Matt Cardle - For You Lyrics

You’ve got him I heard
Such a messy start
Everyone gets hurt…
Friends get torn apart
I hope you know.

That I’m so damn sorry
So damn sorry
Tied up in all this fun girl
Nuts I can’t undo
But I can try, it’s the least that I can do
For you.

Blame gets thrown, around
The truth’s my only sound
Before you go
I hope you know

That I’m so damn sorry
So damn sorry
Tied up in all this fun girl
And nuts I can’t undo
But I can try, baby I can try…

That I’m so damn sorry
So damn sorry
Tied up in all this fun girl
Nuts I can’t undo
But I can try, it’s the least that I can do
For you
For You...

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Matt Cardle For You Comments
  1. Srt. Pizza


  2. Wendy

    So heartbreaking beautiful!

  3. Linda Lawrence

    where the heck did he go?! I cant buy his music in Canada and can't find anything from him in the past several years. He is too good to disappear!


    +Linda Lawrence Matt's twitter is @mattcardle, his facebook page is mattcardlemusic, his own webpage is mattcardlemusic dot com. Follow him and you will find that he's especially busy with writing, recording and touring his 4th album, which got a bit delayed because he did a little detour thru a West End stage last summer.
    itunes Canada has all of his and his former bands' 5 albums with only his last one, "Porcelain", missing from the set, whyever that is.

    Linda Lawrence

    +Julia68yt thank you so much Julia!! I will look for all your leads tomorrow. You have brought sunshine back into my life.

    Félicia Harmsen

    He also went to rehab for some time..


    @Félicia Harmsen
    That was exactly for 1 month, 2 and a half years ago.

  4. Chaima Ess


  5. Lucy T


  6. Arwen Evenstar

    Matchless. Just the best male voice on the planet imv. He can sing anything.

  7. Bor S

    A pleasure to listen to. Quiet and emotional, with a flawless voice. The music is beautiful.

  8. Cecilia Fréderick

    sei dolcissimo,grazie per la tua bella musica

  9. Banga Bruzbartaite

    very nice.. <3

  10. Veronika Popelova


  11. Veronika Popelova


  12. cliasta huntington

    such a good soul the spirits of great voices live within you

  13. Rosemary Toews

    I love your talent...there is nothing contrived in your manner or voice. Well done.

  14. brolance78

    how i wish all the artists is like Matt Cardle... a truly humble person who sings like a million of souls are in him!

  15. gabrielebaldin

    beautiful and sweet voice ... beautiful song ... Matt is a very special singer !

  16. Fairytale1261 S Geary

    Beautiful song & incredible voice. His no. 3 album is coming out in October. Can't wait!

  17. Robert Brunson

    Since Elton John? ROFLMAO!!! YOU SIR ARE A FLAMER!!

  18. Iris Enamorado

    His voice....incredible!

  19. Willie Mo

    You don't have to be young to know or recognize a rare talent when he comes along. He is the best new talent I have seen since Elton John.

  20. 2403alexa

    jest cos nieziemskiego w Jego muzyce......To musi byc piekna Dusza.........cudowny , świadomy artysta

  21. Polish issues


  22. ennacriss

    so sweet, divine..

  23. Jimmy L

    omgaaaaahhh...his voice is sooooo amazing! It made me so happy when he won! He's one in a billion!! :D <3

  24. Tania Burnard

    lovely music.

  25. Beating Heart

    amazing voice and man <3

  26. john josh dela cruz eyes cries with this song...
    ,,,,his songs reflect his personality...his very good inside and out...

  27. Thomas Brandon

    Thank you for all the views and wonderful comments.. If you have a request for another song, either by Matt or any other artist, please don't hesitate to ask.. I will be more than happy to upload more videos for you all.

  28. myecox

    Yes, his voice is heavenly and a very down to earth guy, good to hear he's got a fan from the Phil., been following him since his audition on xfactor 2010 til now...played his songs every night before I sleep, been downloading his songs and send it to my kids back home...sabi nga nila ADIK na daw ako...going to his album launching in London this Oct...sana marami pang pinoy makarinig sa kanta nya...he's so us...

  29. The Adult Contemporary Music Channel

    i'm sorry i was dozing off, was the music playing?

