Marilyn Manson - Into The Fire Lyrics

This is the film, close to the third act and the misery
It's not rain, you rapist werewolves
It's God pissing down on you
We'll die alone
Cause I'll break off my own arms
Sharpen my bones
Stab you once for each time I thought of you
Trying to take something
You'll never be good enough to even look upon

It's better to push something away that's slipping
Than to risk being dragged down

If you want to hit bottom
Don't bother to try taking me with you
I won't answer if you call
Two heartbeats ended in hell
Trying to break your fall

This isn't a mob, won't need to change the names
Everyone around you
Has murdered someone, something sacred
Isn't one nail without dirt under it
Isn't any white cotton panties that aren't soaked and stained red

It's better to push something away that's slipping
Than to risk being dragged down

If you want to hit bottom
Don't bother to try taking me with you
I won't answer if you call
Two heartbeats ended in hell
Trying to break your fall

Into the fire
Into the fire
Into the fire
Into the fire
Fire, ohh
Into the fire
Fire, ohh
Into the fire
Fire, ohh
Into the fire
Fire, ohh

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Marilyn Manson Into The Fire Comments
  1. Max Belkin

    Классная ВЕЩЬ!!!

  2. Dead Weight

    When i first got this on cd back in 2010...maybe thats the right year...Fucken time is but a second.Yeah so,i did'nt care to much for it.Years later it not bad at all.....

  3. Tania Bergau

    His voice is sexy!

  4. Tania Bergau

    Brian is so sexy,hot!

  5. Westonator5000

    when it's slipping*

  6. Poisoned Snowflake

    Listening to metal is something you have to be damned to enjoy.

  7. Zach Campbell

    Into the fire is a great Marilyn Manson song.

  8. Oliver Hernandez

    Man like how in this song he said that rain is god pissing on you this guy isn’t raw the only thing he wants in his life is like attention


    I wish i could understand you if you wrote in english (P.S, you want attention because you made that comment)

    Oliver Hernandez

    Grant Herrmann I am writing English what other language am I writing and speaking

    Oliver Hernandez

    Grant Herrmann am I writing Chinese


    @Oliver Hernandez lol jesus christ

  9. Elizabeth Raven

    Love the words in this 💓💓

  10. Jackie Hiner

    Those gold chains came from around the globe so I’d be carefull waiting them cuz the world knows of my appearances

  11. Jackie Hiner

    Nirvana can I ask you a question that’s the question

  12. Villain In Black

    Isn't ginger fish playing the piano on this song?

    Frank E Diesel

    All credits compositing are of ginger fish

  13. Leia Castelo

    this one sounds like Oasis I like it

  14. CursedForDeath

    thats right boi.Rain too good huh?

  15. Σπύρος Πρωτοψάλτης

    Of course this is my personal favourite album from MM, but i won't say that for that reason:
    Almost every song in this album is underrated, and I think, the problem is the people. After the Golden Age of Grotesque, everyone thought that MM would never make such great music and they gave up listening to fantastic albums like: Eat me, Drink me (2007) and of course: The High End Of Low (2009). The other problem is that the people even the fans of MM dont listen to an album like The High End Of Low, which is very important to MM because he passes many messages from the whole album but mainly from 15, (which I think is MM's best song) which is a really important song to MM. Search to google the meaning of 15 (not only the number, but the song) to MM.

  16. Lord Morningstar

    Yahknow, I really hate the breakup songs where the singers sound so confident and upbeat. This song is a true breakup song. It shows the true emotion of someone going through a breakup: broken.

    mechanical candy

    i love this comment hghg

  17. Doğancan Akdoğan

    2:52 hayat başlıyor

  18. Aubs Dusing

    My all time favorite albums are high end of low and eat me drink me.

