Master P - My Ghetto Heroes Lyrics

[Master P]
Ha Ha Ha
Most niggas might think I'm crazy when I tell em this
(Yeah G)
But you know what most nigga look up to like Presidents
Niggas thats in sports
All this type of shit as heroes
They might look at motherfuckin Muhammed Ali
Yah know Sugar Ray Leanord, Mike Tyson, but me..

[Master P]
Air Jordan aint no motherfuckin hero G
My heroes is niggas in the ghetto that slang D
That right on chrome and triple gold and pimp hoes
And take any nigga in the click to the Super Bowl
And party like it aint nothin
But most of my homies they done died over drug money
Like Bizzy Bob and Sam Skutty but I still love em
Air full of motherfucker and I still wanna hug em
Big Dave, my nigga gone to the battle field
Dandon and Levi, damn guard ya grill
Cuz where ya goin you gotta watch your back
Judge, god damn another nigga didnt make it back (Mr.C)
My lil brother Kevin Miller rest in peace
Elbraud, Nextditch, and Big Leaf
Lil Girl, and Boo, and Anguard
Big Pepper, God damn what yall thinkin about
They gone, I mean they soldiers
But thets the type of cal i live up and hold to
Like Joe Jackson, Lil Emmo
Randy,Sir Pat, God damn
They got bigger, the list go longer
I could start from New Orleans and go back to California
To lil Tony,to dime P
Seritz,Burnell,can't believe
That he's gone, the Scarface
Dank,Loot,and Meathead
And what about Kenny Sep
And all my niggas that dead and gone that got caught in the rep
And my other heroes still livin
But they locked up behind bars, caught up in some pigeons
Like my lil cousin Jimmy,lil Horgel
Randall,Marlow,Pee Wee damn
Another mission complete
Took off the streets locked up by the police
Meatball, and Nap, La Crowe
Pac, jinte, the gats go pow
But my homies got caught up
Even though they had no way out the ghetto but the come up
Off the streets in the hood money
Thats why my heroes live for drug money

[Chorus x4]
My Ghetto Heroes
I watched em live fast, I watched em die slow

[Skull Duggery]
What you mean I need a hero
A hero is a zero to me
The only hero that I know is them niggas in my hood G
They gave me the game so I enhanced the gat
Than I took the game, and ripped it out the frame
I tried and told ya
A hero can't be ya lucky rabbit's foot or ya 4-leaf clover
It all be a myth in ya mind
A hero aint about shit if they aint about dying
You know who was a hero to me
that nigga MoXs on the Howard J G

[Master P]
And yall other niggas thats still livin
That wanna be a hero but can't be givin
Yo life up for these streets
But this goin out to my homies out there slangin D
That still hustlin in the game tryin to make it
But yall niggas better realize you cant fake it
You either in or out aint no halfway in
Cuz when you die in the end you go to the pen
And its realer than you real niggas feel me
This for my niggas that are heroes in my hood G

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Master P My Ghetto Heroes Comments
  1. Frank Ward

    Air Jordan ain’t no MF hero G 😎

  2. endz 7

    Still playing in 2019

  3. MrJoePappi

    Hey Master P. I'm 40 years old, European but a Tru cat from Vancouver Canada. This some real life shit. Real hip hop is ironically kinda conservative in this century. (Being and doing whatever you want as an individual) We're all out here on our own and the smart, hard working hustlers are the ones who win. They should be noticed. I notice you P. #Legend

  4. Bran Knew

    Michael Jordan ain't no heroe to me

  5. NokingimaGod Undastan

    Ice cream man.👍

  6. Lesley Covington

    This song breaks me down every time...real shit

  7. HardHitter King

    T.i.p Camoflauge,Murdoc,Chip & Mone,T-Riley,foe 5,Monn,Ra Ra Tre-4 Savannah GA C-port $hit 912

  8. Bama Gator

    You either in our out. Ain't no half way in

  9. Marchelle Mooney



    Listen to the words and piano

  11. Jay Miff

    12 in placement this molded me in stone cold to this day

  12. Jermaine Robinson Torbert

    I feel this all the way to the 216 I miss the true hustlers that's gone Rip

  13. Ted Bundy

    rip Chicago Mike ,lil 38, Brandon ,lil Mike, 2sweet ,ralo ,James ,ma ma , nissy, and that boy cool

  14. Doing Me

    it's called being obsessed ! it happens

  15. jason Smith

    My hero is Yahawah ba hasham Yahawashi

  16. oliverrando

    Man what master p was saying here was kinda true like michael jordan isn't really a hero

  17. Ted Bundy

    this is real trap music ! I don't care where you was From in the South some body was blasting no limit shit in the trap

  18. Lloyd Bell


  19. J. Dizzle

    Rip BushRod, Webo, Tre8, T-Ronni, Keon,Reon, Lil Donnie, Rod Cato, Jelly, Stink, Keith Head, Tiger, Alex Harris, R Leftwich, Lil Perfect,Keith Leatherwood, and all my niggas who fall in the struggle.
    Top 5 realist song of the South!