  30. shah moin

    just amazing

  31. Krithi Vachaspati

    This is beautiful <3

  32. anne pat

    This is so beautiful omg this makes you aware of how wonderful he is, xx

  33. Brigita Svoreňová

    absolutely one of the most beautiful slow songs - beautiful :o)

  34. nuimaleko7

    He left Sony, partly over their refusal to release 'Letters' in the US. So it will never offically be released here, but you can download it at MyPlayDirect and buys new CDs of it on Ebay. This song is on the Deluxe CD bonus disc with the beautiful acoustic versions of several of the songs. Check out the videos of him performing his new song 'All That Matters' at Isle of Wight or Highbarn last weekend. It is just as beautiful.

  35. Peggy Moore

    I cant wait till his CD gets to the USA,so I can buy it.He has so much emotion in every word ,beautyin the sound I will be listening to and waiting for when I can buy his CD.Please hurry and get it to all of us

  36. nickolas1498729

    Matt es muy talentoso debería haber más artistas como el en donde sólo importe la voz good job

  37. Clare Campbell

    Saw him in concert a few months ago. He is amazing

  38. vergel joseph dimaguila

    i love him

  39. Thonglor Southammavong

    i like so much

  40. probability162

    more more i need more views to lift his name up to the sky.

  41. Brigita Svoreňová

    words are unnecessary - just listen

  42. cl Miller

    How does someone sing with such emotions every time? He is addictive!

  43. Hana Knavova

    This man must be so beautiful inside!

  44. CArmenneke Rodriguez

    Go Matt go! I love your song!

  45. nuimaleko7

    second show added on July 1

  46. Masterping1000

    matt i am very happy I love your song the way you sing it I loved it
    thanks for giving us all the beautiful song i was waiting for ever
    we love you matt.?

  47. Brigita Svoreňová

    I love every word of this song

  48. nuimaleko7

    he is performing at NXNE in Toronto in June.

  49. nuimaleko7

    Matt and Ali will be performing together again at Highbarn on June 30. They usually do covers, but you just never know what Matt will sing.

  50. duna mermaid

    I love it... so lovely amazing and sweet!!! you go Matt!!!

  51. Brigita Svoreňová

    :o) hned je den hezčí

  52. youknowUcan

    Matt, please come and do a concert in Canada!

  53. Brigita Svoreňová

    very hard to look for words to describe something so beautiful - just wonderful

  54. pipi mansfield

    Beautiful voice

  55. nuimaleko7

    He wrote this for his girlfriend.

  56. The Sun


  57. Hana Knavova

    Listenning his voice is like be in Heaven.

  58. bigbadbid 2006

    Simply beautiful, a heartfelt ballad x

  59. RobertMeech1994

    @TomBrandon121 totally agree

  60. Weikiong S.

    This is an original song right? not a cover?
    I love his album so much <3

  61. Brigita Svoreňová

    love it :)

  62. Amalia S

    brilliant song, so soft, so relaxing, so much sentiment in it... amazing

  63. B Lamm

    OMG........Love it.

  64. Mary Ramirez

    love u Matt

  65. lovingdamusic79

    This makes me cry every single time I hear it. Such simple melody and lyrics but painfully honest. Matt's voice just stabs you straight in the heart.

  66. Hana Knavova

    So tender!

  67. Bondiblu2

    damn - this is good :)

  68. BAMarrit

    W. O. W.

  69. Billy Thomson

    Is this a B side?

  70. MightyMariner

    im a solid One Direction fan, 1D till my death, but i think i love Matt Cardle! OMG *__*

  71. nuimaleko7

    @TomBrandon121 Oh, he has loads of them. 1D, Rebecca and Cher fans who resent him winning, Biffy Clyro fans who hate him for covering 'Many of Horror', those who hate anything to do with X factor. They just have not found this video. But he has millions of loyal fans who will defend him to the death and you can vote nasty comments down and have them removed on YT. So it's all good.

  72. Andrew Craig Scowen

    Nice music but when your down it does make you feel worse

  73. Hana Knavova

    This is so BEAUTIFUL, gentle, and his voice!!! Absolutely amazing.

  74. anne pat

    Stunning is an understatement Matt is something they music industry should listen to his songs and voice and emotion connection with all the songs he sings is sublime. Matt is , for me, one of the few artists who can make me feel a song. I am sure its the tone in his voice. Love this omg.

  75. Emma Townshend

    this made me cry my flipping eyes out, he is a musical genius.

  76. Hana Knavova

    @nuimaleko7 After a long time he is the only man who makes my cry.

  77. pipi mansfield

    stunning xx

  78. anne pat

    OMG htis is so beautiful voice and words ..............This is one great sond utterly stunning. x

  79. ytkojw

    Aaaaahhh, I've been waiting to hear this song - big sigh, happy ears.

  80. nuimaleko7

    This always makes me cry, but in a good way.