Master P - I'm A Gangsta Lyrics

Why you lean when you walk, look mean when you talk
Keep that green in the vault -- we some gangsters nigga
White tees on the block, 23's on the drop
And you keep them thangs cocked -- cause we some gangsters nigga

[Master P]
My lifestyle gangster, I'm from the gutter, the bottom nigga
I learned the game but it wasn't from Godfather

Pop'll slide up beside ya nigga, take ya block nice
My neighborhood like I'm Mr. Rogers, nigga

[Master P]
Nigga here to "Lean Back," but you know I'm not Joey nigga
I give you work, better pay me what you owe me nigga

Befo' a nigga expose the trigger
And have you mobbin it like you gone off of 'dro and liquor

[Master P]
I'm a bonafide hustler, certified gangster
Wile E. Coyote keep one up in the chamber

To bang your frame up, hot thang rearranger
My pistol pointin at niggaz like Mystikal, "DANGER!"
And momma told me not to talk to strangers
So I let the heat speak out and bark to strangers
I got that Doublemint heat, how I pack two thangs
And red hot, now let the Black Sopranos spend knot


[Verse Two]
It ain't hard to tell, you know I get cake
The sound system in my six-fo' sound like I kidnapped a earthquake
The Jakes want me off the road
Cause I got enough bricks to land me in jail without parole
Don't fold under pressure, I don't even do my own dirt
I got connects with the mob out in Russia
I'll rush ya, blast the 8, fuck bein grimy
I'm too cute to get a scar on my face
I spend cake like a fashionable dude
Catch me, G'd up, in a P. Miller khaki suit
It's No Limit how I'm movin these pies
The Chuck Taylor patent leather, with a pic of Eazy-E on the side
I'ma ride, fuck tuckin my jewels and the chain
Got a cross, that's brighter than a Harvard student
I'm improvin, gettin better
Took off the chinchilla I'm in mink like a smooth guerilla


[Verse Three]
Okay, the definition of a GANGSTER, mouth closed
Guns out, clip loaded, aim lock shots bang ya
Never serve shit to a stranger
Undercovers comin in for arrangers, watch for the danger
Watch for them haters they filled with anger
They try to steal your shine if they can't steal your paper
Niggaz mad cause the kid doin it major
I'm gunnin for the top, gun cocked with the laser

They call me young Rug', yeah that's my name
I do work for P. Miller, No Limit the game
You C-Murder on the block, it's the Soldiers mayne
Black Sopranos leave you slumped in the car of your dreams
And my location, I'm in the Cali breeze
Smokin on that good, no stems no seeds
I lay low with the baddest brawl
I got a record deal but the hood still breakin me off


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Master P I'm A Gangsta Comments
  1. stephen davis

    Rip slim shady

  2. stephen davis

    P had that rich man's swagger

  3. david munsell

    12-26-2019! MASTER P FOREVER

  4. Ricardo F

    RIP Craig Mack.

  5. Michael Knight


  6. K BiNi

    Bizzy Bone murdered this beat.
    Bizzy Bone “Attack with Wrath”

  7. chris kelley

    This is my shit

  8. Dezzy chub Gaming DCG IS HERE

    He told me don't trust nobody
    His best friend was the trigga man/ 🔥💯truth!

  9. Daddydollaboi 80

    Shit will never get old. P the smartest in the industry. 85% 15%

  10. Ricky B

    I had this video on VHS when I bought the Ghetto D CD. This joint was on the Ryhme and Reason sound track as well. 90's hip-hop was the golden era...

  11. Kash Klay

    This one of P hardest joints

  12. Brandon Turner

    I fuck wit the 90’s era of rap!!! Niggas was wayyyyyy to real👌🏽

  13. Ferd Isaacs


  14. C.J. THA DON

    Best friend was the trigga man...sad but tru...

  15. Booker T

    This shit hard!


    Who’s listening to this in 2019?

    Rico Terry

    I'm listening to it oh you into the tight pants dress purse wearing rapper🤣😂🤣😭

  17. chris kelley

    I bump this shit like its new. Classic

  18. DJ Million Cool84

    TRU across my stomach!!!!

