Mat Kearney - Down Lyrics

It took his breath away holding the bank page
He got the letter they're gonna take their house away
I'm bout to have a daughter he yells it in the air
Feeling the weight of a world that just don't care
He lit a cigarette felt it on his lip
Driving home on a long road with regret
He pull's the window down shout's it out loud
Pushing the pedal and praying Lord help us now
He's looking for a reason watching the sun coming down

Can you hear when we call
There where we fall
Standing our backs against the wall
Top of our lungs hallelujah
Where pain and love bleed into one
Baby when all you see is darkness
It's coming down now
We all need forgiveness
Coming round now

It was Monday night under the street lights
She's turning seventeen in seven nights
Out on the fairgrounds walking in mono tone
She kicks a bottle as empty as her soul
On the road alone in a house that's half a home
They give her pills just to kill when she feels alone
She's looking for a reason watching the sun coming down

Can you hear when we call
There where we fall
Standing our backs against the wall
Top of our lungs hallelujah
Where pain and love bleed into one
Baby when all you see is darkness
It's coming down now
We all need forgiveness
Coming round now

Take these broken streets
Take these broken dreams
Hold my hand like we we're walking free
Tell me it will change I see it in your face
The hope the fear the love the faith

I'm working late again slaving to make the rent
I'm slanging coffee with dreams heavy as cement
They're coming one by one the face of falling love
I write a song with a prayer as I slide the cups

Can you hear when we call
There where we fall
Standing our backs against the wall
Top of our lungs hallelujah
Where pain and love bleed into one
Baby when all you see is darkness
Coming down now
We all need forgiveness
Can you hear when we call
There were we fall
Standing our backs against the wall
At the Top of our lungs how far we've come
Were pain and love bleed into one
All that we need it's so bitter sweet
The pain that opens our eyes to see
Baby when all you see is darkness
Coming down now
We all need forgiveness
Coming round now

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Mat Kearney Down Comments
  1. Chipman Lyman

    Anyone here in 2019??

  2. BlueLantern96

    I hate this song

  3. BlueLantern96

    Whenever I'm depressed, I listen to this song. This depressing Christian song.

  4. ruhan karim


  5. Haroldo Ribeiro

    Lembra o Coldplay!! Very good!


    Chris martin!!

  7. Freedom Yi Fan

    I listened to this on the radio YEARS ago.

  8. Lara Revella

    I'm here and it's 2017👌he's great!

  9. TrueAnarkii


  10. Samson Garland

    Possibly the best song I've hear all year! Keep them coming the world needs more inspirational melodies like this.

  11. Thaiane Alves

    AmoooooO <3 <3 Mat Kearney é perfeitoo!

  12. KafkameetsPlath

    He does sound like Chris Martin! Thank God for Mat I was trying to find an alternative to listening to Coldplay because I know their music doesn't glorify God, so thank God I can listen to Mat Kearney! His voice is so amazing and the lyrics deify God which is the key! God bless everyone! Keep praising God and listening to music that praises Him and edifies the spirit! 💗🌹💐🌷😎

    Dalian Moya

    KafkameetsPlath your comment makes me sad

  13. Shadow Nomad

    Freddie Mercury, Ed Sheeran and Mat Kearney are three of the greatest musician and lyricist's of all time. Young love is one my favorite albums. So glad i found this.

  14. Lynny

    Still listen in 2015.. :) Listen for 4 years.


     Still listen in 2016.. :) Listen for 5 years.

    Robert Knight

    Lynny Chang lol did my like remind you of this song?


    Khaalex yep and i have to edit this xP

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    2017 yo!

  15. Ryan C

    All that we need, it's so bittersweet, the pain that opens our eyes to see...

    Beautiful lyrics

    Jenny B. Pilot

    This song!!!❤❤

  16. James Abbott

    the weight of the world that dosent care but if you care thats all thats matters

  17. TolgaKoks

    özürlü mali

  18. Adela

    love it!!!

  19. Darel

    His music is definitely thought provoking. God truly is mysterious in His ways. Growing up it was accepted that to know/ feel God the music had to be solemn and glum... Clearly light out shines our perceptions. Praise doesn't live in a box. 

