Master P - We Riders Lyrics

[Master P]

The game of life did change
the old dope game is now called the rap game
in other words you can't trust nobody
money's the root of all evil
I can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare

(if you want me come get me how the fuck you gone take me
I got my true niggas with me and we riders) [2X]

Hit the road with motherfuckin casket closed
young nigga fourteen doing death row
look in the eyes of some killers drug dealers
from the projects young niggas
pulling hits in the ghetto to make change
that cop nigga blasting on other game
young villians in the ghetto starving
henicy and green with a young nigga balling
pull the plug if they shot me
just die every nigga and bitch that tried to stop me
just a young nigga tryin make skrilla
learnin double it up with the killas and the drug dealers

(if you want me come get me how the fuck you gone take me
I got my true niggas with me and we riders) [2X]

Its hard times on the blocks in the projects
Call my girl up in time to flip a county check
I got cocaine weed and enphadamine
Pac said P keep your eyes on your enemies
I ain't trusting no nigga or no bitch
That's the recipe in the hood nigga to get rich
Thugs keep their gats right beside them
True niggas keep their gats cuz we riders
Hold the gauge motherfucker while I blow his head
Hit the horn motherfucker two niggas dead
R.I.P. tatoos weed and henicy
Blow dust to the motherfucking enemies

(if you want me come get me how the fuck you gone take me
I got my true niggas with me and we riders) [2X]

In school with pencils pass and books
in the ghetto with in Tex in killers and crooks
I done seen bloodshed over blood money
I done niggas kill over drug money
got the game from some OG ballin
down here 3rd world cali or new orleans
I won't change till they bury me a paid nigga
I won't change cuz P is a made nigga
I got killers and dealers on my side
I got homies and jackals ready to ride
got the game in my vein cuz I'm bout this
how many niggas out there really doubt this

(if you want me come get me how the fuck you gone take me
I got my true niggas with me and we riders) [2X]

Camaflauge and all that murder murder kill kill and shit
Bad nigga from the bricks blood on my kicks
Seen it all in the project halls and the street corners
Never choked even when those folks ran up on us
Solider rag sag on my eye no lie
Fuck with me for sure die no lie
How many niggas follow my lead the envious swallow my feed
Laying niggas down (lay em down nigga) like apollo creed if need
Got my game from that nigga versal keep your enemies close
Shoot first and show the fakers no mercy
Never dance with them youngsters
In your life nigga you don't wanna live amongst us
We ain't right I was born in it y'all niggas was sworn in it
Fuck around get your whole click torn in it
Bullet proof vest cover my chest
So you best aim for my brain if you try to put me to rest (we riders)

(if you want me come get me how the fuck you gone take me
I got my true niggas with me and we riders) [2X]

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Master P We Riders Comments
  1. bubba g

    They edit it

  2. Brian White

    8yrs old when I heard this

  3. Torace Dunlap

    COOL G RAPP, the joint

  4. Decarlos Exum

    Master P verse was so hard he said I've seen bloodshed over blood money I've been seen niggas killed over drug money

  5. tony tee

    2019 ooo boyy

  6. vgs pfl

    Hardest of 2019

  7. David King

    The bassline on this.... used to play it back-to-back with Hot Boys' "50 Shots Gon' Set It Off" - crazy bass

  8. Linda Mumphard

    East St Louis We Riders

  9. Stacks Bundle

    Straight rider music P was a genius

  10. mark trimble

    im ready fa them lyrics. where u at?

  11. mark trimble


  12. mark trimble

    im from new iberia

  13. mark trimble

    soulja slim

  14. mark trimble

    i might be white but ehat happend to my favorite artist?

  15. mark trimble

    yeah i know big bro im younger but answer me

  16. mark trimble

    fuck it im the first to as a question p

  17. mark trimble

    wussup with souldja slim

  18. mark trimble

    wussup p

  19. Torace Dunlap


  20. Orson Jaques

    Maybe Master P really has looked into the eyes of a killer. But has he ever looked into the eyes of a fish?

  21. Brantley Myers

    Bad n**** from the bricks with blood on my kicks still harder than anything anybody will ever be able to do

  22. Otto Funny

    Mac killed it

  23. 35RDG

    Mac verse was lit! "Layin down niggas down like the Apollo Creed in me!" Damn!

  24. Jermaine Robinson Torbert

    The hardest cut on the CD on the down low fr fr

  25. Jeremy Westoven

    Damm main this shit used to bang I grew up on this way back uhhhh!

  26. Elijah Demon Kelley

    We Riders By Rapp Artist Master P And Ambitiouz Az Ah Ridah By Past Rapp Artist Tupac Peep It Out

  27. Yanna Life

    2019 we riders

  28. Young Vet OG

    MAC will eat up any nigga lyrically! I got somethin on it! 💯 💯 💯

  29. Tyler Zimmerman

    2018/19/20/21 and so on bitch

  30. VetteNutt05

    Reminds me of back in the day

  31. Christopher Jacobs

    Free Mac bg and cmurder

  32. ThZooKeeper Goddess

    This, yes 2018!!!

