Master P - Ride 4 You Lyrics

Hail mary from the graves, the Lord is with thee
Bless these thugs (Uuuugh) as we ride (As we ride)
Good side, bad side

[Master P]
Til death do us part we gon thug to the end
See I got you my nigga from the streets to the pen
We all family so you know that I care
And if you need me my nigga just know that I'm there

I'll ride for you boy (My nigga)
See I'll die for you boy (My nigga)
Throw em up high for you boy (My nigga)
And let em fly for you boy (My nigga)

[Master P]
Them boyz can't stop us
They got us loadin em choppaz
They wanna do it come pop it
Man we see em we drop em
That's the life of a thug we wild out in them clubs
T-shirts and du-rags show my niggaz some love
And them fools can't fade us, man these streets they made us
I guess I'm new and they hate us but these bitches can't play us
I live the life of a rida, I'm a soldier to the end
From the streets to the hood to the grave or the pen


[Master P]
Gold teets and tats, we strapped with gats
Trucks and sport cars spinnin on 24 rats
Got a mean nigga facin fuckin 20 to life
Now his kids with no father, figure they can't sleep at night
And the lawyer told his baby momma he ain't comin home for the summer
Man she pawned all his jewelry and got rid of the hummer
They shot my cousin Forty then they called me, told me he'd make it
But my aunt, she got a bad heart, I know she can't take it
My momma stared at the walls and waited for me to come home
I must be here for a reason, why did I live this long?
They took my brother Kevin, may he rest in peace
Ad me and Silkk won't be the same til she murder free

[Chorus x2]

Ghetto soldiers gone to war, you gone but not forgotten
This is more than a song, niggaz is still plottin
I'm reminiscen, clouds dark while it rain pour
Ain't nutin changed we can still hustle by the same store
My boy grown so y'all can fill in the blank
My label a gas station niggaz fill in the tank
You see my team and we spit it the hardest
Still runnin wit my pop's old advice, finish shit if you started it
So we live life on the edge now
And shots hurt so a 40 under my shirt until I'm dead now
I got real niggaz ridin wit me
And so you know that it ain't a small task if you try and get me

[Chorus x2]

New No Limit Only (My nigga [x8])

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Master P Ride 4 You Comments
  1. Torrey Gary

    Still banging this 2020🔥🔥🔥

  2. Lamar Brooks

    2020 What u know about that! Let's rock out!🕶🌹🍻

  3. aesthetic dude

    Taking this to the next decade of 2020

  4. Nathan Colbert

    R.i.p to my lil brother Mac Tae..I miss my lil brother so much..his name gonna forever live on...Dec. 31,1991-June 2,2018 3rd Ward/Cleaborn homes projects-South Memphis for life!!!!!!!

  5. Peace of mind & Strength.

    Real shit!

  6. Shybear T

    This hits the speakers hard AF!

  7. Laouali Farouk

    this sounds like YG - My Nigga

  8. Gudda Rose

    love and miss u rasean 😇😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏rip kuz

  9. Barry Raines

    My shit r.i.p to all my nigga I lost in the streets

  10. Elijah Demon Kelley

    Ride For You By Rapper Master P And My Nigga By Rapper RichHomie Quan Peep it Out

  11. Lamar Floyd

    P represents his true No Limit souljah's on this 1.....🔨⏰

  12. Leroy Walton

    Ride for ya by Master P. Is my shit a P. I need to get on wit NoLimit foe real Brah I can rap i do godly rap's doe i make sound just thug music to bra

  13. Rajhun Mcdonald

    This. Shit hard.

  14. Leroy Walton

    I love Master P. An C. Murder SILKK Da Shocker an 2Pac 8Ball&MJG TI SPICE1 MAC MIA X TRICK DADDI JT MONEY

  15. Raymond Holland

    Good ass song....this that real shit!!!

  16. 2sheezy Paul

    This that good ole school g funk u feel me P. W. R. 4 life west Palm beach Fla

  17. Estevan rocha

    Love the old school music

  18. Danny Stone

    This was me and my bros song
    R.I.P. my dawg I'm still holding it down in this crazy game I'll see ya when I get there bro

  19. Christyanne Twovoice

    I get a beer

  20. Nathaniel Clark

    Keeping it alive in 2016

  21. Larvis Daniels

    gotta say this I think Mr master p will always be legend in this game I mean look at what he done for this rap game he put his family on as well as his homie Boys. I'm not from New Orleans what can tell ya if him and bird man come together one day south will be untouchable bro. To best hustlers never back Down from anything. P u a living Bro.I'm always going to listen to ur music. Let's bring south back to 90S days. when south was real.

  22. The One & Only Larry Wright

    their is a HUGE moral decay in today's society,and in homes,i was not raised the way these disrespectful kids these days,there are so many laws protecting kids,they don't protect the adults

  23. MartiansvsGoblins

    Still runnin wit my pop's old advice, finish shit if you started it
    So we live life on the edge now
    And shots hurt so a 40 under my shirt until I'm dead now


    was jammin this in the Hearst when we buried my uncle chuck. I'll always ride 4 u fam. love you

  25. imreallydead.

    P don't need lyrical ability my G just spits his life always come back too his music for that rawness 💯

  26. Down Home Country Girl Allie Kupczynski

    True boy right here love this song

  27. Nellie Sky

    New orelans !

    Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

    To Rivera Beach

    Mikul Legreat

    Thays new orleans bitch get it right

  28. teeone10

    the bassline is sick

    Demetrius Smith

    teeone10 this tracc ill

  29. jeremy williams


  30. NikonSanz

    Proper G shit.

  31. Kenrick Eason

    You can feel master p in this......

  32. Mastadon

    Does anyone know where I can get this on the Internet? I looked on iTunes I can't find it..please help!

  33. 1988YOUNGIN

    how can i get this beat help pleas

  34. kurt james


  35. hypnotiz4

    hard fuckin song love it

    Chris Watson

    Trill shit