Marley, Ziggy - Keep On Dreaming Lyrics

When you left me, I didn't cry, but my heart was heavy
as heavy as lead
I sit there thinking with no thoughts in my head
I could not be comforted, by the living or the dead

So I keep on dreaming to communicate
and I keep on dreaming if that's what it take
keep on dreaming, it's never too late
keep on dreaming, cause that's what it take

I see you in my visions, and it seems you're right here
I wish I didn't have to wake up, but here comes the light of day
it's been too long now, since you went away
won't you come back, so we can play


I knew it wasn't over, it was only the start
cause I see the light that shines in the dark
the questions have answers, my love isn't lost
fate put us together, so nothing can tear us apart


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Marley, Ziggy Keep On Dreaming Comments
  1. Chris Holland

    Eating a big bowl of Rainbow Sherbet while hearing this song. Just keep on dreamin'.🎶🎶🎶 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🎶🎶🎶

  2. Lourival pires Silva

    Só Jesus Cristo e o senhor

  3. Chris Holland

    Been looking for this song!!! I love this damn song so much!!! Even has some purple rain vibes on it, Island and Beach house style.

  4. Buster Beagle

    Yesterday my best friend of ten years ( a poodle bichon) died unexpectedly in my arms. I’m in soooooo much pain.
    Thanks for this song zig. When you played at the intersection in grand rapids Michigan about 10 years ago my sister and I and a couple other friends were the ones outside your buss screaming how much we loved you. It’s OK you didn’t come out to see us we still love Ziggy

  5. Buster Beagle

    Of course is going to be one moron that would thumbs down this song.
    Probably because he doesn’t sing about pot. Stooges

  6. Dann C

    “Keep on dreamin, cause that’s what it takes...”. Love this, Zig...thank you 💖

  7. Broh Dakala

    nice one ZIG

  8. mooiNijmegen (Oscar van Son)

    great music