Mary Lambert - Monochromatic Lyrics

Every morning it's the same thing
Sidewalks of people with who cares stares
My heart's too big for this city
My heart's too big for my own body
My heart's too big for you to understand me

When I close my eyes
I dream in color
But my life's in black and white
Will it ever get better
I'm not monochromatic
Nobody's monochromatic

Everybody's hurting
There's nothing more human than that
See the pieces of heart's missing
But watch how the light fills the cracks
My heart's too big for the city
My heart's too big for my own body
My heart's too big for you to understand me
Please understand me

When I close my eyes
I dream in color
My life's in black and white
But it'll get better
I'm not monochromatic
Nobody's monochromatic
Nobody's monochromatic
I'm not monochromatic

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Mary Lambert Monochromatic Comments
  1. Chaleen Williams

    Mary, your music gives me strength
    Your voice is like heaven
    So much emotion and understanding in your songs

  2. Victoria

    “When I close my eyes I dream in color. But my life is in black but it will get better. I’m not monochromatic” 😭💓

  3. Kai Thomas

    Roses are red
    I like head.
    When i hear a mary lambert song
    I wanna cry in my bed

  4. Naomi Akemi

    Why is she so under rated???

  5. Tiny Eye Sim

    So beautiful. This is awesome.

  6. Stella Protest

    Namaste' Mary Lambert you are a babe and you just awesome. Often felt my heart was to big for anyone and even myself to understand at times you put words together like golden stitching your soulful depth of lyric and music is what magic is made from well done you own it like a boss n that deserves a hi five and more but well done. You found the light within sister love and light <3

  7. Sandra Cormican

    The more I listen to Mary's music the more I am loving her stuff. Mary, you are an inspiration and promote healing by providing the words that many may lack. Thank you for your heart and soul being put out for the world to see!!!

  8. Qourell Chi

    Mary, you deserve a bunch more attention and views then this. You're awesome.

  9. Spongebob Sucks

    She sounds so much like Katy Perry it's scary.

  10. Azuriadu13

    une petite merveille! tellement belle tellement talentueuse de l'adore!

  11. Karissa Drummond

    First time hearing the song, now I cant stop playing it. I'm really becoming a big fan of Mary. She has so much potential.. I can't wait to see how she grows in her career and as a person.

  12. Valerie Bell

    Is it wrong to say I don't like Mary Lambert as a person, but I like her songs? I feel the same way about Taylor Swift and an abundance of other celebrities and icons.

    Tina Corbin

    +Valerie Bell, It's not wrong to say, but I am wondering why you do not like Mary as a person. Have you ever seen her give an in-depth interview? I was a fan of her work before I viewed an interview; now I'm a super fan. She seems: honest, respectful, insightful, authentic, intelligent, humble and kind. Is it the gay thing? If yes, she is so nice, I don't think she would hold it against anyone if they are hetero. Sending you joy!

    Valerie Bell

    +Tina Corbin yes, I've seen interviews. Regardless, I disagree with the way she is as a person and the causes she supports.

    Tina Corbin

    Thanks for your reply. I respect your opinion. You did skirt my question, "Is it the gay thing?" Mary supports things like national parks, mental heath organizations and gay causes. Of the 3, the only one I can assume you take issue with is the gay causes. I am not gay, but I do support equality for ALL people and cannot justify disliking anyone over their orientation. Mostly, I respect Lambert's song writing ability...she is an amazingly gifted writer AND I like people who are authentic. She has been very honest about her struggles and for altruistic I like her. We will have to agree to disagree. Enjoy a pleasant weekend! T

    Charred to Death

    Absolutely nothing. We all have our own varying opinions. I love a lot of songs from many artists, but it doesn't mean I stalk them intensively. If we agreed with everything and anything, we would hardly be ourselves.

  13. ToxicLilCupcake

    This song reminds me of The Giver.


    @Sebastián Valdivieso Dagobah.

    Mint Leaf

    Omg I love you for that


    @Sebastián Valdivieso sloow dowwwn

  14. katrina vickery

    such a breathtaking song, by such a breathtaking human

  15. Trisha Kumberg

    I so love this woman, shes a blessing to hear, and her music, unique and relating ,I hope she has a long future to fill my senses and speakers!

  16. GinnyStoleMyMan

    She is a perfect human being. Your argument is invalid.

  17. Erin

    This song touches my soul ;-;

  18. Fuchsiasunset

    love this song so beautiful

  19. Alicia Lopez

    WOW!!!! QUE WOW!!!! I... I just... WOW!!! can bearly finish sentence she touches that part in you that you never knew anyone can reach with words. Eres muy bonita Mary stay beautiful inside n out and may u still be a great inspiration for the many generations that may lose their way with some of the messages that people listen to with songs these days. Vaya Con Dios

  20. court jenn

    I have so much love and respect for this amazing person and the beautiful messages she has. I always say how much I wish she had been around through my teenage years. Keep on making beautiful things and creating a better, more loving world through your talents and passions. Love you Mary!!

  21. Lynda Lynch

    awesome voice i dream in colors too 

  22. Lynda Lynch

    nice tatoo beautiful voice omg love the words u go girl i love you 

  23. Brandon Holmin

    She is a really good singer. She reminds me of Ed Sheeran.

    The Armenian Wiggins

    +Brandon Holmin right? like the first time you ever listen to Ed, you don't think you'll ever find some other music that speaks to you like that.

    Tragic Beauty

    +Brandon Holmin She and Ed should collab

  24. Mary Evans

    You're speaking my life Mary Lambert, Especially because I have your name <3

  25. SE sunsetlife

    This song is magic.

  26. Jess Express

    so beautiful!!! <3

  27. Phillip Crook

    This song is awe inspiring. I am currently infatuated by your voice.

  28. anhime

    Post Sing to me too please :D Love you Mary!!

  29. Fandom Random

    My life in a song

  30. Noah Wilson

    If I didn't know this was Mary Lambert I would've thought this was a Katy Perry song XD

    Noah Wilson

    Thats true :)

  31. mackinawsome

    I love this music because it makes me feel something

  32. Larunda Johnson

    amazing and true for some people that I know its sort of sad but still lyrically beautiful in a way !!!!!!!!!!!!! brought tears to my eyes

  33. Danielle Patillo

    I Love it.. 

  34. Meredith Simpson

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary. I hope I am listening to your new music on my iPhone 237.

  35. Dave

    This might be my fave

  36. BeardedJay

    Definition of MONOCHROMATIC. 1 : having or consisting of one color or hue. 
    Beautiful. No one is monochromatic. 

  37. Dimos K.

    beautiful ''Sing to me'' as well :-)

  38. Gordon Baldwin

    Love it

  39. Llaticia Rose

    Wow! So amazing