  19. Ruben Baptista Kapango

    Master P Album Ghetto D 1997

  20. Tmoney Bone

    Tru gangsta rap


    I got abducted by F*gg*t alien bye C*nt e t buy bi idiot goldworld START OUT BuT yEt worlDwidEstruggleD NOT SMART sh*t headed miscreants got heart tHey hearts not mine mines brain dead'OppositelyBurntOut''
    # # #

  22. Jason

    I can't find this soundtrack on streaming services.


    I got the CD 👍


    @j2323j I have a scratched up cd


    Lol 😁 me to it has holes in it but luckily I was still able to burn it

  23. K M

    One time for 2Pac......we miss you

  24. Tmoney Bone

    Real shyt here

    Tmoney Bone

    Tru shyt

    Tmoney Bone

    Real 💯

  25. supreme1


  26. BrutallyHonest Official - Topic

    No Limit Was Legendary😂 Guess What "was" isn't the word! No Limit is Legendary "is" is the word!

  27. Anson Blanton

    I needed to hear this again 📀🔥🔥

  28. Radric Davis

    2:48 my nigga Mac 10

  29. Radric Davis

    Who in 2019?

  30. Darius Wright

    he look and sound like Nick Cannon

  31. robert lee

    I used to street race to this song

  32. Charles Carter

    "RIP 2Pot" - Master P

  33. Cambreezy The Colorman

    Master P was right trust nobody that why I trust nobody but me and god.God And Money my bestfriend 4 life

  34. Nivea Handy

    Master p and Tupac

  35. Big Dog


  36. Justin Figgins

    The only thing that “fucked” P up was P over usage of “Ughn....!!!!” in every song in “The Last Don” double disk album/soundtrack & beyond, plus P not paying BBTP the way they should have.

  37. ReturnoftheBrotha

    No Limit had some comical shit!

  38. awesome sauce

    El-Abama I hurd it fuck yall

  39. Freesmoke JeffRO

    Is der ah heaven fo a gangsta😈

  40. suraqah haroon

    No Limit Records Ya Heard Me

  41. Flyy Cee Soldier

    R.I.P🖾🖾 Bank Roll Fresh!

  42. Toot robinson

    P shouted out erry State..

  43. Jordan Prater

    R.I.P Nipsey Hustle

  44. G Dollas

    Favorite P Song Ever

  45. Dushaun Gray

    He can't rap for shit but this hard forever.. real nigga remake this..

    stoic romulan


  46. brian sanders


    Charlie Digital

    they worked hard bro. Master P had a policy for Soldiers to drop an album every single Tuesday when they were hot

  47. Nahshon Banks


  48. Shaun Calloway

    My shit 90s shit

  49. Brandon herring

    I hope i die in my sleep but I know its gonna be a 187🔥🔥🔥🔥

    941FLA Lowe

    Gotta love da part wen dude shake his head like look at dis thug

    Brandon herring

    @941FLA Lowe yup🔥🔥🔥 str8 dope💯

  50. Pedro Mirelez

    I remember when thiz g song came out back in the day how many still bumpin thiz 2019 much love

  51. K BiNi

    Bizzy Bone’s remix to this is probably the dopest shit he put out

  52. Edgar Cardenas

    #$#$ god sb ca 805 nasa

  53. Timmy Lee

    Is there a heaven for gangsta huh? Long Live Jacky OMB 4 L

  54. kimber vicki

    rip to all the fallen soliders

  55. brian sanders

    The beat to real...
    P did his thing on it to.

  56. KiN CAMELL

    Beats By The Pound.

