Masked Intruder - No Case Lyrics

You're telling everybody I'm the one
But you ain't got shit, don't front
I sit and listen to the words you say
We both know you ain't got my DNA

You got no, you got no
You got no case on me, bro
You got no, you got no
You got no case on me, bro
Oh no
So just give it up

I know you think you got me pegged for this
But let's be honest, dude, you ain't got shit
I'm gonna let you finish, but you got no sense
Not to mention no forensic evidence

You got no, you got no
You got no case on me, bro
You got no, you got no
You got no case on me, bro
Oh no

So shut your mouth or prove it. I didn't do it
Better prove it or you better shut your mouth
Shut your mouth or prove it. I didn't do it
Better prove it or you better shut your mouth
Shut your mouth or prove it, shut your mouth or prove it
Better prove it or you better shut your mouth
Shut your mouth or prove it. I didn't do it
Better prove it or you better shut your mouth
You better shut your mouth
You better shut your mother fucking mouth

You got no, you got no
You got no case on me, bro
You got no, you got no
You got no case on me, bro
Oh no
So just give it up

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Masked Intruder No Case Comments
  1. The Surferjo show

    great band

  2. jimmy dean

    No face no case.

  3. XkidXuglyX

    Why the fuck would these guys leave FAT?

  4. UFOMG333

    These guys amazing they deserve so much more recognition! Saw them last Sunday and it’s the best show I’ve been to in a while. Cool dudes to chat with too.

  5. Jordan Aynes

    Who makes that bass???

  6. Zion Izlegend


  7. Dante Gataka


  8. Luza Pank Rack

    Vengan a México!!!!

  9. Ryan M

    Someone clearly proved that yellow did in fact "do it"

  10. Erik Brody

    My girlfriend told me she doesn't like Masked Intruder, so I stole her wallet and broke up with her.

  11. Jack Jordan

    Dude why do I like this

    Unliving cloud33

    Maybe because it reminds me of green day

  12. Callum

    First heard them from Watch_Dogs 2 with Crime Spree, and then I listened to Stick 'Em Up on Spotify. I then knew I have a new band to glorify again.

  13. Travis Marshall Signo

    Gosh you guys are finally back

  14. Chelsea

    Theory: Purple is driving the truck.

  15. Kazz the alien

    Not as good as their other stuff, but still pretty good :)

  16. Anndy Negative

    I saw these guys last night and I think they stole my wallet.

    Black Ninja

    🤣🤣 probably intruder red

  17. Paul Hendrick

    I saw them with The Interrupters, I’m now a Masked Intruders fan ! The Cop was great !

  18. afiq ersyad

    where's the pink ranger?

  19. LooBlue 22

    I’m so glad they released a new album! Sounds great

  20. aiman zainal


  21. survivor geek

    rad lads

  22. Clinton Daugomah

    Bring back the Purple Intruder

  23. mindsetoverhaul

    The Wiggles fucked Sum41

  24. Kaptein Saftblander

    Im so fucking happy wtf

  25. MALTER

    ваш припев на русском звучит, как "you говно, you говно, you говно бей Саню, бро" ahahaha

  26. Daniel Skoutelis

    Their old stuff is much better but they still remain my fav pop punk band

  27. ScavChurch

    Anyone here watch After Prison Show?

  28. Acid tox

    Great punk melody execution, full band cohesion...

    But this is fucking weak, no improvement, few chords used, futile lyrics!
    Some of you will argue it's on purpose... but still this band sucks, emptiness is what I got first in mind!
    I'm not even trolling, I'm just desperate some of you are being fooled by this kind of band!
    Open your fucking eyes: 16 years old band can play better songs in a few months...

  29. Alan Gillingham

    YES!!! New Masked Intruder! I've been waiting for this.

  30. FlyingJustToFall

    so many hardcore pop musicians that are trying to be "punk" and they couldn't be farther away..
    "You got no case on me, bro"
    i mean... how can anyone take them seriously

  31. I am no one

    I just knew this band today, i think this song is good, and i really loved the 'love and other crime' album and it's album art looks like garbage pale kids :D

  32. Koi No Yokan

    they really need to be promoted more..

  33. Stephen Dre

    Only humans who don’t like Masked Intruder are cops.

  34. L T

    Huh... just realized I'm kinda over it.

  35. Torpheus Baggins

    Oh they could have dozens of cases on me if they actually cared enough to fingerprint all the packaging.

    Torpheus Baggins

    I regret it. Not proud. So publicly admitting my wrongs here.

    Torpheus Baggins

    Nobody was harmed other than corporate entities guys.

  36. ThreeToesofFury

    who the hell is this?! how have i never heard them!??? EGADS THEY ROCK!!! Time to buy some [email protected]#$ing music.

  37. Magic Marker


  38. Steve Kelly


  39. VegasMeat

    Ugh God why

  40. PockingPread

    Just saw u on two minutes to late night :D

  41. lucas5150

    Pussy Riot wannabes

  42. Urpo

    Pussy version of pussy riot.

  43. Christopher Meeks

    The Mist was here

  44. EARTH

    long time fan, not a fan of this one. sorry :\ their songs are usually memorable after one listen but this one im just not feeling at all. Hope the rest of the album is better.


    @Kyle Smith you say "af"? lol. opinion dismissed.

    Kyle Smith

    @EARTH as if saying "lol" is any different. Idiot.

    Kyle Smith

    @EARTH your teenage girl lingo is better than mine?


    @Kyle Smith Good one pussy

    Kyle Smith

    @EARTH I am glad that you considered my opinion before I abbreviated two words, though.

  45. Cameron Kok

    A ripper as always!

  46. Joshua Recker

    They should be on the Disney channel. That dancing lol


    And music.

