Masked Intruder - All Of My Love Lyrics

All of my love. All of my love
All I have to offer you is all of my love
It's not enough. It's not enough
It's all I even have and it just isn't enough

My own heart is not my own
It belongs to you alone
I guess I'm just out of luck
Cause you deserve everything on the earth and above
But all I have to offer you is all of my love

All of my love

All of my love. All of my love
All I had to offer you was all of my love
Just not enough. Just not enough
I gave you all I had but it was just not enough

You're the only one for me
How could any other be?
Well, I guess I'm totally fucked
Cause you deserve everything on the earth and above
And all I have to offer you is all of my love

You know I miss you like the sun
You know I don't have anyone at all anymore
I wish that you would come back to me
But I know that it's only a dream

My own heart is not my own
It belongs to you alone
I guess I'm just out of luck
Cause you deserve everything on the earth and above
But all I have to offer you is all of my love
All I have to offer you is all of my love

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Masked Intruder All Of My Love Comments

    this song keeps playing in the hot topic store i work at

  2. marcuscrazy 2812

    Great as fuck like always

  3. Candace Barnhill

    First time checking them out. Ehh. All of these bands seem to have spawned their style of music from NOFX. Just more tame.

  4. André

    i first heard them from Watch_Dogs 2, and boy did they hit my sweet spot with Crime Spree. such an amazing band!!! wish i've discovered them sooner tho.

  5. Extremely Low Quality Content

    If Blue held the note in “love” at 1:41 for just a little longer I think it’d sound really good!


    Extremely Low Quality Content yeah it could have

  6. David RF

    Send my regards to yellow

  7. Extremely Low Quality Content

    Just because she deserves everything on the earth and above doesn’t mean that’s what she wants, she may only want what you have to give.

  8. seansora

    So is Blue wearing a Black Parade jacket?!?!

  9. André

    Perfect. Just perfect.

  10. Charisma O

    They have such an accent.

  11. Grimpond

    Comic book palace sent me here

  12. Victor Castle

    This is like Ghost for pop "punk" kids.

    Ryan Howe

    Who is Ghost for?

    your comment sucks, pass away

    you actually put punk in quotations lmao

    Victor Castle

    @your comment sucks, pass away for accuracy.

  13. Eric Arden

    Really dig this tune. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it kinda has an Arabian vocal progression to it.


    This song reminds me of In Vain by Alkaline Trio.

    I think the Arabian sound comes from the chord progression

    There's this cool chord change where it goed Am - Dm (which is pretty ordinary), and then they go to the E(major) which has a G# in it, where you would expect a regular G in this particular scale.

    This G sharp gives it this mystique vibe and it's kinda like what Bayside also uses a lot.

    Sounds cool

  14. Rob Weiderman

    They're almost, Bayside-ish, with a hint of Rooney.


    Rob Weiderman almost baysidey? very baysidey

  15. Legs Magee

    This is fuckin' great boys!

    So, who the fuck are you?...

    My money's 50/50 on Mikey Erg under that blue mask.

  16. eric kelderman

    love Masked Intruder, don't like this song

  17. AlisaMaederGodN9gga

    Yo, thanks for getting that Ad on The Hard Times. Ya'll are actually really fucking good.

  18. survivor geek

    power rangers masked intruder. this track rad af

  19. gibbybelow

    Fuckin' A!!! I Love it, as Always!

  20. Craig Bresett

    saw the article in the hard times and now I'm here confirming that this is garbage.

  21. 1thess523

    Their first album seems to be the best, out of the first two. We'll see how this one goes!

  22. Wes Papes

    Such wonderful goofballs who make awesome music.

  23. Vinzilla

    God this fucking band is incredible

  24. AcidropOsy

    Everything about this rules

  25. Izzat Maswan

    makes me miss hostage calm

  26. SubieSteve25

    I loves these guys. I wasn't sure at first but I'm hooked. I wish I could have seen them w/ Alkaline Trio last October.

  27. Daniel Skoutelis

    MI bring something new in today s rock scene their combination of 50s vocals and modern pop punk is amazing , what a great band !

  28. Andrew Gonzales

    This song sucks still like the band though

  29. Volodymyr Vaskivskyi

    Fuck yeah! Great song

  30. This Punk Guy Art

    Such a great song!! 👍👍 ups!

  31. Matthew DeVriend least the first single was good.

  32. Michael Clutch



    Michael Clutch holy shit hahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Robo J22

    Hahahahahahahahah yes 😂

  33. Project Revise

    Absolute banger!

  34. Firebolt4848

    Mike Kennerty brought me here

  35. BESTTOM 84

    This song is absolutely beautiful , nice music and meaningful lyrics , congrats guys ! :)

  36. Leather Pants Guy

    That riff makes my pee pee hard

  37. Link Muffins

    Dude it's raaaaddd

  38. STNRD90

    i didn't knew they left fat wreck

    pop punk dad

    I think they had 1 album with fat and signed to pure noise about 3 or 4 years ago


    thanks for the update lol i didn't know that !

    michael williams

    I thought they where still with fat wreck myself

  39. Le Fruitcup

    Super catchy and Cheesy as always

  40. Matt Gracie

    Dudes can invade my Spotify anytime. So sick!

  41. Christian Smoot

    Hell yeah!

  42. Jee Mail

    Lit 🔥