity for a career that the winner did not have before.

  59. cl Miller

    He will be!!!

  60. nuimaleko7

    He tweeted today that the new album is finished.

  61. nuimaleko7

    He killed it at IOW, did two amazing shows at Highbarn and then killed it again at the South Tynside Festival. Lots of vids here on YT of all of those performances . He is concentrating on finishing his album now, doing most of the recording himself and playing most of the instruments. November can not come soon enough.

  62. Brigita Svoreňová

    someone scratches up slowly, someone quickly - usually I have experience that "the quick" fall too harshly down - I'm afraid that the boys will cry - Simon certainly doesn't matter to them - he only sensed the opportunity to earn money - teengirls are the best source of income.
    It's a very fast rise - big negative is their age - it almost never does goodness - I hope I'm wrong - because of them :o)
    I like Matt - he's a mature personality with great talent :o)

  63. nuimaleko7

    4 words: Simon Cowel and One Direction. If Simon had put 1/2 of the money that he has put into promoting 1D, into promoting Matt, Matt would be world famous now. If Simon can push winners aside in favor of runners up the way he has done over and over, winning X factor means nothing.

  64. Courtney Fulton

    He won x factor why isnt he bigger than this?

  65. Nde Youna

    i love him.....

  66. ladybug85

    *I thought we were sailing somewhere, when did we start goin' under...* Wow, that hit home for me, great lyrics!!

  67. nuimaleko7

    After helping him get the Xmas #1, Simon Cowel did everything he could to push Matt aside so that all attention was on 1D. He forced Matt to accept a lousy producer who took his songs and turned them into Coldplay lite, then used a very weak song for Matt's first single. Matt then fired the management company that he was assigned to when he went on X factor. After that, Matt never got any promotion. But he is producing his second album himself, so it is going to be awesome.

  68. nuimaleko7

    But then, with only a few exceptions, the best music of the 60s, 70s and 80s was all from the UK. Beatles, Stones, Moody Blues, Donovan, Tom Jones, Eric Clapton, T Rex, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Elton John, Bowie, Culture Club, Pet Shop Boys, Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, John Mayall. Other than R&B and county, the leaders of almost all music genres have been from the UK. And now we have a new British Invasion and I could not be happier.

  69. Joanne Townsend

    I didn't realise he had such amasing talent till I listened to a few of his songs. Wow just.. wow

  70. Brigita Svoreňová

    my words - I love his real music

  71. Hana Knavova

    This is something not from contemporary music industry! God bless!!! It is absolutely amazing, real music!

  72. nuimaleko7

    Matt is Toronto for the week. Will, his manager is already complaining about the heat.

  73. Yousef Abdulla

    Matt is really underrated !!

  74. sianagh Gallagher

    like we were walking on water with dynamo...

  75. Brigita Svoreňová

    beautiful, beautiful, ......., beuatiful ...

  76. Hana Knavova

    This is so beautiful, beautiful,his voice is a gift for all of us.

  77. nuimaleko7

    Matt and Ali McMillan will be performing together again at Highbarn on June 30. They usually do covers but with Matt having so much new material, you just never know what Matt will choose to sing.

  78. Pguin

    what's the chords for this?!?please tell me asap!! :(

  79. nuimaleko7

    @WastedYearsIOW Sorry, I should have said male winner. People who criticize Matt for not dominating the charts, don't seem to understand how much effort it has taken for him to get the results he has. No other country treats it's music competition winners with such disrespect and that is because of Cowel. But I know he will have the Isle of White audience eating out of his hand, just as he has in every venue on his current tour and will be a smash in America.He is an incredible live performer.

  80. nuimaleko7

    @DanniKMusic Matt is the only X factor contestant ever to be invited to perform at the Isle of White Festival. That shows that he is gaining respect. He will be there with many of the best rock acts in the world, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Heartbreakers, Kings of Leon and Noel Gallagher. He also will be able to meet Eddy Vedder from Pearl Jam, one of his idols. It must be yet another dream come true.

  81. Danni Rose

    Compare Matt to other past and future X Factor winners and I bet he will the bestest talent out of all of them.

  82. Brigita Svoreňová

    he is really good

  83. joey jamora

    nice...nice music, nice voice......awesome, greetings frm d Philippines

  84. EruvieBruinen

    That's so beautiful! :) Like everything coming from his mouth :)

  85. Brigita Svoreňová

    I listen him every day - it always improves my mood

  86. destro03

    i used $5 speaker and his sound still amazing @[email protected]

  87. Brigita Svoreňová

    I look at it again and again - and I still do not have enough

  88. Brigita Svoreňová

    heartfelt - from the heart

  89. nuimaleko7

    @xxsweethartxx Don't worry, Matt will be around for years, the others, not so much.

  90. pipi mansfield

    What a voice !!!!!!!!! I would luv to strip back artists to raw vocals alone and grade them as Matt would be in the top grade !! His voice is so raw, pure ,emotional and compelling!! Pure class !!!

  91. SargeEmpath

    As Genuine as it gets!

  92. Hana Knavova

    @wkdstepmother cos he has a big HEART and he is uncredible singer, songwriter, performer and a lovely person. He must go far, because he deserves it so much!

  93. Cardle andAnsell

    @hater90534 you are such a loser; i wonder what your amazing talent is in life. O wait, you haven't got one - shame.

  94. Cardle andAnsell

    best live vocals I have every heard from an act and I have already seen him live five times.

  95. Chloe Watret

    That is what we like to see 456 likes and only 4 dislikes ... This means that he is BLOODY BRILLIANT! :D <3

  96. Hana Knavova

    He is amazing!!!

  97. pipi mansfield

    Matt Fantastic !!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  98. James Webber

    Got a feel of Gethsemanani from Jesus christ superstar, loved it !

  99. nuimaleko7


  100. Cardle andAnsell

    just so lovely, beautiful singing and so talented.