Master P - I Need Dubs Lyrics

[Master P]
When I'm alone in my car, I'm thinkin about Ms. Lorenzo
My girl Enkei, Sprewell
Giovanna, Daytons, Momos, Diablos
And my girl Asanti

[Chorus: Master P]
I need dubs, when I ride to the club
Cruisin with my girls even rollin with thugs
I need dubs, 22's, 24's
Shinin in the hood I'm the king of the car shows
Dubs, when I ride to the club
Cruisin with my girls even rollin with thugs
I need dubs, 22's, 24's
Shinin in the hood I'm the king of the car shows

[Master P]
I see it I buy it, you need it I got it
I could transform a car 'til a Halle Berry by demand
Regular wheels, I bend 'em don't stand up
I'm the first one to put Sprewells on a Phantom
Girls see me and scream, I'm reppin Orleans
I got cars baby Flex ain't never seen
Xzibit in the game but he can't "Pimp My Ride"
I got everythang flipped from the in to the outside
Them Lambord golds 50 talkin about
I had 'em on the Cutlass back before I bought me a house
I put ice on my grill just to hurt them haters
27 dipped in chrome for the Escalades
Put candy on the body so it glow in the dark
Put light on my rims for at night when they walk
Can't roll like no scrub, man on no hubs
Ghetto Bill up in here, y'all know whassup


[Master P]
From the streets to the pen, you know these soldiers gon' win
When they see me on TV say he did it again
From his shoes to his clothes, he's ballin outta control
From the Bentley to the Beemer to the Hummer with six golds
But wodie don't stunt, make them six-fo's jump
Like Reebok pumps, P. Miller amp's in the trunk
Louis Vuitton Ferrari 360 is so clean
Asanti rims, that really bling bling
And girls trip when they get in the ride
I got the CL5 steering wheel on the other side
And I'm gangsta man, what you thankin man?
Shorty wanna roll cause I'm on them twankies man


[Lil' Romeo]
Now I know I'm kinda young but I keep my dubs clean
Nicknamed my rims Demi cause they older than me
At the age of 15 man, doin big thangs man
Don't hate dawg, cause you ain't me man
Some say I'm ballin cause my chrome stay crawlin
Took the Phantom for a ride, now they say I'm nightcrawlin
Never get hongry cause I keep them deep dishes
The peoples just ahhh, then they take pictures
My Hummer sit clean on them Shaq's minus eight
White gold and purple just like them old days
Now it's kinda crazy cause Mercedes get me jealous
Range want Asanti's, but they can't have it
All for Lexus, my baby, my boo
If I ever need help I just scream HOOTIE HOO
My P. Miller speakers match my P. Miller sneakers
The ones on my feet and the ones on my Beemer


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Master P I Need Dubs Comments
  1. H L

    This should’ve been on Midnight Club LA

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    2020 retumbando toda la unidad habitacional .. jaajaa


    Still listening in 2020🔥🔥

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    still in my I remember 2020 🤦🏾‍♂️♥️


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    Who still listen to this song in 2020


    Super Saying23 right here my boi

  7. Veen Holly

    Still listing to this 2020

  8. Tony Melo

    Master p raise da roof shit when listen to this my whole street hears it at very high volume memories boyeee

  9. Mike Gee

    This is fire always

  10. Yinka Salami

    Dunno why it took me this long to realize this HIT track. Right now it is on repeat all day long. Africa, Nigeria, Plateau State.

  11. Looney Tunes

    its so fire my phone blew up

  12. Corell Temple

    P gotta be one of the worst rappers ever. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Nah, correction. Romeo wacker. This shit is past trash.

  13. iAm Brodyy

    He should've thrown juicy j on this

  14. Eddie Villegas

    those rolls royce rims crazy af

  15. Josh D

    Shit still slap hard damn LMAO 😂😂

  16. Anthony Calderon

    2019 listening to this jam!

  17. mR kel-tec 2000 Sub

    When I’m high I pretend that’s me and my son rapping lol I can dream can I

  18. Jason b

    I need dubs

  19. SnakeJ

    It's 2019 why the fuck is this song creeping into my mind.

  20. Desstoni H.

    2019 🤘🏽

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    When asses were real. Shot out to the real ones.

  22. Su su

    Neeeeed dubs the summer is coming 😁

  23. teardropsagain

    Non aging rhythm, still one of the best even in 2019!

    Jason b

    dope ass track

  24. Latin Nice

    2019 anyone ? Still want drugs ?

    Jason Mathew

    no you junkie ass dope fiend

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    I need dubs in 2019

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    2020 ??

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    Romeo with his shirt off 😍😛

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    Damn I'm glad I clicked on this...wish I played it more back then🔥🔥🔥

    Maria Rose

    Track hotter than summer

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    I show this to my 24 rims dubs


    Of course NewYork is the original tho lol LL cool j


    First time hearing this dope af I didn’t even know that was Romeo I heard this on Spotify recommendations

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    Still listening to this in 2019

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    2020 and FOREVER BRO

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    Yo master p bring down the house !

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    I want the new 8 series 😂 thats my dream whip right now
    I wanted the quatroporte for a long ass time but that car dude Doug on here says its the worst Maserati ever fuckin made sadness

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    It's pretty tough that his boys grown up and rockin with him
    Shout out c murda

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    If it wasn't for tupac where would master p be today

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    2018 still bumping

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    2018 and beyond🎵🎼👍

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    From ll cool j !!
    Bitchass Master P

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    Listening 2018 ✋😂

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    what song name @ the end 4:00

  77. Deus Vult

    Hoody Hoo

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    2102 and I'm still listening

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    Lol you guys are dissing romeo on this but cmon he was 16 there cut him some slack . Nice ass verse he had


    so he's acting like an expert on rims but hadn't even been driving long.

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