Master P - Watch Dees Hoes Lyrics

[Master P]
Check this out playa.
These niggas be quick to check another playa ya know what I'm sayin?
But see that big booty bitch them niggas be rollin with?
That bitch that they be buying all that jewelry for
and gettin they hair fixed.
That's goin be that bitch that's gonna get em killed
if they don't watch what they doin.
Ya know what I'm sayin?
See what I'm sayin though.
You gotta watch these old cornroll head bitches man.

[Mo B. Dick]
Fools PH'in, rollin on Dayton's, but you better watch dees hoes [x2]

[Master P]
(Some of these hoes jack)
Wendy look cool but this is a bad move
Jump in your Benz and pick up another dude
Ain't that some shit G
That bitch say she loves you now she loves me
And the game get wicked
She only fuckin with a nigga cause you slangin chicken
And if you was broke then you would know
That bitch only hangin with a nigga cause he slang dough
And wipe off that develish grin
Cause when you dead and gone she'll be fuckin your best friend
Now that's kinda hectic
Make me wanna pop a bitch neck and move back to Texas

[Mo B. Dick]
[Chorus x2]

Um, well some of these niggas will jack but these hoes a jack too
They be like lemme borrow your pencil so you can jack who
Now um what, a nigga like me TRU
so I don't play that game that you hoes play
But I won't stay where you stay
Now this be the time where the 9 be like buckin
I gots no time to play I use these hoes when I be duckin
Fuck what, these hoes be like scandelous, I don't understand it
Niggas be riding by my SEL, some of these hoes be like man it
When Silkk be at the crib countin my stack up
Bangin my sack up, you hoes better back up before I leave you jacked up

[Mo B. Dick]
[Chorus x2]

[Mr. Serv-On]
Do you see what I see
Along with Silkk and P
Do you know what I know
Definately not click clack goes that glock
I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some hoe hit me for my Prego nots
Once I hit that G spot, you know I'm long like some stretch pots
I ain't trippin if some hoes look like Robin Givens
I'm shootin a three to the grill like Scottie Pippen
Hell yeah I'm trippin
My homie got his wig split on a pussy trip
Since then hoes and money and pussy can never be my friend
We can fuck till the end and when the morning comes
If you flakin bitch I'm a leave your whole fuckin body shaking

[Master P]
Damn, yall niggas better be watchin these old bitches
that be tryin to get a nigga for cabbage and cornbread.

[Mo B. Dick]
[Chorus x2]

Now since I'm gettin paid a gang of bitches wanna sweat me
Claimin that they pregnant and them hoes just met me
I hate to bust your bubble and I hope your not emberrassed
But I only fucked you once so why you talkin bout marriage
I only hit and run bitch I'm too young to chill
And I never say I love ya cause I know it ain't for real
So chill with that dumb shit cause I'm the one that run shit
And I ain't even try to hear that stupid shit you come with
Dumb bitch
I guess you figure I'm a pimp right
So don't playa hate me, bitches get your shit tight

[Mo B. Dick]
[Chorus x2]

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Master P Watch Dees Hoes Comments
  1. Yakub Da Scientist

    Yall niggas talking bout watch this hoes, yall niggas also quick to check another nigga but want check all this shit going on around us that's killing us. SERIOUSLY niggas check that out.

  2. James O'Neill

    Watch Deez Hoes 2K19 Fellas

  3. 1lifestyle

    peep game

  4. Superman J

    Watch deez hoes man.....

  5. James O'Neill

    Im in a situation like this need help

  6. Superman J

    Man watch them hoes

  7. Pretty Green Eyes

    Who is still listening to Master P in 2019?

    James O'Neill

    Me the 23 year anniversary of this album

  8. Антон смоляков

  9. Mundy Mondy

    Watchout 4 Women Jesus Does!

  10. killuminati Nate

    Bro at the end turnt the whole song up 🔥

  11. Westside JC

    Not just knee deep she was totally deep when she did the freak with me

  12. Pretty Green Eyes

    You better watch these bitches out for Cabbage and Love it.. classic

  13. DopeCoces

    Dat last dude... best verse

    Marq Lock

    DopeCoces RIP Tre-8

  14. Marq Lock

    RIP Tre 8

  15. Code.

    Bangin this real fuckin track in South France, now we need face b to kick over !

  16. SouthFlorida’96

    Burn a jernt to this

  17. Marvin Williams

    Nothing like this old shit foreal



  18. flossydossy15

    Mo b dick also made this beat

  19. Dave Smile

    Serv-On killing them

  20. kidkrazyyo

    such a classic.

  21. solomon potter

    These hoes ain't worth a bus pass.fuck a bitch.

  22. big973e

    Silkk go at his own rhthym, I swear he record acapella and the engineering team do the best they can to dub his vocals over the instrumental

  23. chaseman94

    Starpoint - i got the love

  24. Marlboro Red

    Some times he sounds like garbage and other times he sounds mad fuckin good

    it's hit or miss, this is one of his better tracks

  25. TheRealMrNola

    Mo B. Dick On The Chorus

  26. PoeBoi389

    And niggas sore up and down this nigga couldn't rap shit nigga P was one of best in the early to late 90's in the 2000's he got wack and played out by that time he was filthy fucking rich so who cared not him

  27. DaOldSchoolRapLova96

    When I go bac down south this summer ima b bumpin this album especially this song!!! This is my shit! We all arranging shit for this summer. The girls fena b crazy boy!!! Can't wait

  28. ahardiman251

    Anyone know the samples on this... or is it original instruments? I'm after this bassline.

  29. Rigo206

    Watch dees Hoes!! dAMMIT!

  30. Donnymac

    R.I.P. Tre-8

  31. 211bill

    Cabbage and cornbread

  32. Ca$hLady

    I never heard a stuttering rapper before I heard Silkk. WTF???

    Rhonda Johnson

    Blueface lol

  33. bassicuk1986

    takes me back to when I was young lyin in bed listening to this in my headphones

    DAMN...What happened to music!!!

  34. Peter Delgado

    better watch dees corn rolled head ass bitches! lol dis ma shit cuhz!

  35. paystyles

    Even serv-on came off hard. Without spelling his name Lol!

  36. T Bey

    my shit

  37. T Bey

    still tha shit

  38. Y Gizzle

    dis is some real shit.