Martina McBride - That's Me Lyrics

There's a photo in an album he don't notice anymore
That's me, that's me
There's a stack of cards and letters buried deep inside a drawer
That's me, that's me
And the shirt that I once slept in hanging loose behind the door
Tossed aside so carelessly
That's me, oh that's me

There's a picture in my wallet and one less faded in my mind
That's him, that's him
There's a name that always haunts me and it slips from time to time
That's him, that's him
There's a yearning that I feel in my heart and in my soul
An old flame that'll never dim
That's him, I know that's him

(That's me)
Hangin' on to the end
(That's me)
Starting all over again
(That's love)
Oh that's the way it goes

There's a woman in the chapel in the back row by herself
That's me, that's me
And a man at the altar says "I do" to someone else
That's him, that's him
As the wedding party leaves throwing rice and wishing well
A single tear falls silently
That's me, oh Lord that's me

Oh, that's me
That's me

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Martina McBride That's Me Comments
  1. tbone smalling

    i cant believe how beautiful she is she is truly a angel

  2. Lawrence Earl

    Martina, you are just so beautiful. You are perfect in every way. Not to mention you are the greatest female singer ever. You are the BEST !!!

  3. D V

    My god woman 😻😍👍😱😀

  4. Janice D'CUNHA

    Awesome, elegant and my favourite singer.

  5. Zubair Siddiqui

    One of the best voices in country music...

  6. mike rayner videos

    beautiful song and singing

  7. CannabisQueen Org


  8. CannabisQueen Org


  9. CannabisQueen Org

    My all time favorite!

  10. Sunna Qureshi


  11. Rickey Engle

    Beautiful Song,,,

  12. Natalia Stornello

    She looks like an angel

  13. Sunna Qureshi

    this is probably my favorite martina song and i’m bummed that it’s not on apple music

  14. Floyd Bailey

    Martin McBride you are awesome

  15. Grace Godshall

    I love this so much- it's been a song close to my heart for my whole life

  16. Mark Ford

    That's me
    Martina McBride
    "My STAR"! 💙 💋
    Thankyou! LORD GOD

  17. Sensei Juan

    What an amazing voice and song. I got to see her live a several years ago. She sounds even better live.

  18. Janice D'CUNHA

    Gorgeous Martina

  19. Richard Martin

    Awesome !!!

  20. Kelly Kilcollins

    Beautiful song

  21. To Tell the Truth

    is it just me, or doesn't she look a lot like Allison krauss?  sisters? twins?  the same person??


  22. Arlea Athena Inocencio

    I've listened to this countless times and yet I can't get enough. i just love her so much.. God bless you Martina.

  23. Lisa Knell

    This is me... except there's no wedding planned... yet... it doesn't make it any easier though 😢

    To Tell the Truth

    is it just me, or doesn't she look a lot like Allison krauss?  sisters? twins?  the same person??

  24. linda rose

    Great song

  25. Saul Abrego

    I stopped here at this channel to listen to this song cuz my ex girlfriend Carol Schindler told me to listen to it because the song she says it's her sometimes people find out too late that they had someone that was very special and they lose them because they didn't know how to take care of what they had it's sad but it happens and honestly I don't regret it no matter how painful it was😢

  26. Knox Gaming

    My number 1 favourite Coutnry signer and will always be. When I'm so down I listen to Martina and she puts a smile back on my face, thanks Martina ur awesome

    Bob Shank Jr

    I'm hearing you, Nathan. Martina sings songs we can all relate to! She's 'TOPS' on my list ...and a damned-fine good-looking woman - a smile to any heart.

    Knox Gaming

    She is truly amazing. can sing anything and make it a hit. Sings all topics that ya can relate too. Truly amazing country singer.

    Donna Willis

    This reminds me of
    After of me when
    My best friend my
    Husband had passed away
    Thank you so much for that
    Song. Musci helps soothe the soul

  27. Ann Smith

    That's me.

  28. Shane Tambis

    so beautiful.....

  29. Mei Lai

    Such a sad song

  30. peggy lookliss

    she is great

  31. hazza jones

    my nan used to sing this to me beautiful song

  32. andrew honnold

    i be vampire with you foreveer

  33. Tom83 Rodr

    been listening to her for her for over 20 years. Never grown tired of her...