  33. jimmynickles804

    This song was P at his best..he was flowing

  34. Eric Seay

    Everybody influenced by somebody how y'all think this shit go mfs trying make it seem like p n no limit wasn't talented alot of people n this world can't even make music ya know

  35. Stephen Young

    Love 2 no

  36. David Grzelak

    Marc Mack of L.A. lower Akron lol funny inside joke no llomfao sorry do got mad funny 😆😆

  37. David Grzelak

    Waiting for me where art never got it sososo fun playing games first hot rich ladies woman wannt me come and git some pick me up I never got intake never meet why thay can't sins it to me the thing way so so fun where waiting for me where never got it playing catfishing games forever

  38. David Grzelak

    Marc Edwerd Moon first hot rich woman wannt me come and git you some first one can meet me or pick me up win my love I am not playing games I not tayler or swfit games end game what ever end games first hot rich woman ladies you wannt me wannt some wannt some come and git you some game on

  39. Phillip Morales

    I am the man most wanted if you want me come get me n o back up just me

  40. Phillip Morales

    Come no pole be real even puffy smoked a mother fucker in a club

  41. 007 jr

    They kilt me its life it happen all the time R.I.P Jamarr Monroe Trust May 23 1981-2020

  42. Gold Surfer

    Song starts @2:55


    haha Mac

  43. Joshua Lacombe

    We never stopped

  44. Demetrius Hall

    Master p with real life music.

  45. Lawrence Winfield

    A truly real disciple of Tupac one p best song to me

  46. Jordan Reed

    this my shit

  47. Ronald Martinez

    fuck the 47 bitches hatin that never been in the game

  48. Celebrity swag The Model

    Celebrity swag That tracc

  49. Zax World

    Fucking miss the good ol days...

  50. Hustle Man

    You tell Pac was a MAJOR influence on P..

    E T

    haha yo youre an idiot fuck off yes he was influenced but this shit is down south all the way through tupac did his own thing don't fuckin comment on music you don't even know


    E T master p was an imposter...his whole career is biting other niggas style


    Hustle Man not really P sounds like P that probably like a New Orleans southern version of Tupac lol

    Vikeysha Murray

    @BoogidyBangPOW they were friends dummy


    Vikeysha Murray dude was a dick rider...from nwa to geto boys to ugk to pac to dmx.

  51. Mr Wolf

    Brings back memories

  52. David A. Ramirez

    This song reminds me of riding through the streets of Oakland

  53. MattyD10000

    I agree. This was an important album. It more or less represented the transition from west coast to southern as the dominant sound in hip hop. Crunk. Trap. Drill. All share a lineage with No Limit's shit back in the late 90s. At least that's how I see it. YMMV.

    But yeah... I remember thinking it was kind of... primitive... compared to, like, Death Row's sound. But I loved it. I bumped it. I can't even remember how many No Limit albums I had.

    Tony L

    I agree. What did you do to your NLR albums?

  54. Charles Rushing

    Most under rated song on Ghetto D. Classic

  55. Marc Moon

    Ok have a nice day at work today my first day back don't have time to play with it time to play with us

  56. Marc Moon

    Death is only the beginning kill me and you'll burn

    David Grzelak

    That is me Marc moon I using Dave why scamming a ass fuck s

  57. Marc Moon

    Sup. G. Be the man p. ..come throw. Got. The f out of here. You be the man.

    David Grzelak

    Now limit now THAY Marc Moon you n have no limit so I have no limit sorry thanks some day good life

    David Grzelak

    Marc Moon lol see scam worldwide so no limit I not done Marc Moon in Akron Ohio using Dave shit thanks to my friends to him

    David Grzelak

    Lol 2 yrs nuthingnn 5 2 3 more yrs to go back see the real scam oops Marc moon it me sup I cool as porson in real life but I dontnno inmoren Chang man yrs I not the same I never well be the same porson I whus

  58. Marc Moon

    I love hard rock heavy metal I love all of you think is good hard rap classic do this musical good music good music from the heart that's from the heart are you want me to come get me mother f***** I got my true with me riding no games no jokes bad ass m************ MeetMe Comcast mother f***** cool ass person

  59. Marc Moon

    My shi# well P shi# sup O.G. meet a cool ass preoson. I hit.

  60. Marc Moon

    What. to meet so true O.G. marc moon. Sup. Poll up. I out. ..O.G. Late tool. Be. Real. real

  61. Marc Moon

    Love. This one. Yes. Thanks

  62. Marc Moon

    I'm looking for Master P that one song I got my to - Marathi how the f*** you want me to come get me

  63. Mayne Street Sports

    classic shit

  64. Gordon K

    My Death song

  65. great grandma


  66. Jasmine Bray

    MaStEr P An icon

  67. Angela Caldwell

    the beat makes me think about sex grinding in da pussy luv this beat

  68. Ivan Tessmer

    2chainz stole TRU

    Spider Sense

    2 chainz ain't stole, TRU is still a No limit thing, idiot

    ghost GEETEE

    +Matthew Redding So why C murder make 2 stains idiot!!

