Marilyn Manson - Dancing With The One-Legged... Lyrics

You're gonna have a bunch of angry kids
Well, when you do go out to a club
Wait, wait, wait
That, you just gotta watch yourself whatever you do
Yeah, sure
You just can't expect to go out there and just dance and don't get
Touched and non violent because that's what it is
I, I don't see how
If you get the music inside your soul anything can happen.
You don't play the music, you can't get it
It's the music
The music?
Music is dangerous
My s s s sympathy to the parents

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Marilyn Manson Dancing With The One-Legged... Comments
  1. paintedeyelids

    0:30 all day

  2. Martin Escoabr

    is it like that or is the track stratched?