    Jake G

    gods not real

    Allyn Follette

    +Tatsuno 27 Yeah He is. You're breathing right now I hope. So if you are, He's alive. It's as simple as that.





  20. Lily Li

    Love love love Mat Kearney <3

    Robert Knight

    Lily Li I bet you forgot about this comment till I commented on it and you got a notification. Your welcome.

    Wisconsin Rail Productions

    Khaalex and you forgot this one Because of all the other ones. Your welcome

  21. J.A. Arndt

    Christians believe Jesus Christ was/is the son of God, not a prophet.

  22. J.A. Arndt

    haha, because no one wants to know the meaning behind mainstream music.
    Why? because the bottom line isn't pretty.

  23. Mr4rmand0

    xvr wena musica para mi oidos

  24. Luv4olans

    I also love ships in the night.

  25. Luv4olans

    First knew mat kearney in kyle XY.great song.i pray for people who seem to have no reason to see the sun again that the Lord help them as he has helped me too in jesus name.amen.

  26. Cђєץєɳɳє

    Mat Kearney sounds like the lead vocalist of Coldplay.. >> Deffinately the next Coldplay

    Wisconsin Rail Productions

    cheyenne flinn Chris Martin?


    I wish he did as much as Coldplay... As much as I love Mat Kearney it's Reeeally hard to compete with the GOAT Coldplay

  27. xMagicalDanny

    Mat Kearney's voice sounds like Chris Martin :O

  28. Yeol Mun Gil Kim

    Halleluja (also Halleluyah) is a transliteration of the Hebrew language. Hallelu means praise, Yah in the end means Lord from the word YahWeh. Yahweh means "I am", implying that He is the only One. In other words, Halleluyah means "Praise the One and Only."

  29. Matt Etter

    Lol same

  30. Kevin Tempel

    Thanks to pandora :D

  31. OIIIIIIOJeep

    Oh, I know exactly what you mean :( At first I thought maybe what you meant by the sad face was that Mat Kearney was being unoriginal, but now I know that that's not what you meant at all.

  32. Emma Pickering

    We all need forgiveness! Hallelujah!

  33. potatopotatopotato

    Cause drive by was released after this song... ): sucks how majority of people who listen to "mainstream radio crap pop" doesn't give any other music a chance.

  34. OIIIIIIOJeep

    Why the sad face?

  35. Robert Timon

    We all start with the old testament. Judaism doesn't believe that their prophet has come yet. Christians believe Jesus Christ was their prophet and Muslims think that Muhammad is their prophet.

  36. Brody Baer

    Yes we do. Islam and Christianity are based off of Judaism.

  37. Simon Grundy-Reiner

    top of the lungs hallelujah

  38. ExactlyZer0Mercy

    Favorite part of this song? 0:01 - 4:00

  39. niktheascetic

    Why is it only on these songs do people try and dig deep into meaning and background?

    I NEVER SEE this on LIL WAYNE/DRAKE/2-CHAINZ/PINK/TAYLOR SWIFT/BILLBOARD TOP 40 ARTISTS YouTube comments... Let's derive meaning in those songs?? lmao.

  40. Pwn3dByPhysics

    He is Christian and he told that this song is about religion, so yes, it IS about God. But it doesn't matter if you're atheist, Christian or muslim or whatever, This song is great right? Just please don't ruin Mat's music with a religion flame war.

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    4 yrs later, just wanna say hi and Jesus loves you!

  41. Rezi Gvritishvili

    3:15 <3

  42. OIIIIIIOJeep

    Well, in an interview with Mat he said it's about God. But you can listen to the song any way you want to.

  43. Malpadia

    we do not pray to the same God, just saying.

  44. Abby Trápala

    yess! you're not the only one.

  45. Laura Martin

    I agree!

  46. Fancysymbol

    this is so good!! :) I just found him i love it when i find new artists

  47. Christel Kalonji

    You been muslim meants nothing at the end of the day we muslim,christians, and jews are brothers and pray to the same God. The difference comes with the prophets

  48. Dejah Phillips

    Why is falsetto so awesome when this guy does it? My fav part about his songs.

  49. Melissa S.

    counting crows?!

