Marianas Trench - Sicker Things Lyrics

Backwards leaving, game we're beating
Stupid reasons, useless feelings
I wasn't that surprised (It's always part of my)
Awkward attempts to stay gone

I remain unknown

I'm bleeding where I bled
I'm hiding where I hid
I'm entertained in sicker things
And everybody said
I'm burning out instead
The softer side of unbearable

Feel castrated, Complicated
Feelings fleeted, Mind mistreated
I wasn't that prepared (I wasn't that aware)
Just wanted to disappear

I remain unknown

I'm bleeding where I bled
I'm hiding where I hid
I'm entertained in sicker things
And everybody said
I'm burning out instead
The softer side of unbearable

Comin' Around, comin' down
Givin' a frown to the sound
When I hit ground I
Hate the way that I say I should stay
When I know that I don't give a fuck about it anyway
Stay awake, feeling cold and tired

Resignation - life's forsaken
I should have thought ahead

And I remain unknown

I'm bleeding where I bled
I'm hiding where I hid
I'm entertained in sicker things
And everybody said
I'm burning out instead
The softer side of unbearable

I'm sicker than I thought
I'm fighting what I fought
I'm right back where I started from
Backwards leaving, game we're beating

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Marianas Trench Sicker Things Comments
  1. rschiel50

    As a new-ish Marianas Trench fan going backwards in their song catalogue, these remarks make me sad...the band seems so uplifting and fun to me...I'm trying to explore how the band arrived to where they are NOW in 2018...I know the band (Josh) has been thru hell and back but I hope the early fans have stayed by them as much as the band has seemed to have always appreciated their fans...the music may not be the same but times change and people change and grow with the times...and for me-listening to their early music gives me a timeline for how they've arrived to where they are BIGGEST fear is that they WILL "remain unknown"...their devoted fans deserve so much more!

  2. Augustina Marie

  3. yoshikage kira

    this song is 'perfect' ;)

  4. squeakystool uwu

    why is everyone commenting saying he used a line FROM perfect? this was a few years before perfect.


    I was just going to say that

  5. squeakystool uwu

    this is fetus now
    im killing myself

    Sam Sparks

    i know right.

  6. Kurts.shoulders

    "comin around, comin down givin a frown, to the sound when I hit ground. I hate the way that I say I should stay when I know that I don't give a fuck about it anyway" when I first heard this song I freaked out because it's in perfect

    Ghosts In The Sun

    I know same

    Sam Sparks

    This song came out first, perfect is just more popular (and on a "real" album)

  7. Megan Clemmensen

    this song makes me cry, but i love it. i love marianas trench, they're my favourite people ever

  8. Anna Caissie

    the "I remain unknown" gets me man

  9. jayllyfish

    HE SOUNDS SO YOUNG *cries*

    Ąšhęř Ćøřţëżįå Đãņżįğęř

    *cries with you*

    squeakystool uwu


    Sam Sparks

    We will all cry together

  10. noémie sanschagrin

    I love this song and Marianas Trench so much so I was wondering if anyone could help me? I want to know if there any songs by Marianas Trench I don't know I know everything from Fix Me,Masterpiece Theater, Ever After.  I also know Felling Small, Primetime, (beside)Fix Me and Pop 101, Here's to the zeros. thx

    Sofia Domingos

    +Noemie Nschagrin i think this has all the songs , just search them on youtube

    Amanda Unrau

    Noemie ;;; they did a cover of so it goes by Billy Joel and Josh sung a song called baby please come home and he's in a couple other songs such as sour candy by Carly Rae Jepsen and hit me up by Danny Fernandez

  11. Laurence Provost

    Damn it's perfect (it's literally perfect... like... the song "Perfect")

  12. Anya Aliwate

    awwwww Fetus Josh's voice is soo cute TTnTT XDXD

  13. katherine aly

    When Marianas trench makes their last album for the very last track I want it to be an incredibly epic song with a collab of all their more meaningful songs and when the song is coming to an end and fading out all you hear is "I remain unknown."

    Diana Harper

    +katherine aly lol oh i thought you we're talking about "End of an Era" ! and yeah that would be sweet!

    Aleigha Brannon

    I would cry

    Kaneki Ken

    They sort of did. But not as much as they could have.

  14. ~ xFallingSkies01 ~

    2:17 around there or something like that they used the same thing in Perfect XD

  15. Hildy

    Dude. He used one of the verses in perfect


    @***** its okay, i feel ya

    saturn speedpaints

    LizzyAreYouSerious I think perfect used one of the verses from this song..


    i find listening to their old songs, they make a lot of nods to them, like same beats or same lyrics. they like to do that, especially in dearly departed’s bridge

    Kaneki Ken

    @Flynn G Wasn't Toy Soldiers in Ever After not Masterpiece Theatre?