    Natasha LeCuyer

    Absolutely yes!!! They're both filled with the most dark relatable emotions. My top 2 as well 💙❤💙❤

  19. Alessandro Alessandro

    Love love Manson this is song very great

  20. Oliver Hernandez

    This is where manson is going into the lake of fire

  21. Raymundo Bazan

    mm you create awesome music

  22. Lat

    "Bad russki"?

  23. Patrick Adorati

    For me this is a shit album, really. One of his worst

    A Very Dope Hat

    There are plenty of good tracks on it.

  24. Louis Martinez Jr

    One of my favorite songs by him.

  25. m a r i a d

    this song is a hidden gem


    MM is a genius his music is like therapy for me how ever my fave albums are his older stuff my fave mechanical animals then holy wood after that the golden age of grotesque but I will forever be a fan started when I was 13 I'm now 27

    Nisreena Black

    HAUNTABILLY KATT his music helped me 2 and still do..

  27. kinderfe1d

    I used to not like this album when I was younger but coming back now, I can hear it and feel it, I can hear the heartbreak in his voice in this song and I guess I just didn't understand it when I was younger.

  28. wretched17

    definitely appreciated him getting into more traditional musical direction with the use of the piano =]

  29. TabbyCat_666

    Does anyone know where to find piano sheet music for this song? I can't find any anywhere :'(


    I am not sure, but try search "Marilyn Manson Into the fire piano chords" on google and see if it pups up anywhere. :)
    Also this video shows it, not sure if its usable for you though: watch?v=fsTo5g2G3AI

  30. Edith Mcgrail

    Love his music and his voice is totally unique

  31. Andritow Mega

    6 dislikes WTF. This is for 100% of Likes

  32. mhill781

    If you ever want to move on from a chick (or guy) this is the song.

  33. ilovebrucey

    There is another version out there isn't there? I don't remember the piano back in the day this song

  34. isabella stump


  35. mercur999

    RIP Colectiv...

  36. Matt Styrna

    I came to this song right after listening to Angel with the Scabbed wings, weird to think they were made by the same person

    Dominik William

    Bob Swaget but both are fucking awesome ^^

    Blaine Hoover

    Manson has always been a chameleon. Not each of his characters needs the aggressive treatment.

  37. angel jaimes

    this is my favorite song of all repertoire of Manson, is just fucking awesome

  38. Eden VonPrince

    watch this
    im going to be what you say cuz i aint tryin to be what you think
    its not like your getting away with anything quite frankly i have seen more spine in a je;llyfish and everyone aint letting me know a damn thing cuz you are preaching to the choir.
    yet you hang on every response and idle move that it is both wildly fascinating yet in a way makes me die alittle inside which is so freeing in a way that is so new and thank you for your hate
    its the best gift you give from teh heart
    something real you can honestly give out in abundance but thats no strange peculiar one of a kind sort of deal nothing really but hey
    im in the fire and you are all just watching pouring more gaseline on and i thank the heavens that it is me in this position and not someone else that is weaker for it would break my heart but me i can handle tha hate.
    it shows me exactly what i am living for. One day that will be gone and done away with.
    Its transcendence of the human condition even tho i only have 20 cents to my name lol this is happening and its a fight for love that i gotta win ill never give in
    *drops mic*

  39. Everything's Eventual

    I'm so fucking sick of the Chilli's commercial

    Karen Lee Camacho

    Eric Roque This is so heartbreaking

  40. Anthony Vargas

    i always masturbate to this song makes blood come out instead of semen

    Dom Love

    Anthony Vargas Troll

    Oliver Hernandez

    Anthony Vargas blood instead of semen oh really wow man

    bara cub

    Anthony Vargas what the actual fuck!

  41. Nitter Undercove

    The feels man! the fuckin feels!

  42. Kirk Witzen

    this fuckin guy can't make a bad song my opion. I own ery CD!!

  43. Kirk Witzen

    this fuckin guy can't make a bad song my opion. I own ery CD!!


    only one i dont like that much on this album is from america its kinda cringy to me

    Michael Love

    Agree with Para-Noir, Bright Young Things and You And Me & The Devil Makes 3, I'm not a big fan of Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day or the second half of Wow either.

