Marina & The Diamonds - Forget Lyrics

Sometimes I think I'm not that strong
But there's a force that carries me on
Sick of my small heart, made of steel
Sick of those wounds that never heal

'Cause I have lived my life in debt
I've spent my days in deep regret
Yeah, I've been living in the red
Oh, 'cause I can't forgive and I can't forget

Forget, forget
Forget, forget
Ain't no time for regret
Yeah, it's time to forget

Ever since I can remember
Life was like a tipping scale
Like an abacus I played with
Counting every win and fail

'Cause I have lived my life in debt
I've spent my days in deep regret
Yeah, I've been living in the red
But I wanna forgive and forget

Forget, forget
Forget, forget
Ain't no time for regret

Yeah, it's time to be letting go
Oh baby, you know what I'm talking about
Got nothing to lose and nothing to prove
Oh baby, I'm bowing out

Yeah, I've been dancing with the devil
I love that he pretends to care
If I'll ever get to heaven
When a million dollars gets you there
Oh, all the time that I have wasted
Chasing rabbits down a hole
When I was born to be the tortoise
I was born to walk alone

Forget about it
Forget about it
Forget about it

Forget, forget
Forget, forget
Ain't no time for regret

I'm gonna leave the past behind
I've had enough, I'm breaking free
No pressing stop, erase, rewind
That chain of thought that followed me

I've put my money where my mouth is
For the first time in my life
I've made mistakes, but I believe that
Everything was worth the fight
'Cause in the end, the road is long
But only 'cause it makes you strong
It's filled with peaks and twists and turns
Sometimes you have to learn to forget about it

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Marina & The Diamonds Forget Comments
  1. Maximus Murphius


  2. P Too

    I love you, Marina.
    Just needed to let that out.

  3. Elise D

    With her hair and makeup she's giving me hardcore Cleopatra vibes! And also, what's funny is that cleopatra was actually half greek lol.

  4. O Rose

    I tried those those baggy trousers but they were ugly on me. They look awesome on Marina though and I envy that she can pull it off. She looks beautiful in them!

  5. Maximus Murphius

    Class voice class act

  6. A E S T H E T I C • M Ø Ø N

    She looked like Camila Cabello and Kim Kardashian mixed together in the Thumbnail and should like Dua lipa


    A E S T H E T I C • M Ø Ø N
    actually, her name’s marina

  7. Kiko Pavlovski copy cat

  8. Adriana Kuzmikova

    the person editing this video put a lot of work into it. 99% people watching it will not notice, but I am impressed. :O

  9. Luis David Alejandro De la cruz Morales

    I was born to be the Thor Toys

  10. Luis Sprouse

    Tan arte

  11. Marco Durand

    Marina I can´t get over you! I love EH it represents me and my alter ego. #Froot is about how I feel my lovelife: can't forget it, sick of the wounds never heal, sick of my heart made of steel. I believe in divinity and that someone is watching over me. Thank you for your music! You inspire me.

  12. Theronizer Thesecond

    You remind me of a hippie version of kourtney kardashian

  13. Theronizer Thesecond

    I think you are tracked in.

  14. Bruno de Andrade

    The lyrics are the most incredible thing I've ever heard

  15. Abigail Torres

    i don't know if it's just me but whenever i listen to this song the prechorus makes me think of her older music, i can't put my finger on why but it just makes me feel so nostalgic

    Harmony Lasko

    The prechorus is the exact same chord progression as Teen Idle

  16. christmemea

    when she has the high ponytail, she kinda looks like Kali Uchis :o

  17. Kylie Crybaby

    This reminds me of a shampoo or conditioner commercial

  18. Kylie Crybaby

    She’s so amazing I love this iconic bitch

  19. Cass V

    push up. how come missed this one

  20. Irene Soldier

    Am I the only one who have everyday a MARINA marathon?

    Marco Durand

    No you are not the only one haha.

  21. milyellow ?

    I love Marina so much that I would love to have a concert in Peru. u.u This song taught me so much and in a way made me feel that I wasn't the only one who was going through something similar.✨ :')

  22. BrattySis BrattySis

    0:52 she looks like Kylie Jenner

    Marco Durand

    Well... Marina was first than Kylie. So... Kylie looks like Marina :) , just for the records... and enjoy Marina's music.

  23. eli

    god if i would have found marina earlier than i did when i actually needed her it would have been over for every single one of you

    Marco Durand

    me too.

  24. Jesse06

    At first I thought she was Cardi B

  25. In Love

    Love this sooo much

  26. Alex Hardy


  27. Marina and the Plumbobs

    Hold up I just realized her hair got longer when she was wearing white...


    My favourite from FROOT

  29. Robert Walker

    She has the same hairdresser as Ariana Grande.

  30. Marco Durand

    I love you Marina. I am more than thankful be at the same century you are.

  31. JenG Draws

    Listening some Marina's songs until the 2011. STILL SO GOOD and am I the only one who think that she looks like Mel C and Victoria in the Spice Girls in this mv?
    Love her <3

  32. sierra elizabeth

    QUEEN ♡

  33. Subscribe and die instantly

    An absolute blessing <3

  34. Arthur Pinho

    funny how i used to dislike this song, but nowadays... SOMETIMES I THINK

  35. Gerardo zr

    This song hits me so hard.

  36. Tommy RuMe

    Someone 2020?

  37. Gabriell Nascimento


  38. Arbaz Ahmad

    Her original hairs are gorgeous itself...but its not bad too..

  39. Knecht Official

    I love the Crackhead drummer

  40. ¿Sabes lo que quiero decir, verdad?

    Oh my god In black she looks like Shakira, Oh no, in white she looks like Catherine Zeta, although actually her name is Marina.