  16. Haley Russell

    Josh's voice sounds so young by still sexy as god himself

  17. Kianna S

    *In Josh's voice* "The 2 people who disliked remain unknown..." (sorry, I had to xD)

    I'm making a cheese toastie.

    you deserve a cookie-

    Ąšhęř Ćøřţëżįå Đãņżįğęř

    you deserve to meet Josh Ramsay himself

    w i n t e r

    +Skylauna Smith Urie Wilson Ross Sixx Guilbert I have met him. He's super nice. :D

  18. Melody

    I really miss old MT, Mariana's Trench started getting bad after Fix Me :c

    Kadence Motley

    But it sounded so punk rock because he was angry, the mental disorders made him so angry and sad that he let it out into the music. Now he is happy, and his music sounds happier. Don't get me wrong, Fix Me was my favorite album, but he is older and more mature now, he had a different sound, it's part of life. I would rather have Josh happy and playing what makes him happy instead of having to bring back bad memories just so people can have their punk rock. There are other bands, if you think they are bad now, don't listen to them. If you truly love them, you will support their new music.


    As I said, if there is any happy careless music out there, it's punk. If he would've liked the genre he would've stuck with it either way. So yes I'm probably not a real fan but that kinda change is just too much, it's like a pop group suddenly going thrash metal, nobody would do that.

    Sarala Lynn

    Josh has said multiple times that he believes an artist must always evolve, and he is not interested in making the same thing twice. He also sees Fix Me as the least successful thing he has ever done, so why would he want to repeat it? Different=/=bad. Change, evolution, trying new things, all are essentially necessary in order for an artist to stay current.

    Ąšhęř Ćøřţëżįå Đãņżįğęř

    +LiNk TrEnChEr I agree I love all their music

    Ąšhęř Ćøřţëżįå Đãņżįğęř

    I think all their music is amazing

  19. Haley Russell

    I remain unknown

  20. Victoria Whisenant

    was... was it originally this auto tuned? 


    in what way is this auto tuned? its called harmonies.

  21. Dawn Kaylee


  22. Crawling contradiction

    What I ment was I prefer Ramsay Fiction over Marianas Trench.

  23. Crawling contradiction

    I miss this marianas trench :'( I know I am going get a lot of hate for this but in my opinion there punk music sounds a lot better then there pop music.....

  24. Emma Carlson

    They shound a lil like Blink-182 at some parts....

  25. LiNk TrEnChEr

    how awesome would it be to be a trwncher from birth and just have your mom constantly playing mt before you were born

  26. LiNk TrEnChEr

    There are tons of trenchers who weren't *original trenchers* who are bigger fans then the original trenchers and if you are an original trencher it just means you are amazingly loyal to Marianas Trench

  27. mrsharrypotter0308

    Ugh I HATE when people say "You know you're a real Trencher when..." or "Only real Trenchers..." I found out about them when I heard All To Myself. I was 11. Sorry I didn't listen to songs about drug addiction and self harm when I was 8. It doesn't matter when you started listening to them. If you love them, you are a Trencher. Simple as that. I sick of this "Real Trench" shit. Enough is enough.

  28. Lindonkaye

    I hope their next album sounds a bit like this

  29. sydney elliott

    Uhh.. I don't think that like any one of these comments are real.. I will admit I was not a trencher from the start..
    They started in 1999 *no.. Not Marianas trench.. It was before Ramsay's fiction..* if I said that I loved them from the start.. That means that I was listening to them in my moms stomach..

  30. Dina ly

    yeah but he was younger..wayyyy younger.

  31. Jessy Dove

    Omg. Anyone who actually goes by this stupid 'Original Trencher' thing is just petty. Should you not be happy the band is getting more fans? That trying to make up some silly excuse that you matter more because you listen to their older songs. Don't be deluded, my dear.

  32. Renee B

    i was 6 when Fix Me came out, i started listening to them when i was 8 the forgot about them till i was 10, not every one can be an "Original Trencher" hell that shouldn't even a thing cause you are a Trencher if you love and support the band no matter how recent you started listening to them.

  33. iheartsjonas

    this song is amazing
    but it's probably because it's one of the oldest songs they've ever done.

  34. Amber Conti

    I don't think there's such a thing as "original Trenchers".. We're all Trenchers, can't we just be the family we're supposed to and get along?

  35. Michelle Bouchard

    I'm one of their biggest fans and I love this song. I've known them as a band since I was six years old. Thanks to my sister.

  36. Crippling Depression


  37. Pranavi Gandham

    holy shit I never realized that they used the lyrics from this in Perfect

  38. Kokushi666

    Josh loves this song since it was half the reason they got a record deal. I find his lyric writing had great potential back then and he has really perfected the poetic clever way of saying things. Fallout is a great example

  39. hunnie14

    M.T. has really been a great influence on me. Fix me was a beautiful album that really helped me through depressed times and it sounds so genuine.

