Marie Serneholt - Oxygen Lyrics

You touch my skin
Change the mood I'm in
Teach me how to fly
Just by looking in my eyes
Every word you say
Sets my heart on fire
Every move you make
Takes me higher
I get so high up here
When I touch the sky
It hurts me when I breathe
I need oxygen
Whenever you are near I can hardly speak
It hurts me when I breathe
I need oxygen
I need oxygen
I need
Suddenly I see
How great my life can be
Sailing in the wind
With you my love
Every day is brighter
I get so high up here
When I touch the sky
It hurts me when I breathe
I need oxygen
Whenever you are near I can hardly speak
It hurts me when I breathe
I need oxygen
I need oxygen
I need
With you my love
Everyday is brighter

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Marie Serneholt Oxygen Comments
  1. Guti Miranda


  2. aLaN G

    estoy muy sorprendido de las pocas reproducciones que tienen los videos de Marie!

  3. Guti Miranda

    I love you 😍

  4. Derlin Claire

    Very pretty music,but the Video is just a little creepy.

    Derlin Gerard Clair

    A pretty song,and a very pretty girl to sing it.The video does seem a little strange with her flying in the air,as though she might possibly be a Vampire.But nevertheless,a very lovley song with a beautiful Swedish girl to sing it.God bless dear Marie.

  5. DannyGOaL Channel

    Some one give her some milk xD if I'm not wrong her friend suppose to be my old music teacher in school

  6. Daniel Lachowski

    Why just 90 comments?😧

  7. Phil Beck

    I need carbon dioxide...

  8. Tiger Heart

    Sign of the times, who?

  9. Xarfax321

    Oh gawd....
    "Oxygen"? Why not simply call it "air"? Or "air to live", that way the song would still keep the rhytm? I would have preferred to use "air to breathe", but you already used that in a previous sentence.

    "I get so high up here
    When I touch the sky
    It hurts me when I breathe
    I need air to live"

    I mean if we are going to be that scientific, why not go all the way:

    "My brain releases endorphines up in the stratosphere
    when my hand is making contact with the empty space at approximately 100 km above ground
    filling my lungs with oxygen sends impulses from my brain which indicates a great amount of pain.
    My body would require oxygen.

    At those moments in time whenever you are in my physical presence, the left hemisphere of my brain seems to be malfunctioning.
    filling my lungs with oxygen sends impulses from my brain which indicates a great amount of pain.
    My body would require a oxygen."

    Still, a wonderful cheesy lovesong. :D I'll take it!

  10. Cindy Duarte

    Me gusta la canción, la escucho por las noches cierro mis ojos y mágicamente me transporto a lugares maravillosos


    Por cierto, se parece a Candy 😀

  11. Jose ruben Cruz alonzo

    I love her la Ami es unica

  12. SuperAleeff

    Mais algum brasileiro que ama essa canção? Curte ai

  13. Paola Olazabal


  14. Mitch Joseph

    What is this Engrish even about?

  15. Marco Antonio Costa Tritto

    Beautiful music!!!

  16. Bowo Oka Sanjaya

    seem like my first love

  17. Daniela Rose

    beautiful girl beautiful song! where is she now? what does she do ,would like to know it

  18. Rene Busse

    Tolle Frau, tolle Lieder, würde mich freuen wieder was von ihr zu hören.

    Derlin Claire

    Translation:Great woman,great songer,I would enjoy listening again to anything from her.Please,how accurate is my Translation?I really would like to know,mein Freund.Vielen dank,mein lieber Freund Rene,and Shalom,and God bless you.

    Derlin Claire

    Correction:Great woman,great songs,me,I could listen again to something from her.Once again,please,just how good is my Translation?I really,really would like to know Please,mein Freund? Vielen dank,mein lieber Freund Rene,Shalom,and God bless you.

    Derlin Claire

    A third better Translation:Great woman,great songs,I would be happy to hear something from her again.Well, Viele gruesse,mein lieber Freund Rene,and God bless you.

  19. Creative Dreamer

    calming and peaceful song, I wish Marie Serneholt would release another CD!


    If she ever releases a new album, I just hope people buy it this time! ;) I'll be there. She's great!

    David Israel

    her songs that I have found, sound pretty good. Not really available in the UK though.

  20. Joyface D

    I really love this song!!! never stop listening...

