Marty Robbins - I'm Not Blaming You Lyrics

She might meet you secretly when she's lonely
And the world you may know may be so heavenly
No she isn't yours, you take her tenderly
Oh, but I'm not blamin' you I'm blamin' me

When loneliness stepped in she stepped out on me
And her heart crossed your path mistakenly
I lost her in your arms temporarally
Oh, but I'm not blamin' you I'm blamin' me

I'm blamin' me, it was I who let her down
I made it easy for you 'cause I never was around
I keep forgivin' her, it's not her fault, you see
But I'm not blamin' you I'm blamin' me
But I'm not blamin' you I'm blamin' me

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Marty Robbins I'm Not Blaming You Comments
  1. Barb Satkoski


  2. Sherry Blackard

    I would like to hear singin the blues

  3. Rosalie McFarland

    I just can't quit listening. I need to go to bed but his voice is so beautiful.

  4. Irene Mccann

    Nobody sings with such emotion and feelings, Marty was my husband's favourite singer , we went to see him when he appeared in Glasgow Scotland terrific. Happy days.when music was music not like today's paper.

  5. Jean Savage

    Amazing how much Ronnie sounds like his dad Marty.. his expressions are so like him. Like having Marty back again..

  6. Betty Culp


  7. webbjr37

    Mr. Teardrop AKA Marty Robbins, One of the top 5 voices in music

  8. Primrose Haran

    thanks for another beautiful song from the great marty

  9. Shirley Lawlor

    Could listen to Marty all day .. Just wonderful

  10. Shirley Marquardt

    great job as usual

  11. gabriele b.

    lovely song

  12. Linda Moorehead

    Note to tarquin45... Thank you so VERY much for submitting these songs to Amazon for us to enjoy.  I LOVE Marty... my lifetime favorite singer as well as entertainer... and lost a lot of his music I had in Hurricane Katrina.  Now I come here and enjoy him other than the several "biggest hits" that I've bought again.  I so appreciate these oldies I don't have, especially!

    kevin heming

    @Linda Moorehead Sorry for your losses with Hurricane Katrina.Hope you've gotten things back together again.

  13. kevin heming

    I discovered Marty in 1971 when I bought an 8-track player and one of his cassettes for my first car. I have been smitten ever since. Marty's 'Today' album is my all time favourite. Thank you Tarquin for taking the time to upload all these great songs some of which I would probably never have come across otherwise.

  14. inya1lake

    Tarquin45  you are a gem. I love all these Marty songs that I wouldn't even know if you hadn't made the effort to share. Thank you, you are a gentleman.


    @inya1lake  Thanks for your kind comments sir. Apologies for not replying sooner to you. You are a gentleman also!

  15. carol biggs

    Great voice

  16. Hugo van de weerd

    the story of a live fore many

    Lois Owens

    Hugo van de weerd

  17. CrazyForMarty

    I never heard this song before either ! it is wonderful, and his voice !!!
    You just can't beat Marty's smooth golden voice !!! I have always said his
    voice is like melted chocolate, so very smooth.

  18. barrygioportmorien1

    Fantastic Marty song.

  19. crackerjacks46

    Awesome song. new one for me and I thought I had them all. :))

  20. jhtenvelde

    I also never heard this song before of Marty but once again he will always touch my heart with his wonderful voice.Thanks again Tarquin.

  21. jtls8

    One of the greatest voices of all time*****

  22. Colin Brown

    Never heard this track before very good.

    Patricia Jensen

    Colin Brown i play thse fo my grandghters thy love them . my thy are in thre 20 's age .

    Patricia Jensen

    whoops i put put coments on wrong place. sorry mr

    Patricia Jensen

    sorry mr colin brown. 🙄😊

    Patricia Jensen

    listn to 'Marty. not know th .. heck' im doin.😚😁