Mary Lambert - Born Sad Lyrics

Keeping my head above water is all that I know how to do
but it's kinda beautiful, underneath it all
ever since I was a child, I was always a sad one
and "Why you gotta cry all the time, all the time?"

Keeping my head above water is all that I can do
Did anybody ever teach you
Some people are born sad
Am I just born sad, born sad, born sad, born sad, born sad, born sad.

Clinging my boots to my chest
asking the pages,
"Will anybody anywhere, ever love me back?"

I got some secrets they keep creeping out in my sleep
asking my good god, "Will they ever go away?"

Am I just born sad, born sad, born sad, born sad, born sad, born sad.


(Everybody wants to be happy, nobody knows how to do it [repeated])
(Crying and laughing at the same time [repeated])

Get out of bed,
sometimes it's hard to get out of bed,
sometimes I don't get out of bed
but you gotta get out of bed
you gotta get out of bed
sometimes it's hard to get out of bed
sometimes I don't get out of bed
sometimes it's hard to get out of bed
sometimes it's hard to get out of bed

Maybe I'm born sad born sad
it's okay I'm born sad born sad
it's okay I'm born sad born sad
Maybe I'm born sad
Maybe I'm born sad
Maybe I'm born sad

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Mary Lambert Born Sad Comments
  1. T P

    Crying and Laughing at the same time - True. Born Sad ~Truly Sublime! Thank You, Mary.

  2. tanisha hardy

    Your such an inspiration Mary, you have helped me through so many tough times and helped me heal my heart enough to let the love of my life in thank you for all you do for people x

  3. Porsha The AllN1Diva

    Thank YOU thus came up as an advertisement I NEEDED THIS

  4. Jade Dimmig

    im so happy to finally have a recorded version of this song omg ive loved this song for so many years!!!!

  5. allthebright places

    The new Album makes me so happy.
    2019 has been the hardest year for me and this gives me so much strength

  6. vanghard

    As a person struggling with a loud chronical depressive disorder,
    I just want to thanks this song to just exist.

  7. Hanna Wodór

    It's brilliant! Love You💜

  8. Your my hero.💖

  9. Kimiko Suzuki

    All of her songs just
    Make me feel so emotional
    And i cant get over how amazing her voice is

  10. Tech blaze2 1

    I love it I can't wait for it to come out to Spotify

  11. Jarrin Rittenhouse

    I dont know if any other song has spoken to me on what feels like such an Intimate level. Ive always really loved your music but this is some next level shit, so thanks for being you. ❤

  12. Lynn Marie Anderson

    Love this song!!!!☺

  13. Youhou

    Amazing how Mary Lambert always write exactly what and how I feel... I love you ❣️ thank you 💖💖

  14. Johnnie Lewis

    Hearing a new song from you makes me so happy! I missed your voice, it’s so beautiful!

  15. Todoskii Akysni

    I'm mad at youtube algorithm for only suggesting to me three day after the premiere.

  16. Te Todd

    Thank you. I needed this today 🖤

  17. Nathália Dalbó Tracera

    Que saudades das suas músicas!

  18. Ben Petty

    Really, really needed to hear this today. Thank you.

  19. Olivia Skaret

    Today hasn't been a good day for me, mental health wise. But this song is exactly what I needed to hear right now. I just needed the reminder that it's okay and that I'm okay. Thank you so much, Mary

  20. vale abad

    I needed this since the moment I heared for the first time. Thank you so much for doing it, this is such a great and emotional song, the feeling is just unspeakable.

  21. Shoubi

    Thanks you so much ❣️

  22. ashersakasha

    Thank you for this. 💙

  23. Marfa Johanna Gadacz

    This is so beautiful, it makes me feel like I’m not the only one feeling this way! ❤️

  24. DaOneFame only

    Wow wow this is dopeeee tune 💙 💙 💙 💙 on repeat!!

  25. Doug Upchurch

    I am so excited about this album and the integrity and authenticity that Mary brings to all of her projects. Grateful for you, Mary!

  26. PBnPanda Saige

    Thank you for your help, your time, your words, your love. You are truly a Gift.

  27. Chelsea M

    This has always been my favorite song at the live shows. Ughhh.... I love it so much. The non lyrics of encouragement in between the actual lyrics. So great. 💕

  28. moonchild

    me, eating a granola bar and juice box as my depression meal after sleeping off a bad episode this weekend...u really gonna come for me like this mary?
    in all seriousness, amazing song you are one of the few artists that i feel such a connection to every single one of your songs and am in awe of how talented and persevering you are, thank you ❤

  29. Sarah Helen

    Mary, I think this album is exactly what I need at this stage in my life. All I can really say is thank you. I wasn't gonna cry listening to this song but then when the video starts addressing the viewer directly... thank you.