  21. Rachel Johnson

    lmao so cringeyyyy

  22. Alessandro Morls

    I love this vídeo <3

  23. Albin

    I used to need oxygen like you, then i took an arrow to the knee

  24. Belenciia


  25. Jurate Zukauskaite


  26. Fran B

    this song is so relaxing. it feels like you are in heaven

  27. Escribo asi PAC


  28. kimmy 36d

    Marie would do a fantastic cover of I will always love you.

  29. Johan Flores San Miguel

    marie please make a cover of love me like you do !!! I'd rather listen it in your voice

  30. KillmentEDM

    She has a beautiful voice :)

  31. Fatima Ndaw Ndas

    Who is tejbz n why is everyone saying tejbz?!?!?!

  32. Andruu Aguirre

    lindo muy lindo :)

  33. Marcos Paulo

    We really need her coming back.

    kimmy 36d

    +Marcos Paulo i agree

  34. Alejandro Bakit

    it's ,magic!

  35. onlyreiven

    i love this song!!!!!!!!

  36. Oskar Eriksson

    She,s come from Sweden!!! So dont Think it only is american Girls that can look good!!

  37. Laura Juodelyte

    feel like in fairy tale or dream land or in the dreams
    I feel like that.;)

  38. paty pat


  39. Hektor Molina García

    I love that song!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is amazing

  40. Duerm Duerm

    fuistes demasiado importante... antes de conocer akel persona.... por la cual hoy toy Pesimo... TU fuistes BUENO... nunca te he olvidado Y gracias a DIOS no hemos perdido el contacto.. te Quiero M.C.H jamas te he olvidado... gracias por esta cancion ... como no olvidarte TONTO !!!

  41. Maikel Gouw

    its cool

  42. Webgirlalina

    you are awesome

  43. Duerm Duerm

    HERMOSA..... Lindos.. recuerdos...

  44. Melissa Walters

    I wish I woke up looking like that... just sayin

  45. zzZLightningDotZzz

    emo song.....

  46. Alvaro Eduardo

    "It hurts me when I breath"

  47. cao nguyen vo nguyen

    love like oxygen, and we need it :D

  48. Huy Đào Hữu

    Bai` hat' tuye^t. lam' !

  49. firas mahat

    nice music, I almost want to listen all the time aaaaaaaaa be good music 5 \ 5 from me nice and neat

  50. sergio c

    Marie is an outstanding swedish blondie girl, don't believe guys?? ;D

  51. italiansurprise

    "It hurts me when I pee?!?!!" I know she's absolutely gorgeous and she can fly, but no thanks.

  52. drifter17e

    ładna piosenka i maria taż

  53. stockholmarna


  54. Shizo Kuni

    .Tejbz! i hope you nail this! :D You can do it!

  55. Duriann3


  56. FPSoul

    Go out with Tejbz

  57. Joseph D

    im pretty sure you an Tejbz will get alot of oxygen in bed...

  58. Ben R

    Tejbz can be your oxygen

  59. Kenneth Sandstå

    Tejb is your new date <3

  60. sondre9616


  61. Punknap

    Too de face too de face.

  62. ZedChildFTW

    Hey go out with tejbz. K cool.

  63. dudes162


  64. edvinb97

    thumbs up if tejbz sent you!

  65. Kingzizeeee

    Tejbz sent me.

  66. Myron Gainz

    dont do it tejb...looks like a tarp

  67. John Reilly

    respond to tejbz

  68. PotatoGod

    Common Date Tejbz :D

  69. Melissa

    Nice song but little creepy clip. seems like she's a vampire...

  70. wolfsmagik

    nice song

  71. Xuánzōng Lǐ

    I want to fly with u XD ur amazing!

  72. LittlePinkSnowball

    @drakey333 hahaha

    Gender Age
    Male 35-44
    Female 13-17
    Male 45-54

  73. BWOparadise Rallyvideos

    Wow! A really nice video and song.

  74. Melissa Walters

    No hate on her or her lovely voice, kind of weird video. She just floats away? weird but pretty song

  75. flowerly23

    i love her since A*teens!
    hope one day A*teens can stand on stage together again

  76. Claer N

    prettyness O.O!

  77. Cecilie

    Wonder if she was thinking about Måns when making this??? ;)
    (Don't know if they where togather at this point)
    Great vocals on a beautiful song and a truly wonderful video, that is both sexy and innocent at the same time...what a noce change to all the videos from artists like Ryhanna. :)

  78. Hamson1983

    Such a fu*kin' outstanding arrangements. I really love the parts. And 2:56 backing voxes blows my brains out. Excellent production!

  79. Sarah Casey

    pretty :)