  44. jj williamsoconnor

    Epicly Underated Fukin Record!..Lyrically Astonding  aswell as vocally adept and superior on so mansy levels!

    my name is chef

    jj williamsoconnor I know, it’s my favorite record besides Mechanical Animals

  45. Robert Siklosi

    I love it

  46. Lília Raquel Carvalho

    you're two heartbeats ahead in my heart

    Harmful if Consumed

    +Rachel Warner beautiful lyrics

  47. Super Hans

    The intro sounds kind of like Last Flowers to the Hospital.

  48. Gigers27

    I hope there's a song like this one on the new album!

    Jo Mama

    I have the new album, if you want I can post some songs or the whole album

    Matthew P.

    There's, it's called Warship My Wreck, and it's beautiful

  49. jj williamsoconnor

    I adore both versions maybe this at the moment!...Because acoustically it's VERY  VERY FUCKIN LOUD,ALL CONSUMING IN IT'S COMPLETE FUCKIN RAW-IRITY!.............As for ''Leave a scar'' ACOUSTICALLY FUCKIN ATOM!AND ATOMIC!  

  50. Collin Samatas

    Perhaps the most beautiful ballad he's ever done. What a track! 5 dark stars and 2 bloody thumbs up.


    Yeah, it’s great. I really love it and it’s one of my favorite songs. I actually love his ballads (like: Man that you fear, Coma white, Minute of decay).

    Elizabeth Raven

    Oh yes it's great 😊👍

  51. Noir Noelle

    This is probably one of my favorite songs by Marilyn Manson, along with Unkillable Monster. His book is also the best thing I've ever read, I suggest you all read it. :D

    Henricus Lieberwirth

    I think a lot he does has a certain degree of satire/irony to it. As far as his music/stage performances, it seems like he likes to speak from the position (as he sees it) of the one he is criticizing.. which means some people can easily take him literally - unironically - when he's being ironic.

    kevin urban

    best song on the disc

    Teri B

    Noir Noelle a long road out of definitely a great read. This is a favorite of mine as well 🎶💜🎧

    Miquel Benedí

    Unkillable monster is one of the best songs of music's history for me


    Thanks. I totally agree. I like both of them so much!

  52. Ioanna Dv

    ♥Into the fire!

  53. InSingularity

    @mskittykat1101 Idk about intellectual, but emotional and spiritual.

  54. kundun5

    What a brilliant fucking album! it amazes me how anyone can think anything different from this... Bless you Mansonfor such a remarkable and resolute combination of ideas that make up this highly underrated album!

  55. Kayla Jensen

    i love theis song in the high and the low im a big fane

  56. tyler citera

    @HadmanX I honenstly think its the best album hes ever done.

  57. tyler citera

    FAVORITE ALBUM FROM MANSON. It's so deep its like fucking crazy deeper than any album he has put out

  58. mskittykat1101

    this album feels like the human side of marilyn manson. despite the fact that most fans love mechanical animals, antichrist, this album is the softer, much more intellectual side of is amazing in its own right. Let go of your expections, just let the music speak


    mskittykat1101 Softer yes, but not more intellectual. His earlier concept albums were much more challenging lyrically. I’m not ragging on his later work, but i don’t see how it’s more intellectual. It’s just a bit more personal

  59. Flyingninjapotatoe

    @MentalMalpractice I can't believe how many people is like '' This was the worst album ever'' I Fucking loved it. It not what he use to do, but It's still awesome. :)

    Lukey T

    Flyingninjapotatoe right nartowfuxkin minded pussy fans

  60. China man


    Evelyn Tyranus

    Lol Charlyne Yi is that you

  61. HelenaHannBasquette

    "It's better to push something when it's slipping
    Than to risk being dragged down"

    excellent lyrics.

  62. MentalMalpractice

    This entire album is a fuckin masterpiece.