  50. potatopotatopotato

    Is it just me or does Train's song Drive sound an awful lot like this... :(

  51. Hampus Engelhardt

    Sonds just like Chris Martin (Coldplay) in a really good way! :-)

  52. Carlos Torres

    AS a Christian who does let me just say this. Ummmm YEAH! :D

  53. yassine selmouni

    I'm Muslim and i like this song :) ..God bless ;)

  54. rileyrox04

    yes he is :)

  55. Joshua B

    Yes he is.

    His parents were hippies so during college he was living the life of alcohol and sex always feeling empty, until he took a religion course and started studying the bible. The things he read there about forgiveness and the love of the lord led him to become a christian, around the same time he found his gift for music, and it just went from there.

  56. OIIIIIIOJeep

    "Hey Mama", "Count On Me", "She Got The Honey", "Young Dumb And In Love", "Two Hearts"...I could go on

  57. OIIIIIIOJeep

    Oh, absolutely yes.

  58. IamMortui

    And what song is that?

  59. OIIIIIIOJeep

    When he says, "baby", "girl", and "she", I don't think he's talking about God.

  60. IamMortui

    About relationships about God..

  61. OIIIIIIOJeep

    I guess you could say they are considering he's under a Christian record label, I think, but a lot of them are about relationships.

  62. IamMortui

    Not a few, all of them are.

  63. OIIIIIIOJeep

    He has a few songs with Christian messages, and he gets a lot of Christian radio airplay.

  64. MrTcookiet

    Mat Kearney....i wanna thank this talented singer for cheering me up all the time ^_^ :)

  65. OIIIIIIOJeep

    Yep. This song was actually the #1 Christian CHR song of 2011. It spent 11 consecutive weeks at #1.

  66. Aly Eyestone

    @john Fotios He's singing "Can you hear when we call
    There where we fall
    Standing our backs against the wall
    Top of our lungs hallelujah
    Where pain and love bleed into one
    Baby when all you see is darkness
    We all need forgiveness
    Coming round now

  67. Hoj

    With everyone talking about this being a religious song, all I can here at 00:54 is "When all you see is Dawkins..!"

    Terrible Person From Louisiana


  68. OIIIIIIOJeep

    Thank you !

  69. Shifting Silver

    I saw something about "judging" so I thought I'd give my two sense (lolpun).

    Anyone who claims you are "judgmental" is judging you by making such a conclusion. Therefore, they are hypocrites. Have a nice day.

  70. OIIIIIIOJeep

    Believe it or not, it is :)

  71. 90s were the best

    the iTunes sessions version of this song is amazing...go listen!

  72. OshiLiNawa7

    I agree. Saw him live and his voice is as clear & crisp live (and powerful!) as it is on the album.

  73. OshiLiNawa7

    I love this song, this album, this artist. Thank heavens for Mat Kearney.

  74. Gregory Oliver

    PPl have a 1,000,000 views this song that good! and encouraging

  75. john beach

    L0:00ve it!!!

  76. Daryl Cheney

    im not even all about christian rock. but this song is the shizz nittle bam shif snaf sack

  77. Megan Delaney

    You should have songs in Audio, love all his music!

  78. OIIIIIIOJeep


  79. Vinicius Eduarde

    "Down" is really single????

  80. OIIIIIIOJeep


  81. Hozana Arceri Productions

    is any of his songs even christian anymore?

  82. dan256togo

    Agreed, I discovered Mat back in 2004 when he was opening for Shane and Shane... totally stole the show IMO. Great humble guy too.

  83. mjjorgey23

    Heard this on the radio in the car today. I forgot how much I love this song

  84. DailyGenZ

    This and Ships in the night are one of the best song he has

  85. Inferiority Complex

    I am a serious metal head, and actually heard him by accident one day. He is one helluva song writer

  86. Hint3788

    this kinda sounds like drive by train

  87. smileypc44

    all day!

  88. OIIIIIIOJeep

    yeah mat is the bomb

  89. ThePenAndTheSword305

    Regardless of the fact that I don't have a religion this a awsome song

  90. indiedreams78

    song on repeat!!

  91. OIIIIIIOJeep

    Thank you! :)

  92. tripwire349

    As Christians? Why not as human beings as a whole?? And agreed, amazing song

  93. Zahnrhi

    he has the best voice ever sorry bruno whhoooooooooo go mat

  94. Leonard Nimoy

    Mat Kearney= Food for the Soul