  41. IAmPerpetuallyCold

    Literally how does she look like a different person in every music video?!?!?

    Also Marina is incredibly hot and I am incredibly gay

  42. macbirt56

    Finally got my fucking ticket... one day before the concert.... by email. What takes 2 1/2 months to email a ticket?????

  43. Gabriel Carmo


  44. devourerofwatermelon

    The thumbnail changed?

  45. Luis Oro

    you better pay attention to the lyrics, is so powerful <3

  46. toorf

    Just noticed she has black and white outfits, probably symbolism? And the Marina in black leaves the stage.

  47. Hassan Basi

    thank you Marina!

  48. EEVEE

    Forgot it

  49. Conner Weber

    This visual makes the song so much more meaninful 🖤

  50. Oscar Gonzalez

    Gran vídeo

  51. CT Mars

    Oh my god the drumer
    I love your voice M•A•R•I•N•A

  52. Ceyda Ates

    Marina come to TURKEY please we love you so much 💎💎💎🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷😭😭😭

  53. Mykie Miller

    the beginning reminded me of that music video by jessie j

    Tuza Bona

    Mykie Miller Yes yes yes, you mean "wild"?

  54. Ikhwanhafiz Izani


  55. Dialectical Monist

    I love this woman.

  56. ilikepancakes

    I like this song a lot, but what would really improve it is a better instrumental part. It's just so basic.

  57. Bandito and the diamonds

    OMG you look just like Kardashian
    No no you are dua lipa

  58. melancholistics

    This song helped me get over my past mistakes. When I looked at those mistakes realistically I noticed I made them seem bigger than they actually are and I linked all my anxiety and depression to them. The truth is, you have to move on at some point or else you'll be nothing. I know it's hard, but successful people don't regret. They learn, grow, accept and forgive themselves for their mistakes because they aknowledge that we're human, we make mistakes, sometimes really big mistakes. I hope the best of luck to anyone reading this struggling with accepting their past.

  59. Eric Ramiro Muñoz Montaño

    The flopeo?

    Esneyder Toledo

    All her songs are flops but i like her and her songs

    audrey hxpburn

    @Esneyder Toledo because people don't know what good music is

  60. Ceyda Ates

    Marina come to TURKEY please we love you so much 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷💙💙💙

  61. Chanel MUah

    Why is this like teen idle

    Tuza Bona

    Chanel MUah you're right: It's like the idle teen tries to move on. Solitaire and Emotional Machine from the new album remind me of it, too.

  62. Jhon Romero

    Sorry but she's original no try to be like others and she can sing live!

  63. Manuel Wintermayr

    Love it! 😜

  64. Christian Leonel

    This video is like she is representing the two faces of life: Love + Fear... I LOVE IT

  65. Elgui sante

    Marina and the diamonds // MARINA

  66. danielle

    this look is 😍❤️

  67. hi i cant sleep

    who’s ur hairdresser marina i wanna know

  68. angel 8374793663

    This sounds a little like teen idle?

  69. Mobi Rockon

    Reincarnation of Linn Berggren(Ace Of Base) her voice was out of this world and then comes Marina damn she sounds soo much like her

  70. KS play

    Gta 5 ?

  71. Yoshisaurus Rex

    I like to revisit this song when I have something on my mind and imagine that it's being sung to me specifically.

  72. Jose Gonzalez

    This video seems more like Love + Fear Album

  73. Matthew Paul

    OMG I just had an out of body experience and I was totally in the world Marina just painted with her lyrics, voice and expressions and emotions. And then I drowned looking into her beautiful eyes! But what a way to go <3

  74. Meme Hamilton

    usually i try to sing along, but sometimes her voice is just so amazing that it makes my voice waver pretty severely

  75. dwi putranto

    Her voice is so haunting. She’s like an angel and a goddess of lyrics. A geniussssssss

  76. muhammad firdaus

    Do you have a boyfriend ? Marina ?

    Tuza Bona

    Yes, it's Jack from Clean Bandit

  77. Noemí f

    She's literally a Greek Godess. 💕😍

  78. amy florence

    best of FROOT! ❤️❤️❤️

  79. A D D I E

    every time she says "sometimes you have to learn to forget about it" at the end i just burst in tears

  80. Alex

    I loved this song so much when it was playing on radios and wanted to download it but I could find the name and eventually forgot about it but now that I found it again I am ecstatic

  81. Tomash Sł

    według mnie najlepszy utwór Twój

  82. Overcastkid UwU

    Just Wonderful! 💖👌

  83. seokjinnie

    the simplicity of this video is what makes it beautiful. UNDERRATED BY ALL MEANS

  84. seokjinnie

    honestly such iconic looks.... she can and does pull of any look that she tries to.

  85. Blacky

    Gosh every song she release is catchy

  86. Zenny Zoo

    marina saying tortoise sounds like toi toi

  87. welp

    4000th comment

  88. MssImane99 -

    This is my favourite videoclip of her of all time

  89. Eviscerated Archangel

    Man this is the first time I'm hearing this song in spite of being a fan for years. It's exactly what I need in my life and really hit me hard. My cat just passed away, I've been dealing with mental illness-based memory loss, and my mother abandoned my family and I haven't been able to forgive her for it. So many more reasons as well but that's the greatness of Marina's music. It's not just fun party music or another song about love or heartbreak or whatever. It's music that puts things in perspective, it's music that helps you live.

  90. Felipe

    young shakira and bella hadid snapped

  91. Patrick

    She looks different everytime I see her. Oh my the beauty😍😩

  92. Greg Bengis

    I love Marina but this song is an average to horrible listen. I would never imagine she was a musical genius just from this song. Far better tracks on this album for a single..

  93. ziah Ortega

    This is relatable of our lives

  94. eu eu

    fogueeeeete fogueeeeeete