  34. wabbott2011

    Man, I love this song.  Makes me tear up every time.

  35. Joan'ne Valentina

    That's me......what's me.

  36. julia poling

    i want to cover this song its so beautiful and i finally found the voice i can relate to
    shes so beautiful and talented



  38. Elizabeth Szymecki

    Wow those eyes <3

  39. billy wells

    beautiful voice beautifl woman

  40. Melissa Hu

    She was so gorgeous!

    Tom83 Rodr

    +Melissa Hu "was"?!

    Melissa Hu

    She was and she still is/will be.

  41. Steffany K

    pretty Martina. 

  42. SuperDmparker

    I love this song so much.

  43. jeffgordongal24

    gorgeous lady with such a beautiful powerful her.  she always touches my heart and soul

    Mark Hanemann

    A man can't help but fall in love with Martina McBride.

  44. lawwdogg1digr

    WOW! What a woman! What a voice!

    Mark Hanemann

    Amen! I don't see how any dude could resist her. She's THE BOMB!

  45. Maria Hägglöf

    I just love your music, you rock Martina McBride (Y) 

  46. Rusty Wolfe

    This song should've been a big hit - but it wasn't. The follow, "the Time Has Come" is the one that hit. But I've a;ways thought that this is a far superior song and vocal.

    Rusty Wolfe

    They're wrong. The title of her first album is The Time Is Come. The first single released was this one right here, That's Me. But it wasn't a hit. The second release was The Time Is Come and that's what sold and got put into heavy rotation on CMT. But this song is so much better.

    How could it happen? Here's one way - but not in this case. Sometimes an initial single was released and it bombed or only received a lukewarm reception, like That's Me. Then the artists' next release was a gigantic hit, which sometimes lead to a re-release of the previous song.

    Here's another example. Suzy Bogguss knew that Letting Go had "hit" written all over it. But Liberty Records adamently refused to release it as a single from her Aces album. So what did she do? She included Letting Go as a cut on her follow up album, Voices In The Wind and it was the first single released off of the album. You should know the rest - it became the biggest hit of her career and is one of her signature songs.

  47. ThereforeStand

    she is sooooooooo beautiful!

  48. Chuck Sarah Fan

    This comment might get "unlike's" but that's OK. This is the Martina McBride that I like. I don't like Martina McBride now-a-days. I know everyone changes but the Martina McBride singing this song was AWESOME!

    John Ernst

    While I don’t share your opinion of the Martina of today Chuck, the central thrust of your comment is hard to dispute, for the Martina in this (under-rated) song is simply magnificent.


  49. SuperDmparker

    one of the greatest country songs ever!!!

  50. Annie Hendriks

    She looks kinda like Shania Twain in this clip ... She is beautiful

  51. squirebuffy

    but Faith Hill and Leann Rimes have way better voices.

  52. scr1231

    Lovely video.

  53. Goldie3377

    Yes, I love the way she sounds as she sings it.... I don't care for the lyrics, but Martina sings it soo beautifully that I love it, anyway. =] <3
    ...and dontcha just love her eyes? =]

  54. sabrina60ful

    Beautiful voice and beautiful song.

  55. Josh Jackson

    Martina was 25 when this came out. Taylor is 23 now. I'm not defending Taylor, I actually think Martina McBride is way better...Power of the internet and shitty music radio nowadays!

  56. MewMewWhiteTiger

    taylor is auto tuned so shes just an amazing song writer and pretty.

  57. was

    mcbride is the prettiest lady on earth

  58. Savannah Westfall

    Martina McBride is certainly one of my favorites along with Reba (dont think I need to put the last name there), Carrie Underwood, and Miranda Lambert. Faith Hill is great too. Gotta love the Women of Country:) So many good songs, one for every story really.

  59. IngridaL

    Such a beautiful and talented lady!I haven't liked country but now I do! Thanks to Patsy Cline and Martina!