  20. Bigdickchaney Tripp

    Fr all my ghetto heroes either dead or servin 25 to life

  21. Ghost Bey

    Scary ass niggas

  22. Yakub Da Scientist

    my list of Ghetto Heros Farrakhan, Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad, Master p, Nuri Muhammad. Denzel Washington. and more but check these people out. PEACE

  23. Individual G

    Real music rite here. This aint just a song its real a real story being told

  24. chaun229

    This one here is my personal favorite

  25. Noodles8ify

    That cat on them keys 🎹.. let me sit deep in my car seat and glide- real sound

  26. JHP Stories

    Why Jordan fans on here hating?

    Pj Metz

    U get 0 likes buddy 😁

  27. clp TV19

    This was my jam

  28. illmatic826

    I had to dislike this due to the Jordan slander

  29. Call JG Wentworth 877 Cash Now

    My ghetto heroes I watched them live fast I watched them die slow

  30. Kevlin Parham

    Happy Independence Day Really hope Dreams Come tru

  31. Greg Olive

    My Heroes was niggaas In the Ghetto slanging dope

  32. Ophra Guise

    I enhanced the game and ripped it out the frame

  33. Kris Conwell

    The Last Don

  34. michael opal

    Never Wil this song get the recognition. It deserves this song is so fukn clean I can replay it multiple times

  35. P Funk

    2019 till infinity, frfr 🏬🏢🏥🏥cp3

  36. Lester Richardson

    This is Big Kat from Dixie aka Baton Rouge. Big London my Lil Brother gone but not forgotten. Dixie stand up

  37. 240Sil

    Air Jordan aint' no mf hero G....



  39. ONDAT AZZ!!

    Still bumpin' dis ( 04/07/2019)... One of the tightest beats in music. Sound like N'awlins. The realest rap song ever, no characters, real nigga's and killa's he shoutin' out too. CP3/ Commons Marrero: backwards hunh?!!.. You know. R.I.P. LEVI.

  40. d miles

    King of the south

  41. Melissa Chartrand

    Wow. You would think that the streets would all wanna get on the same teem and take their talents and gifts and wisdoms and Knowlage and insites and use it for something positive don't go down and out like something or who ever maybe syrous planned for all the survivors the warriors the soldiors the unstopable. Take what the lord blessed you with and turn shit around and lift each other and actually put a hand out a latter down the whole some are in and help them out. Come together and help the lostt and broken from life's lessons from here and rise up and take this madness over make change for the better cause it's only gonna end up in exstintion the way it's going down now. Yours your obility and mend and heal and teach a better way of life. There's enough of us now. Enough to be heard. To open eyes and make them see what's true what's the truth that was hidden behind a bunch of lies. Doest have to be like this I know it. I can feel it

  42. Tony Miles

    Real talk 100



  44. Big Ben CH

    2019 😎💯

  45. Oliver Hernandez

    This song kinda wack

    Big Ben CH

    You can't relate homie.

  46. Della Johnson

    N.o love Mac town blessed by tha best Rodrico Johnson ☝️

    Della Johnson

    love blessed by tha best Neworlens love 🙏👏💶☝Mac town blessed by tha best Rodrico🙏☝💸💶

  47. blackvoice

    Putin 2 son 2 ouf

  48. Mike son

    P was my Ghetto Hero real spit ! TRU!✌They don't know unless you know! Can i get a witness

  49. bd31125

    P do u still remember this soldiers

  50. Flavio Ayala


  51. Montez Mccarter


  52. Noodles8ify

    That piano riff was on point like a bayonet

    Sour faces

  53. Miljan B

    2019... 23 years after. Bumpin. Classic!! 👌👍

  54. Charles Fuller

    u know who was a hero to me....that nicca mark essex on the howard j gee

  55. renzoe payne

    This beat is nothing sweet...damn I miss this real shit!! Rip cuzo JB I remember when this came out, you scooped me up bumping this!!