  30. Stef withaF

    This song is me 1000% hearing it in full production finally just hits different

  31. Alec

    God I remember when this came out

  32. Jamie - bookmarkedpage

    Thank you.

  33. cryingaboutbooks

    I’ve been waiting for this song to be on an album for so long 💕💕💕

  34. Jessica Gage

    Love this!! So touching! I suffer from severe depression and I can relate to this! ❤❤

  35. Nancy Offenhiser

    Mary, Thank you so much for this song..❤❤

  36. Dafne Benitez

    Thank you Mary, I really needed this, love you ❤

  37. Kathy Mosedale

    Beautiful voice 🧡

  38. John Reynolds

    My daughter loves your music, she is waiting for your new album to be delivered. She sent me this link today, thank you for helping me understand, even if just a little, what she is experiencing.

  39. Lorène Low

    We got your back. Love you Mary ❤🌈

  40. Evie Lou

    This song 🙌❤️

  41. James Graham

    This song is one of my absolute favorites

  42. Mikayla Francis

    I’m someone who suffers with bipolar and it’s so hard to even get out of bed. I found this a long time ago but this video changes it. It lets people like me know they aren’t alone.

  43. Alex Leo DeLeon

    I've been having a hard time doing this. I see Get out of bed. Ok

  44. c a m i l a

    Love u sm and ur courage!

  45. giulia valerio

    The "all the time, all the time" remind me her most famous song "She keeps me warm"

  46. Khukhup unique

    Am i just born sad😭😭😭 it hits me up so damn hard thanks

  47. Maddie's ColorMixMakeup

    THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! I couldn’t get out of bed this morning but I‘m getting out of bed right now to honor this amazing song and you. Thank you 💙💙💙

  48. Anna Scott

    Words can't describe how much this song got me through! I listened to it on repeat in the darkest years of my life! This song literally saved me and I am literally yelling at my roommate about how excited I am that this song is offical out! So proud of you Mary and thank you for helping so many! Love ya!!

  49. Manny G.

    I've been waiting for more music from you for forever! I'm so take you're back and I can't wait for the album!

  50. Nathan W

    Mary, you beautiful human. Thank you for writing this. I’m so ready for the new album. My partner has been struggling a lot this year, and I hope this song lifts her up a little bit. It’s been a crazy year. I’m so excited for the album.

    I definitely agree that some of us have to go on a journey to discover happiness, because then when we find it, it’s true. It’s real. We are alive. It’s a battle, but the bright days will always out weigh the bad ones.♥️

  51. Emma Young

    Beautiful really hit home for me!❤️❤️

  52. Donny Winter

    This song is absolutely phenomenal! Love you Mary!!

  53. Markie Burnhope

    I just last month got a BPD diagnosis and this album will be yet another soundtrack to my mental health life, thank you

    Pink Kawaii Puppy

    Omg me too! I recently got official BPD diagnosis with BP to add to everything else I got

    QuinnTheWitch &ThePoet

    I’ve had it for a while you’re not alone in this world. I say this because there will be days you feel alone

    Leslie Martin

    Diagnosed at 16 here, you’re never alone we got your back!

  54. Axel Morin

    Thank you very much it's songs is just beautiful and exactly what I needed right now is the lyrics summarizes what I have to repeat to myself every day.
    A big thank you and kisses from France 🇫🇷 😘😘😘

  55. Zoe Portlock

    Loved this and excited to hear more!!

  56. Alexandra Calzada

    The description and the song. I teared up alot. I can relate so much. Thank you for releasing this song.

  57. Ameerah Kalai

    Yesss! My fave artist of all time is back!! Can't wait for the new album!!

  58. April Melinda

    I needed this today. Thank you. 💜✨

  59. Ali Elagoz

    I love this song from the first time I listened to it a few years ago. Thank you Mary Lambert for touching our souls ♥️

  60. Ada Castle

    Truly Beautiful Song That Brings People Together In Hope & Love When The World Is Just Sad & Scary Sometimes 😚 Thank You So Much! Love the sparkly words too 😄🌟🌈🦄🔥

  61. moondaddy

    ok i cried reading the description😢😢😢

  62. K-Bean Mixes


  63. Bonnie Engh

    Touching, hopeful, filled with exceptional passion. Thank you!

  64. Cassie Alford

    I’m so glad we’ll have new music from you soon. 💛

  65. Mellow Milk ASMR

    Yaaaaaas! I’ve been waiting for thissssssss

  66. Ayoub Nm

    Welcome back 💓

  67. Maggie Townsend

    YES! I forgot how much i love this song and how relatable it is

  68. Hisham Shaikh

    You are back! Your voice brings me to a calm! Thank you for everything!

  69. SoraHikari Chan

    My mood 24/7