  60. Goldie3377

    she is gorgeous & uberly talented; & love her spawkly eyes. =]*

  61. Goldie3377

    I'll say Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Patti Loveless, Tanya Tucker, & Shania Twain were my top 5 favs. =]

  62. Kayla Gallant

    couldn't of said it better! three ladies i enjoy listening to over and over again. their voice is amazing <3

  63. timothy myers

    Fell in love with that face and those big blue eyes while a dj on the radio in the 90's. 640 WGOC Tri-Cities/TN/VA. Wore another groove in "Independence Day" Martina still sounds great and just as beautiful in her 40's.

  64. Muirsa

    So, basically the slower, more grown-up version of "Speak Now"

  65. hoteljason

    I was in the audience when Martina McBride performed this on the second show her first time at the Opry. I was wanting to hear "The Time Has Come," which it turned out she performed on the televised first show that night.

  66. Stormy Kopa

    Wow, Martina looks so young at age 26 :O

  67. Zazie Braginski

    What do people have against country music?! It is amazing!

  68. Destiny Harley

    If you could do math 30

  69. Destiny Harley

    Not really it takes more than age to make you an adult

  70. Aaron Malena

    shes a adult

  71. Sarah Meyer

    i love this song:)

  72. ColbaltChaos

    I love Martina McBride ! but, this video stops half way through. not my laptop. Please fix soon. I am a subscriber and you rock ! Thanks!

  73. Huntinbear

    Don't forget Dolly Parton.

  74. Li Gill

    WOW been looking for this.. thanks

  75. cmf1965

    In this video, Martina looks so much like Natalie Morales from the Today Show - they could pass for twins!

  76. ZimZam12love

    @SableWWEOriginalDiva but their BOTH good singers

  77. Alice Itoko

    @emotionalgirl123 haha yeah I was all like wow holy crap Patty sure can si- oh right Martina McBride

  78. Brittany Anderson

    @JaymeLynnWinchester9 She kind of does. I never fully realized that till I read your comment.

  79. Mike Reed

    Beautiful song and beautiful woman who touches my heart with her lovely voice.

  80. Alice Itoko

    like if u ever watched the show charmed and tell me if she actually looks like Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige's Mother Patty

  81. Monique Harrell

    One of my favorite songs of Martina. I never knew that there was a video for it!!!

  82. TooPrettyForTV

    @SableWWEOriginalDiva i agree that Martina should have more views on her videos but that Swift girl has a name it's Taylor and she has so many views because she's Amazing just like Martina(:

  83. beckyyboo25

    Martina is so beautiful <3 xx

  84. Gayle Pokotylo

    @SableWWEOriginalDiva That swift girl has a name her name is taylor swift and she is amazing

  85. hfxmusicman

    IMO..this is martina's best song..and my fave..I don't get why it is never on her greatest hits compilations.... this song should be more popular...

  86. Ashley Atherton

    @SableWWEOriginalDiva because people dont know REAL music anymore. i absolutely LOVE martina. she is fantastic.

  87. BarTRanch

    @SableWWEOriginalDiva Hell yeah,i agree.

  88. Alyssa G

    @SableWWEOriginalDiva why do you gotta compare her to other's like that? They are both great singers. But McBride just has music that has more meaning than Swift...

  89. kpoppa

    McBride, Hill, Twain nuff sed. Swift is still a kid. Wait a few years. She may catch up. For a kid, Taylor has great talent. Why does Swift have more views here, simple. She is a kid and kids use the internet more.

  90. GreyWarden

    @SableWWEOriginalDiva I agree.

  91. the80'srule

    @DutchShaniaTwainFan You forgot Faith Hill--unfiortunately these fantastic ladies have been overshadowed by girls like Taylor Swift--very sad indeed.

  92. katy mai

    [email protected] was born in 19621962 OH AND IM 14557 OKAY AND 145689

  93. Maureen Morgado Veroes

    Can you download "Anything's Better Than Feelin' the Blues"???' Please, please, please....

  94. booksandtoys

    This is sooo heartwrenching!!

  95. Countrynies

    Martina Mcbride, Reba Mcentire and Shania Twain are the greatest in the Country Music!

  96. ahstc1973

    The most talented contemporary singer out there ... country , pop or whatever ...

  97. Hannah North

    Concrete Angel is my favorite My face is soaking every time i listen to it

  98. Aigbiriabe Osaigbovo

    i wonder where this lady has been.her songs are just cool