Martina McBride - The Time Has Come Lyrics

The time has come to let you go
My tears will run and they'll keep me afloat
I set you adrift like a burning boat
The time has come to let you go

The time has come to turn you loose
It took my heart this long to face the truth
If I lost you I can lose these blues
The time has come to turn you loose

We had our moment in the sun
But that time has come and now that time is gone

The time has come to set you free
Tonight's the night I'll untie all these dreams
I'll send them away so I can find some piece
The time has come to set you free

The time has come to let you go
My tears will run and they'll keep me afloat
I set you adrift like a burning boat
The time has come to let you go
I'm gonna let you go

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Martina McBride The Time Has Come Comments
  1. Chris Neufeld

    Never seen this in black-and-white. The one version I usually saw on country video stations is the color version.

  2. carolyn thompson

    I've always loved this song. I wish we could go back to the early 90's, that economy anyway.

  3. Tamara Mccaskill

    Love her!

  4. Patrick Gauthier

    Nice song cool Thank Martina

  5. Anthony Morgan

    She kinda looked like Ariel from little mermaid lol

  6. Collins Crapo

    Lisa McHugh grew up listening to you & covered this song on one of her albums. :)

  7. Randall Terry

    Love this song! Martina and Patty Loveless, 2 of my favorites! !!

  8. Anna Grace Lamb

    I want to know how this video was nearly 30 years ago and she looks the exact same!!! She doesn't age!

  9. top tudo


  10. Natalia Stornello

    I can’t believe this song is already 27 years old!😧

  11. Reynaldo Corpuz

    beautifully awesome talented Martina McBride,luv you..

  12. Jennifer Dijames

    GOOD song Martina.I haven't heard that song in years and I am so proud of you.

  13. Myranda Rockhill

    Oh how I remember growing up in the 90's. THE BEST MUSIC EVER!! Miss this, although, I'm not a pop/country hater... this 90's country is always my 1st choice!

  14. Death is Certain Life Is Not

    She does have a great voice i miss these days reminds me of my old drinking days watching this video on C M T no cell phone s and a little less stress

  15. Janice D'CUNHA

    Amazing beauty

  16. Jason Patten aka countryronnafan

    This song is what made me became a fan of Martina's day 1! I remember seeing this on TNN back in the day, but I have always wondered why they do not have the original version which was in color, cause I remember it being in color back when it premiered. I love this song and the whole "The Time Has Come" album!

  17. bombshell42701

    The same amazingly beautiful, wonderfully talented Martina with that unmatched voice...and hair. :)

  18. Deborah Adams

    My favorite other than That's Me ... when country was good

  19. timothy myers

    :51......that face

  20. felled jones


  21. Stacey Leblanc

    This song is to the ex that i have waisted my time with

    Anthony Morgan

    Ive always thought it was a great breakup song. Sooooo underrated.

  22. Dave Wollenberg

    The 1 that brought Martina to the big show. She hit #23 in Billboard, 6-27-92.

  23. Joseph Ferrell

    the song that started it all for Martina

    Darren Crispin

    +Joseph Ferrell my favorite by her

  24. John W Landry

    I honestly liked Martina McBride when she was more straight up country like she was here than what followed later,but she does have an awesome voice whatever what she sings.I seen her open for Sammy Kershaw & Marty Stuart in Sydney,Nova Scotia back in 1993.

  25. Stacey Leblanc

    Shes still beautiful yesterday and today :-)

  26. snarlingrabiddog5150

    I never wanted to be a horse so bad until I saw this video and Martina.  I remember the day that this video first aired.  I taped it on my VCR and watched it over and over.  I was instantly smitten.  I love Martina.  This is one of my favorite songs she of many.  She is so nice too.  I hope she keeps making music for years and years to come :)  Shes absolutely beautiful and sings like few others.  I also remember Tim and Faith's first appearances.  They have come so very far and deserve their successes.  

  27. timothy myers

    blue-eyed Kansas Baby Doll...Gorgeous:)

  28. Thomas Schreiber

    23 years old song?? The best!!!

  29. Billygnw90

    Goodnight Martina,I love you and sweet dreams.

  30. Billygnw90

    Goodmorning Martina,this is Billy G.How have you been?

