Martina McBride - Wild Rebel Rose Lyrics

Wild Rebel Rose
The kids used to tease you
Wild Rebel Rose
Every time they'd see you in those black turtle necks in mid-July
Wearin' too much makeup 'round your eyes

Wild Rebel Rose
I didn't know you
Wild Rebel Rose
So I never told you how I'd watch from the house across the street
When those blue lights came around at least three times a week
It's hard for anyone to understand why at sixteen you just up and ran
But they didn't know you only knew your daddy's love like the back of his hand

I heard the shots
I saw you hit the door
I snuck in and grabbed that pistol off the floor
Don't you worry they won't find it that's for sure

Wild Rebel Rose
The kids used to tease you
Wild Rebel Rose
Every time they'd see you in those black turtle necks in mid-July
Wearin' too much makeup 'round your eyes

Mmm, oh, Wild, Wild, Wild Rebel Rose
They didn't know
Oooh, yeah, mmm

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Martina McBride Wild Rebel Rose Comments
  1. Erica Vapes

    this song is highly relatable because I suffered with domestic violence for about 13 years. some of those years were spent with abusive foster families. "wild Rebel Rose" , "Concrete Angel," "A Broken Wing", and "Independence Day" really helped me get through. on the days and nights I thought I should have died , I listed to those songs and for a moment I felt alright. now I'm 20 and living with a loving family. thank you Martina for keeping me alive.

  2. James Nasium

    The best thing you can say about this song is that it makes no sense. 1. The girl wore "black turtle necks in mind-July"--because she was being strangled, or what? 2. In Martina's other songs about abuse, people are not caring about the abuse ("everybody looked the other way," "the world forgot"), but in this one, someone is calling the police because they "the blue lights came around at least three times a week." I see a pattern--the police are coming by at least three times a week, week after week, but I guess they don't call child services, ever? 3. So the police are coming by at least three times a week, yet "it's hard to understand why you just up and ran." Really--the police are coming by at least three times a week, and apparently they never call child services, or child services is utterly inept, and people have trouble figuring out why she ran? 4. Okay so Wild Rebel Rose (how'd she get that nickname anyway--by wearing those black turtlenecks? That sure is wild!) ran away at 16--but then somehow her daddy is shot!. How'd her daddy get shot if Rose ran away? 5. Lase line of the song, "They didn't know." Really? I thought the police were coming by at least 3 times a week. I guess people are really dense in that town.

    Erica Vapes

    In the song 'Indepence Day' the mother is abused by the father and the little girl is a witness to it. while the little is at the county Fair during the 4th of July she notices the fire and runs to it. she's then placed in foster care.
    In "Wild Rebel Rose" a young girl is in an abusive home with her father. She wears black turtle necks in midjuly either because she has bruises on her neck from being strangled or she has cuts on her arms from selfharm (which is very common with people in domestic violence situations) I'm not sure which one the writers were going for but that's my assumption. The girl decides to fight back and she shoots her father, meanwhile Martina runs in, grabs the pistol off the floor and the girl runs away to hide. Martina hides the gun so the police don't find out.

    Donna Langley

    It only makes no sense because your not listening. Close your eyes and listen people will pop into your mind who are victims of abuse.

  3. flln_angel

    A friend of mine is being abused by her father and me and some other friends of her have warned here, she either tells someone of authority soon herself or we are going to call her in. We'are now waiting for her to do it, She already took the first step by telling her friends at school and she is willing to make an with a special Trust-teacher that we have at schools here. If nothing happens by the next holiday, then we are reporting. But we're giving her a change, because if we report it, she is going into foster care. If she does it herself, they will first try therapy and other things...

    Gabriella Belcher

    tell yuor friend i send my prayers stay strong

    Xx Pipe- Dream Yy

    Yes I hope she got the help and therapy she needed.


    I love this song so much. Saw Martina tonight and listened to her music on the way home, when this song played on the Shine album I listened to it about 6 times in a row. I have known kids like this and we need to look past their difference and see the hurting child.

  5. brianna jagger

    i love this song so much and concrete angel they both make me cry so much

  6. OutOfThisWorld1013

    Between "Concrete Angel" And This Song "Wild Rebel Rose", Martina Explains Domestic Child Abuse In Such A Beautiful Way, But These Songs Are So Sad!!!!! :(

  7. zesty6tnj

    Thank you for this video. You did a great job. It was beautiful and the facts at the end were needed. If anyone suspects a child is being abused, call 1-800-4-A-CHILD. You may be their last hope.

  8. Neva Bush

    This is the first time I've heard this song. Wonderful song!

  9. Emma Hanson

    You are so right, about being more understanding of others. My cousins go to a school where they say there are many "weird" kids, but I always tell them not to judge them, because you'll never know their background, no matter how 'nice' their parents seem.