  57. Chris Middleton

    man i wanted this video to play every day watching rap city after school... wanted that vest too, i still want that vest tho lol

    941FLA Lowe

    Bra i come back to this jus to see the old man shake his head at em like dam look at this dam thug

    Chris Middleton

    @941FLA Lowe lol

  58. David Martinez

    Its 2019 thinking bout the Brothers we lost to the streets in the 90s and Now this Song still gets me Emotional


    P best song

  60. Lou Diamondz

    that shit is crazy dope, bassline is disgusting

  61. MrDraylove

    he say he sold his soul to the devil Too


    Crazy ha

  62. Daryle Granderson

    Still Don't Know that Question!
    But this message is a Classic Song...
    If Ya Do Wrong Live wrong Die Wrong ... And a Demon will wait 4 Ya in the End...🕶4 Dancing with the Devil

  63. Rholandis Smith


  64. Rholandis Smith


  65. Michael 4058384863

    There is no heaven for a gangsta especially if you sold your soul love p but we gotta be smarter than that, its time to wake up we are the israelites the bible speaks of wake up ⏰

  66. Alexis Sainz

    Rest In Peace Pac 🙏🏼🌹

  67. soid drone slayer

    Master P made a classic with this one this what the real listen to when one of they homies checkout, this is our funeral music.

  68. BlaqLionKing

    Man this shit still bangs so hard in the whip... OMG!!! 🔊🎶🎶🎶

  69. Freddie Williams Jr

    Believe it or not!
    Tupac made his first appearance in this video after Death!

  70. Tosha Crooks

    E911.... Puffy.....eln....Canada.....

  71. Badman Gee

    Who's Stilll Bumpin This in 2019?!? Let me hear ya say Aggghhhhh!! Na na na naaa!!

  72. sam2stu

    Rap city after school

  73. Alvin Moton


  74. Edgar Guzman

    2019 is there heaven for a gangsta gangsta gangsta uhhhhhhh

    Andrew Barnett

    Edgar Guzman UhhhhhhhhhhHhhhhhhhh! 😂😂😂😂😂

  75. Justin Davis

    rip bj booker.

  76. allen iverson

    and some singers get 100 million hits

  77. Justin Figgins

    When P had every dude dressing like P, colored suit with the silk button down and the bowler hat, from homecoming & prom to a date, the club & court. P wasn't the first rapper to wear a suit, NY OGs, but P took it to another level that hasn't been touched it yet.

  78. farrellcityking1

    The Almighty No Limit Army!!! Salute to the legendary gold tank.

  79. N L

    Yeah sold my soul to the devil. Ain't no highroller.. got pebbles. Nahh oh-hh

    N L

    Being more realistic/accurate. 0:16 - idea, "oh. -humbly"
    1. For place.. play
    2. Two for displace.
    1. This is lame
    2. Yes, finish the song
    3. Walk away, very slowly.

    Five minute shot clock!

    Fuck I got like 5 minutes..

    N L

    2. Play

  80. Artie Campbell RAW form$$$$

    Boss Status

    In his most rare form $

  81. gv105468

    The Master P i grew up listening to. Before wobble wobble.

    Chris Middleton

    lol wobble wobble was ok..but it wasn't dat real P shit tho

  82. Mero 22

    El mejor a la vrg... Máster P.

  83. 3FJ

    Damn, I still have my Rhyme & Reason CD.

  84. BrxRck

    P should have had more scenes in the hummer like in the beginning

  85. Jason Hodapp

    Rude boi came my way one day, so my twenty inch rims told him I'm a g that shines like my 925 part time job, then he told me how hungry you gonna be on canteens with new means.

  86. chris kelley

    Damn this takes me bk

  87. MvRk MuRdv

    So when i die

  88. Tiffany Nelson

    Funny how I haven’t heard this song in years and last night I had a dream I was talking to Master P and he was wearing that red suit and I said man I haven’t seen that outfit in a long time he laughed and bam I wake up and this is in my recommendations..

  89. Joseph Nelson

    Wish I could this version on disc. All I can ever find is the remix

  90. This is Laflare Tv

    Shit hard

  91. Scott Junior

    P Miller put the south on the map with this one and bout it bout it

  92. K. Anthony

    Why isn't this version on the Album

  93. Israel Ruelas

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Some ignorant ass shit being said on this track lol!!!!!! Wooooo man... I haven’t heard this shit in more than a decade

  94. Dave Martin

    You already know makin real dough boi up in my hood gang$ta-zzz keep real