    Spider Sense

    C Murder shouldn't worry about 2 chainz, he's just a groupie!!

  69. Jonathan Young

    now you all know it is buy tha grammer . . .

    Jonathan Young

    No Limit

  70. Mister Turds

    damn, if this aint some fake Tupac shit....

    Lonnie Havard

    Mister Turds pac was influenced​by him

  71. Kevin Estes

    The Piano is evil on this beat!

    Tanya Oxner

    Kevin Estes yeah the bass part is tight too. love this song forever.

    Raymond Winn


    Torace Dunlap


  72. VegasVet702

    This song still goes hella hard! Classic, without a doubt! P killed it...

  73. Tumai Onyx

    yea long time nzm4evr

  74. oscar dublina

    No Limit

    Leroy Williams

    you already know

  75. Brian Marquet

    Prob my fave no limit track ever .. P was in rare form. . I assume klc or whoever from bbtp assassinated the beat . The best I ever heard Mac !!!!!! Classic no limit!!!!!!

    Brian Marquet

    Have heard it but good to hear again .. Thx . Yea bbtp were the straw that stirred the drink . Every no limit album I was checkin for who had the best beat . Klc usually .. Craig b , Odell and moby def contributed tho heavily . The no limit soldiers beat from the tru double album still is the hardest - to open it with that beat and verses was a strong statement

    PS Homeboy

    @Brian Marquet which Tru double CD? Tru 2 Da Game or DA Crime Family? I assume you mean T2DG cause they opened up with the No Limit Soilders track

    Brian Marquet

    Yessir ... Obviously . I owned da crime family but it wasn't very good . They started to slip already - hoody hoo was a great track and the birdman diss was appreciated ! Da last don was the final masterpiece in my opinion

    PS Homeboy

    @Brian Marquet i liked TLD also but it was too many hit & miss songs on that LP. I think Mo B Dick's "Gangsta Harmony" CD was the last masterpiece. It was only 2 songs on there I didn't like. Everything else was the shit!

    Leroy Williams

    YO this is that TRACK bro straight fire

  76. Doug McCray

    This shit went so hard back in the day.. I remember being 10 years old and listening to this on repeat.

    Debbie Dominguez

    Damn Son 😂😂😂❤️

    Brian White

    I was 8

    Debbie Dominguez

    I was 16 😁😁 Good times haa

  77. Dwahn Denson

    When P had the game on lock !

  78. Eric Moore

    Free MAC.


    +1 on that one bro!

  79. cmd80337

    One of my favorite Mac verses!!!!

  80. codecaine

    I remember banging this in my high school days. Everybody thinking they were so hard. lol If you want me come get me!

  81. blkswimmer

    This was the song I remember the radio playing right after announcing that Tupac was dead.

    So long ago

  82. SuperLyber

    What court way P from in the calliope? Backatown or frontatown?

  83. Richmond Harrell

    If you want me come get me how the fuck you gone take me
    I got my true niggas with me and we riders

  84. February___

    man i been looking for this song for like 2 years still hot

  85. FixedWayz

    "Blow Dust to the Mothafuckin' Enemy"

  86. chuckd85032

    It's FACE. He's talking about going for head shots since vests cover the chest. The line "aim for my brain" also goes on to further clarify this.
    Also, it's "In the ghetto, it's techs and killers and crooks", not anything about Texas. Techs as in tech 9s.

  87. KOC23LBJ

    @furryfan1979 who gives a shit the projects are gone.the city is gone,a ghost shell of its fomer self.calio and magnolia are gone.places where we grew up,gone just like that.i drive down the streets and and i see nothing or nobody.we used to live by this music.erato and south prieur street.

  88. Jvontaye Bartee

    @DarkoDrmanac16 mehh tew pham

  89. AstrophelTDeath

    @DarkoDrmanac16 Yeah as you sit on youtube and watch it, you stupid fucking hypocrite. Don't complain about Youtube and then watch it on youtube.



  91. Gene Dene

    never forget hi speed chase1997 in the 87cutlass banging this shit we riders the song put a nigga on charge, we riders hitting corners doing 90mph tweeking this shit still cold!!

  92. Michael S Jordan

    mac is one of the most underated rappers of all time......camoflouge assasin 4 life beeeyotch!!

  93. February___

    hahahahaah love this song

  94. Bada Bing


  95. HustleTV

    Master P put out this CD with a Special Cover. It aint that hard plastic. He did a few other Artists joints the same way. P knew that good Product Presentation was a big factor in selling CD's back then.

  96. SuperToesucker

    heard dat darko been lookin for this joint never found it just tried again and herr it is IF U WONT ME COME GET ME HOW DA FUCK U GONE TAKE ME ???

  97. tropicalpimp


    mad props to my dude Master P... never liked the south shit too much but this nigga always came out raw! Scarface,Trick Daddy n OUtkast are ill too...