  56. Betty Joe

    Ghetto heroes love y'all. Miss y'all G

  57. Jason 2 Mifflin

    Locked up at 13 in a group home only tape I had p changed my look on the world much respect

  58. R U N N I N - G U N N I N

    R.I.P. My Boy Corey, Man Growin' Up I Never Realized The Streets Would Take You Away From Me, A Lot Of People Don't Know That Street Shit Ain't No Movie I Damn Near Done Lost My Life A Few Times Fuccing Around Out There. These Streets Ain't Nice And Don't Give A Fucc About No One So Get It How You Live But If You Got The Opportunity To Make It Out Take That Shit, Just Cause You Dealin' Drugs Or Whatever Don't Mean You Can Strive For Something Better And Legal Shit Fr. We All Got Luv For You Homeboy 💯, See You When I Get There. And Everyone Else That Got Fallen Soldiers Or Lost Loved Ones R.I.P. Free My Nigga Chuccy I Ain't Foegot Chu Baby One Love 💯💙.

    Big Ben CH

    Respect bro💪✊ 💯✌

    R U N N I N - G U N N I N

    @Big Ben CH Fasho 💯

  59. Donald Hebert

    R.i.p to all the fallen Soldiers...

  60. Charles Fuller

    new orleans in chea its facts master p put new orleans on the map

  61. Travis Odom

    2018 memories Mobtown Ala

  62. Crown Kings

    90's will always be the realist ✡

  63. Mike Smith

    Master p is my hero

  64. James Bond

    Rip iroc

  65. joseph porter

    P said Maserati Rick real Detroit old School 80s gangster we talkin about Millions people mink coats and alligator boots people he had a horrible ending horrible ghetto Heroes huh damn

  66. Montra Montgomery

    Real shit!!

  67. Friendly

    This beat is SICK!!!

  68. Rob Rich

    While I did the dirt still. Master p is a master ,we bout it who fuck with me wassup

  69. IRISHPRIDE 211

    This had the 15" Rockford's banging out my 85 Chevy Box back in the day. Who's here in 2018.

  70. renzoe payne

    Not only talent and kept it 100..and the smartest black business man in the music industry next to Micheal Jackson

  71. Drew Scagnetti

    Classic No Limit 4 Life

  72. Paul Moore

    The realest shit this nigga ever wrote drop the mic

  73. Betty Joe

    Let me get something before the girls gettcha

  74. Yo daddys Mixtape

    No Limit kept it hard when the industry was going soft. They were the last Bastion.

  75. Bopem Down


  76. Gambino_famili Don

    Richmond CA

  77. Money Days

    Life in Memphis war zone

  78. Money Days

    Members of Memphis

  79. Chris Atasie

    rip fat pat robert davis aka screw big hawk big moe pimp c 3-2 i love ya

    Brian K. Turner

    Chris Atasie Maaaaaan Bro I felt this 1. #SUC🍇🔩

  80. John Davis

    Skull dugery baby

  81. John Davis

    90s too the 2018 77 baby. 6.o.s.s.

  82. Reginald Jones

    What??? Nigga

  83. Eric Seay

    22 yrs old listening to this shit right here

  84. Sabastian Mclaurin

    Another mission complete, took off the street, locked up by the police.

  85. J Noneya


  86. Detrick Keith

    remove the DISLIKE button

  87. moneybag shawty

    Gotta be from the Projects to truly understand what he mean when he said “Air Jordan ain’t no motherfucking hero G!!” Real shit





  90. Francisco Torrez

    most people that thinks they know me when I tell them I got wife kids all ain't heros that celebrity church leaders government presidents ain't what thinking about that live against I ain't got ghetto hero they watch me live fast die slowly a hero can't be with like against some one cause they get evil as one hired them instead being side they live up others don't be ghetto hero and hero end up zeros like the song

  91. Larry Johnson

    Air Jordan ain't no muthafuckin hero "G"

    Power House

    Cold shit I ever heard

  92. James O'Neill

    I like at the end the played the Halloween movie theme song

  93. renzoe payne

    Ice cream man & Ghetto dope Master p best albums,but fr fr damn near all of his shitz bumped!! P did his thing tight verse,but Skull duggery verse was some real shit...look up Mark Essex that nigga balls was bigger than 3 Kings some Krazy shit

  94. Chris Blakes

    Realist shit ever

  95. Fairendo Williams

    I love master p forever

  96. techtee murphy

    2018 and beyond☝👌

  97. Kay Love

    Real shit

  98. golden boi gang

    Kevin would be happy if he was here rip to a real soldier