  31. Billygnw90

    Without Martina McBride,I would not have someone better in my life.I'm really close to her on youtube and I know her in person too.I had a rugh year and I get on her twitter page too.

  32. Billygnw90

    O Yeah!Martina McBride is so pretty.I am the most top #1 fan of her from Louisville,MS.In Nanih Waiya.I live in Nanih Waiya.I'm Also her boyfriend too by God too.

  33. Julianne Roll

    Her hair is amazing in this video<3

  34. Billygnw90

    Cool.Do you love Martina McBride too?Does she get anybody's comments?

  35. Goldie3377

    Yep; she'd be a cool sis, or friend like her song "Wrong Baby Wrong" shows. I would love to be her twin! =] <3

  36. Billygnw90

    I know,I have been claiming Martina McBride for years.ant too many people from Louisville,Mississippi knows her that well like I do.Thanks for replying to my comment.She is an angel.I love her with all of my strait heart.

  37. Goldie3377

    The famous Martina McBride in this video? She's married, & has a happy family; I pray that she does NOT get widowed to where she may be free to date, again.

  38. Edgar Marquez

    In México this is cool :D

  39. Billygnw90

    Best wishes to my girlfriend Martina McBride,I love you girl.You and I are really close.You melt my heart.My heart belongs to you.You're my angel.I live in the Nanih Waiya area from Louisville,MS.One day I will really need you.God bless you and Jesus and I Love you.I love you a lot.I want a hug from you.You're too sweet.
    Love Billy G.

  40. timothy myers

    Fell in love with that face in 96' while I was in country radio. She still looks great:)

  41. laurenhooba

    i've always been a huge martina mcbride fan.

  42. Jacycallista

    Love Martina in long hair

  43. ammelson

    While always beautiful, it's a shame she succumbed to that horrible short hairstyle later in the 90s. I think the 46 yr old Martina is even more beautiful than at 26.

  44. Wendy Burgess

    I always sing this song on party's, because i am a singer . Nice to see it here!

  45. Sarah Meyer

    i love this song:)

  46. Jalon Watts

    She's not racist. Sorry for the comment about you being trash. And she is beautiful. But she's not racist.

  47. Jalon Watts

    You're trash

  48. Hymnia

    Wow I remember when this song was brand new ... time sure flies.

  49. Meg92097

    One Direction Preview, Jam to that then the song comes on, Jam to that.. WHOO :D

  50. cowboyupdrummer

    This song introduced me to THE GREAT MARTINA McBRIDE and I've been a fan ever since.

  51. Darren Crispin

    in my opinions this is Martinas BEST song

  52. Christina Forrester

    I LOVED early Martina - when no one knew who she was, I got this CD after seeing this video on CMT. :)

  53. GreyWarden

    @Tsukasloth Me too.

  54. maria rivera

    She sings great. My favorite singer and always will be. (:

  55. esored

    Love the mandolin riff too!

  56. esored

    What I like about this song is that you can relate to it in many situations in life, not just the end of a relationship. Sometimes you have to say : The time has come to make some big changes in my life!! Happy New Year!!

  57. Emily Cothren

    Wow, this is oldschool.

    Funny how almost 20 years later, she doesn't look a day older than she does here.

  58. Grace Logan

    Dear horse, Run like the wind, an sound like thunder doing it. Sincerly Andrea LOL

  59. Dave Wollenberg

    Martina hit #23 in Billboard, 6-27-92. God bless!

  60. Dave Wollenberg

    @abklovesjcb I know, right? She never should've cut it all those years, right, gang? God bless!

  61. Fernanda Peranzi

    This Song Is So Good¡¡ And She Has A Beutiful Hair Here

  62. Fernanda Peranzi

    This Song Is So Good¡¡

  63. SuperSkyQueen

    i love this song

  64. Dylan Matolka

    OMG beautiful hair your a good singer! :)

  65. Tsukasloth

    This is great. I've never heard it before. I really like it :) Then again, I don't think i've ever disliked a Martina song.

  66. rainkinggw

    Black and white is definitely the way to go...

  67. Darren Crispin

    Her best song in my opinion

  68. Morgan Hiser

    damn she is young
    she dont look like martina

  69. Luvkittys7

    I've been hearing this song in my head for days. Thank you so much for uploading it! :D I grew up hearing this song.