Masked Intruder - Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt Lyrics

Well, I know you don't particularly like me around
But I always hoped that I could change your mind
And I don't really even blame you for being so creeped out
I know I don't deserve your time

And I know that I'm supposed to stay a hundred yards away
But if you knew the awful truth, would you still feel the same?

What if I told you, you were the only girl that I ever thought about?
Every day, every moment beyond a shadow of a doubt
I know you think I'm a creep, but please believe I've got it all figured out
We were meant for each other beyond a shadow of a doubt

Don't call the cops on me, baby
Give me a chance to make you believe
Don't call the cops on me, baby
Give me the chance to make you believe

What if I told you, you were the only girl that I ever thought about?
Every day, every moment beyond a shadow of a doubt
I know you think I'm a creep, but please believe I've got it all figured out
We were meant for each other beyond a shadow of a doubt
We were meant for each other beyond a shadow of a doubt
We were meant for each other beyond a shadow of a doubt

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Masked Intruder Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt Comments
  1. David H


  2. Glue Nerf

    I love this song! Just got it off The Pirate's Bay

  3. John David DeTurris

    The Replacements !!!! AWESOME VIDEO

  4. jeff milburn

    great bass playin" love the fills!!!!

  5. Frank Lucker

    1.01 Even the cat...

  6. Kelsey Beams

    Imagine being one of the 25 people who disliked this absolute BOP

  7. MrGrimlocke

    great music video

  8. Zetragon

    This band is lame

  9. John Whiteman

    Is this chixdiggit lol

  10. Joey Woodpieces

    I love Blue's duck walk when he helps steal the keg!

    Punk Cover Moose

    Joey Woodpieces the sandwich got me

  11. Joey Woodpieces

    They couldn't of made this song any better! Perfection! Do they not play this live? Great song!

  12. Mike W.

    Nice Replacements homage with the video

  13. Agent Squid

    DUDE I Love it!!!

  14. Courtney Welton

    Masked Intruders is an awesome band from Madison, Wisconsin! To find out more about the music scene in the Midwest visit

  15. Sleepy Jonah

    Blue is so dreamy :)))

  16. Raviola 87


  17. thejking

    Deserves so many more views!

  18. Original Dave

    im a dude but man damn intruder is so sexy. its all the swooning criminally underrated tasty riffs i think

  19. Kiel

    I just realized this is an homage to the replacement's video for bastards of young. They do steal everything haha

  20. Mike Smith

    fucking awesome jam..

  21. Burger Weekends

    Giant Eagles LP!

  22. Scruffy P

    They even stole the cat

  23. Zachary Hutson

    this song is so freaking great!

  24. gordon sheldon

    this video cracks me up everytime

  25. wreckjack

    i notice a little Replacements Bastards Of Young inspiration for the video. good job, can't wait to see them in italy.

  26. -Viperplayer187 -

    Yellow has best backing vocals in town

  27. Claire BUT OLDER


  28. Lori Garcia

    These guys were so fucking awesome live. Loved the show!

  29. Sean Alexander

    All this is excellent

  30. Al. Ben.

    It's funny thinking they probably recorded this maskless

  31. ZERO.

    Masked Moving Company.
    I'll hire them!

  32. XJeffXNeroXPPV

    I love seeing the self titled Foo Fighters album on vinyl when Green was moving the vinyl.

  33. Jacob Caparoon

    literally just nearly pissed myself laughing .

  34. Cole Timleck

    Idk why but this makes me think about the girl I like...

    Alex Retro

    I know why it makes me think of the girl I like

  35. Christina Hazlett

    Love these guys.

  36. Matthew Lee

    Imagine if your whole career consisted of dressing up as a police officer and standing behind some guys in masks on stage every night.

    Craig Bresett

    so basically a better life than you've got yourself.

    Kelsey Beams

    Do not disrespect officer Bradford like that lame ass

    Hitler.was.right !

    Too bad he is a liberal clown shoe crying about a womans right to kill babies and stupid shit on twitter.

    Eddie Gaytan

    It must be a tough job to not enjoy himself and escort these criminals everywhere they go.

  37. Justin Lindeman

    This is quickly becoming my favorite MI song!

  38. Jughead Fuentes

    lyrics please!

  39. Silentwolfx84

    So they are taking influence from Pussy Riot for the masks? Interesting

    Teenage Waste

    mmm, such a new idea

  40. mininijafan

    made my day :D awesome video :D

  41. KMNDRS

    Who else thought the video was gonna end with them taking the camera?

    Punk Cover Moose

    KMNDRS haha!!

  42. kingster911

    Has anyone else ordered all 47 colors of this on vinyl?

  43. jpbpunk

    from which band is the eagle cover album ????


    Giant Eagles


    Mogwai I think.

  44. Morgan Smith

    Excellent "Bastards of Young" tribute.

  45. wfn00b

    Damn they left Fat Records


    and red scare :(

    Charlie Ramone

    No not really the distributors is a subsidiary of sony music :(

  46. Ephrem Molina

    this is good!

  47. L T

    Why are they robbing one of their fan's homes?


    They'll rob anyone.

    Alex Retro

    They stole copies of their own albums, probably to sell at their merch table


    Andy Gross my dad actually had his ticket signed by them and green wrote on his “Always keep you windows unlocked”

    josh pisano

    Sungeon Dynth cause they left the window open

    Rye Gingerale

    Thats why they urge their fans to leave things unlocked

  48. Brian Labuda

    Class of 1984 movie poster!

  49. Gabriel Farias

    don't call the cop's, bitch !!

  50. ChromeColossus

    This sounds exactly like everything else they've put out, and I mean that as a compliment.

  51. Leandro Morais

    Vinil Lagwagon double platinum

  52. Napoleão Azevedo Neto

    Loved the "Bastards of Young" reference
    (If you don't know what I'm talking about search for The Replacements - Bastards of Young)


    Just started listening to The Replacements, I noticed it right away. Love both videos :D

    Jughead Fuentes

    they even had the Tim album in the video lol

    Scruffy P

    I thought it was left of the dial?


    They make it a little more obvious at 1:47.

    Tim Hecklinski

    If you notice, he pulls the record Tim out of the milkcrate and throws it aside.

  53. Sean Kelley

    LOL, the cat looks so happy to star in the video! Thomspon "whiskey" is a nice touch.

    Calvin Sperberg

    I totally caught the Old Thompson right away and thought the same thing ^^

  54. Ravelia

    Release now, or else I'm calling the cops.

  55. TeaL

    hmm that's pretty good


    hey that's pretty good


    +Jake haberkamp ey b0ss thats pretty good

    Zach Bee

    hey guys that's pretty good

  56. Jordan Butler

    I can't wait to play this song while I'm robbing houses ;)

    Agent Squid

    Jordan Butler haha... yeah

    Punk Cover Moose

    Jordan Butler lol

  57. Shawn Crawford

    Yes some new shit

  58. JeremyTheJirachi

    I want these guys to steal my wallet at Warped Tour


    Same tbh


    +GR0UNDC0MMAND3R _ Officer Bradford 🤘🏻

  59. bethoog

    buen video

  60. Isetusonfiree

    Love these guys!

  61. Hunter Shepherd

    Double Plaidinum, M.I., a D.R.I record, and i think the self titled Foo Fighters record.

    Cole Timleck

    I noticed that too!


    Also, Tim by The Replacements! (The record which gets put on the floor) 1:48

  62. Aaron Romero

    Glad to hear Yellow singing more!

  63. Fahrizal Tawakkal

    Double Plaidinum spotted!

  64. Mihajlo Zorić

    noice :D