Mat Kearney - Rochester Lyrics

[Spoken:] This is my father's story, Michael P. Kearney, born in Rochester New York

I was born in Rochester to a bookmaking man
Had a fake cigar shops with the games on in the back
See them coming and going, let them ride on thoroughbreds
Police chief and Tompaw wondering what was the spread

I carried rich men's bag through the brow trying to chase a little white ball
I learned that any soft place wasn't good for me at all
Daddy came home fired up looking for some sort of release
He beat the hell out of Timmy, Timmy beat the hell out of me

I would hop the fence out to this government fields
Run 'til there was nothing more to feel
Lying there watching planes just disappear
Knowing one day I'm gonna fly on out of here

Well that same police chief came knocking my first freshman day
Put my daddy in handcuffs, send his picture on the front page
Took every one of his suits and all my dignity
Walk the halls of Irondequoit waiting for any punk to set me free

I would hop the fence out to this government fields
Run 'til there was nothing more to feel
Lying there watching planes just disappear
Knowing one day I 'm gonna fly on out of here

Well I got that call to Vietnam just like everyone else I knew
So scared of the hand grenades, threw them farther than any other troop
I came home like an iron fist and Timmy tried to take my keys
Ripped open his front pocket that was the last time he touched me

Moved to an island out west up to Breckenridge
Met a mermaid on a glass boat and she promised me some kids
Bought a house in Oregon where you could touch both of the walls
Had a son named Benjamin and I was so scared of it all

Well Benjamin walked in the front room where I was cutting up my hash
Looked into those deep blue eyes wondering why I've been so mad
Flushed a quarter pound down the drain praying for the mercy to confess
Trying to rip the boy from Rochester right out of my chest

We're gonna walk right out into these heavenly fields
Run like there was no more time to steal
My three boys in the grace of god I feel

Knowing one day you're gonna take me out of here
Knowing one day you're gonna take me out of here

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Mat Kearney Rochester Comments
  1. Scott Brownlie

    Wow, this is the most Springsteen-like non-Springsteen song ever 😂😂

  2. Stephanie Farrah

    Who is here bc of jessica brahn? Lol

  3. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    this song is pretty sad but I really do like how the guy went to an island out west, hawaii, and met a woman and they got married and bought a house in Oregon, and he's happy now. he was healed from the tormenting past! <3

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    thanks! i wonder though why and how Mat is a 6th generation oregonian if his mom is from hawaii and his dad is from new york..i guess maybe his mom lived in oregon before but she moved to hawaii and happened to be there when her future husband came there

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    nice! i love his music too, and yeah life is good, how about you? Also nice meeting you!

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    @***** oh great :) Thanks!

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    @***** thanks, hope you had a great day also! :) God bless you!

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    @***** haha thanks :)

  4. WhoTLES Fan

    I'm from Rochester, NY originally... Spencerport to be exact.... i live in Perth, Australia now with my fiance-- farthest possible place from home, but my fiance (from Perth) found this song. i nearly cried. beautiful

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    aw im sorry

  5. Parenting 365

    Mat comes to Rochester this Sunday! We have tickets I can't wait!  I think he would play this song how can he not.

  6. Mary Thomson

    Mat's actually coming to rochester this December touring with the script. Bet he'll be playing this one

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    he did??

    The Cooking Corner

    He didn't, i went it was a good show but sad he didn't play it.

  7. o0HannahMarie0o

    woo hoo! itown love

  8. Serge Grondin

    I like to suck dick.. lol

  9. Justin Calhoun

    Me too!

  10. Josh Laurel

    I went to RIT and I wasn't even in Rochester, but this is pretty cool to hear this song.

  11. Jordan Dang

    The song itself is about escaping an unhappy past and living life. His father left Rochester and had three children whom he loves, and Mat Kearney took his father's story and turned it into a beautiful song. And who knows if Mat Kearney has ever been there or not, the song isn't about him. The song is a compilation of his father's stories, and technically isn't even about Rochester at all.

  12. redcomic619

    I hate the fucking message of the song. It's like he's trying to say Rochester is a shithole everybody wants to leave. What an asshole. He's probably never even been here.

    Minimalist Vlogger

    its just about his dad, his dad lived in an abusive home. something one can relate to in any city because abuse sadly happens in every city :(

  13. Brandon Olson

    fuck you city boy, dont say shit about Minnesota

    Minimalist Vlogger

    its in new york

  14. redcomic619

    Fuck you, bitch. Rochester, NY all day every fucking day 585 get live, ya dig? Fuck yo Minnesota ass.

  15. Faith kay

    I was born in Rochester, NY! I moved down south now, but I still go every summer

  16. Briana Turrisi

    It's Roc NY. He mentions 'walked the halls of Irondequoit" a town in rochester ny where I happen to live

  17. Josh Brooks

    i know, im just joking around ;)

  18. Josh Brooks

    Re read my comment. I never said "this song is about rochester mn"

  19. Lemmy Lem

    Umm, actually its about Rochester NY. He kinda says it in the first 15 seconds.

  20. grantozer

    If you like this song look up Joe Purdy!! All of his music is just like this...

  21. jbabs10

    What a story! Love Mat!

  22. Alex Bogue

    Reminds me of my daddy, who died in 1998 at the age of 36. I was only 9, and it still hurts.

  23. Trevor Jenks

    Rochester pride

  24. Jaime Jones

    i would be proud to call Mat Kearney my son.

  25. Jaime Jones

    idc what song he sings, he makes every song beautiful.

  26. dancetillyoudrop14

    Rochester, NY. you can hear him say new york in the beginning.

  27. Amanda Lynn

    wooooo rochester!!

  28. canvasofmysoul

    Dear Mat Kearney, please never stop being amazing. Oh wait, he couldn't if he tried.

  29. Ashley Mumbles

    Rachacha born and raised, succeeded in leaving a few times but never failed to return. A hometown to be proud to be from, a city that gets into your bones.

  30. Madlyn Evans

    for some reason this reminds me of Springsteen's "Highway Patrolman." Anyone?

  31. dajohnman57

    Reminds me of Johnny Cash.

  32. Lemmy Lem

    I actually was born in Rochester. I still live there now.

  33. bmc1394

    The more I hear this song, the more I love it.

  34. KidSqui09

    Somone should please tell me what it is about. And the mermaid part on a glass boat....

  35. Natalie T

    Mat Kearney, thanks for creating not only wonderful music, but amazing stories portrayed through your music.

  36. Casey Chamberlain


  37. kalapult

    But where are the lyrics? ):

  38. Kyle

    i'm kind of in shock right now... i live in roc!

  39. Kyle

    i'm kind of in shock right now... i live in roc!

  40. Hamada Ghareeb


  41. o0HannahMarie0o

    I'm from Rochester, specifically Irondequoit, and this song pretty much discribes a lot of lives i knew

  42. newsgirl132

    just got chills. this is what music is about, real life stories put to great lyric and music. beautiful.

  43. megumozeke3

    I can't believe how beautiful and heartfelt this song is.

  44. Jenn Spencer

    WHOOOHOOO!!!!! IM from Rochester Lol good job !!! <3 it

  45. Angie Johnson

    Tht was sad. Very heart warming!! I love Mat Kearny!!

  46. KidSqui09

    First! wheeeeeeeeew
    Mat Kearney is Awesome