    Joshua Recker

    Urpo right? This shit sucks

  47. Yoga Cholandha

    Hey, Male Pussy Riot are back. Whoooo.

  48. James Clarke

    Sounds like a song that would be in a chucky cheese ad. Go fuck off with that weak sound. Punk my ass

  49. Nicholas Libitka

    that seems like a lot of dislikes?

  50. meme frog

    their horse stance is powerful

  51. Cory Ander

    I missed blues angelic voice

  52. jose hernandez

    They're back!! They always make some of the funnest music

  53. Super25Smasher

    I'd been waiting for some new MI material! They were awesome on Warped Tour 2016!

  54. Dadan Wardani

    Cool beybeh.....fresh!!!

  55. Punk Cover Moose

    Hell fucking yeah. Tight as fuck dudes. Come back to Pittsburgh

  56. Circus Rhapsody

    I'm very impressed Officer Bradford! Nice jump ;)

  57. iapetus39

    Fucking good shit, there, bud. Here because of Two Minutes.

  58. Martin Ramirez

    Masked Intruder fucking rules!!!!

  59. Amanda Gonzalez

    what's up with the dancing?... eh... song cool tho

    Stephen Dre

    Amanda Gonzalez You should see the new Senses Fail video.... 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Torpheus Baggins

    Oh come on Mandz it's kind of groovy and energetic don't ya think?

  60. Derk Ender

    Seems like something I would hear in a teen movie. Its rad.

  61. Harold, The One Who Grows

    This is as good as it gets, get ready for Masked Intruder to take over the world.

  62. Big Foot

    Come to Brazil

  63. roger lima

    "i'm gonna let you finish, but you got no sense. Not to mention, no forensic evidence."


    Yo, if this is actually Roger from Less than Jake then hats off to you, my dude :)

  64. Legs Magee

    Did you steal these riffs?

    Legs Magee

    I can't stop listening to this!

  65. José Augusto dos Santos


  66. Joe Deats

    I felt a great disturbance in the force and was lead here....ahhh a new masked intruder! I feel much better now.

  67. S. B.

    About fuckin' time they put out a new record! Stoked.

  68. PunkRockGuitarTabs

    Glad to see my favorite criminal punk band back at it!! I've got a guitar cover and tab up on my channel if anyone is interested in learning to play this flippin' awesome song!


    PunkRockGuitarTabs shut your mouthfucking face

    Torpheus Baggins

    @BAD THINGZ BAD THINGZ Is that necessary? Let the man be that way.


    Tabs for power chord pop punk songs are useful to about as many people as "do not drink" labels on bottles of bleach.

  69. Mrs. Smith

    Loved it!

    Nick Morrow

    Ayy Mrs Smith!

  70. Room Escape

    Ive been waiting for this for a while now!!!

  71. Rizz3n

    Damn, totally kinda forgot about these guys.

    Stephen Dre

    Rizz3n How is that possible? Shame! Hahaa. Jk

  72. Double Feature

    this shit is tight af

  73. PolakInAKilt

    The burgundy robes are odd but everything else is 10/10

    Joe Dissolvo

    They're judges. It makes totally sense.


    @Joe Dissolvo In burgundy specifically. The color is my sole concern.

  74. dragouspe3n

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

    Josh Pepe



    @Josh Pepe This is where the fun begins

    Pure Noise Records

    What about the senator from Alderaan?

    Andy Mock

    Hello there.

  75. William Tecocha

    the vocalist is rivers cuomo (weezer)

    Dr Dead

    Wtf ..are you retarded?

    Dr Dead

    Rivers? I cant get over how fucking stupid you are.

    L T

    They are actually originally from a band called "The Gusto". Look em up.

    Stephen Dre

    Sungeon Dynth Don’t spill the beans ;)

    L T

    @Stephen Dre eh a quick Google search will tell ya

  76. Renaldo Matadeen

    I don't wanna be alone tonight

  77. Lee Barnes

    Absolute horse shit. Can't stand this wanky band. Ew.

    Joe Dissolvo

    Cool shitty opinion, bro.

    Lee Barnes

    Cheers. Enjoy listening to Busted. Fucking awful over produced emo shit.

    Ron Ford

    You don't like cool move the fuck on but to take the time to act like a too cool for the room cuntknuckle menstruating is typical and comical

    Lee Barnes

    @Ron Ford alright, don't get too emo on me babes x

    Bianca Villalobos

    I don’t see how Masked Intruder is emo, but alright kiddo, you do you

  78. Tape It Shut

    So pumped for that third album!!!!

  79. Ken Sloan

    Fuckin-A soooooo goood!!!!

  80. Wes Papes

    They haven't changed, and I love it.

    Joshua Recker

    This sounds nothing like their first album so yeah they have

    Wes Papes

    @Joshua Recker it sounds pretty similar to me.

    Charlie Smith

    First time hearing them. Instrumentally this sounds like Green Day

    Eric Tank Eastburn

    @Wes Papes Nah this is much more mainstream than their first EP First Offense

    Eric Tank Eastburn

    @Charlie Smith their other shit is way better

  81. pop punk dad

    How weird that I've been listening to masked Intruder all day for the last 2 days then this pops up. My spidey senses must have been tingling. Great songs guys!

    Free Edible Cookies

    Or they know exactly what you are doing.

  82. American Me

    The locust? Hahahahahahaha

  83. David Ash

    Great song. Saw you guys in Oklahoma City around 2014-2015, waiting for round 2!

  84. john Carlos

    Great band great song

  85. Popwhizzee SG

    Come Singapore lah sial

  86. David Welfel

    Mask cause Dey got mask on! LOLZ!!! 🤪😭 who woulda even DAUGHT! OMG!!! Luv vid!! Superrrr BUNNY!!! LMA00000

  87. Só mais1

    Cool... Good animation.. Is much happy