  40. shannongillis28

    i love this band i loved them sense i was like four and now i am 11 and i love th seven more each day:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  41. Joshuah McGillin Capuano

    hey, i was 3 when their ep came out and i was 6 when i started liking them so i cant be an original rencher but i am a trencher and i listen to all there songs

  42. Sarah Kinney

    Love all Marianas Trench songs new and old:-) The Ever After ones got me interested, Masterpiece Theater got me hooked, and Fix Me made me fall in love :-)

  43. tish cooper

    LOVE their older stuff... Not too sure about the new shit.... It's like Good Charlotte, totally mainstream now. Which is awesome and sad all at the same time.

  44. Zobiwankenobi

    Isn't daily beating not game we're beating ??

  45. Jessi Falk

    I've been listening to this song for years... MT, you've fucking saved me. Still one of my all time favorite songs.

  46. Taylor Lott

    you like the music? you are a trencher. all there is to it.

  47. Julie B

    Reminds me of my old "emo" days .... (:

  48. musicismylife0897

    Yep, and I'm so glad they're going to re-release it :)

  49. Noah Ards

    perfect has a line from this song :)

  50. Liv Kat

    A line from another song is in here! :0 lol

  51. dismakememuchangey

    Hating on the younger trenchers? How? Wouldn't that make me a hypocrite?

  52. Amber Conti

    I'm entertained in Sicker Things.

  53. Olivia Graham

    No no no no no no...
    It's not Ramsay Fiction!!!!
    Ian and Mike are on this song, this is after Ramsay Fiction :)

  54. Olivia Graham

    Hi :)
    I don't think this is true...
    I've only been a Trencher for a few months, but this one of my favourite songs!
    Their music has changed so much, and I love the original songs, from the EPs and also Ramsay Fiction :)
    I love their music, when I became a fan doesn't change that. The fact that I'm even here proves you wrong, I am here even though I'm not an "original" Trencher...

  55. Hailey Wilson

    Sicker things, primtime and feeling small are not from ramsay fiction they are from the EP marianas trench did before that got signed.

  56. Josh Ramsay

    agreed ive always heard them but never knew the band name but now i listen to every song and love them all

  57. Becca

    well this is ramsay fiction which is marianas trench before mike and ian joined so maybe its one of the other singers that were in the band

  58. Amanda Budi

    i just found out who they were 4 months ago... now i know like every lyric from fix me, masterpiece theatre, and ever after.... and bought all 3 cds... i really like their music, and i think thats enough (y)

  59. Trencher_Timelord

    If I meet them... >.<

  60. dismakememuchangey

    Not really, because I'm 12 too. Just don't make a fool out of yourself infront of the band when you meet them.

  61. jincongq

    No, sadly I don't. I only know what I find of the web. There's a possibility you can find more if you look hard enough, but it's unlikely. Mtrench probably won't release any of the old stuff any time soon. We just have to listen to and love the awesome songs we have. And what is a 'real trencher' anyways? We love them and their music, and that's what matters.

    Augustina Marie


  62. Dina ly

    I know i might not sound like a real trencher but i would like to know what are their songs from their EP and do you know songs from ramsay fiction ? I just discovered this band and i love it! they are amazing !! I know shallow and playing dead but that's it :/


  63. Trencher_Timelord

    Yes, is that a problem?

  64. Fallenstar127

    (Sorry for such a late reply) The backup singer is Matt, but maybe his voice changed over time? I'm pretty sure it is Matt though.

  65. dismakememuchangey

    Well, basically. You know what I mean. (Btw 3 months ago I didn't know much about the band because I'm an 'new trencher')

  66. dismakememuchangey

    They didn't use any autotune. I can tell.

  67. dismakememuchangey

    So you're basically 12?

  68. dismakememuchangey

    I was a trencher since Fallout and I listen to this song.

  69. Becca

    its just me or does this sound different than when it came out

  70. smyummycupcakes

    It's "Daily beating" not "game we're beating"

  71. Sabrina Svensk

    You know you're a trencher when you're here listening to this song

  72. Taylor Clements

    Trenchers are Trenchers, there are none that are better or truer than another, many of us were really young when some of their ep came out. I have been a trencher for about 2 and a half years but I know all their songs. there is no such thing as a true trencher.

  73. Carla L'd be younger if you were 6 when Fix Me came out...

  74. Leanne Alon

    only true trenchers listen to songs this old and songs by Ramsay Fiction

  75. jincongq

    OMG HIGH FIVE! SAME!! If only itunes would sell this song and Primetime, the only songs that are on their EP and not on itunes so that fans who are like us can listen to this without reading stupid comments about original Trenchers.

  76. Trencher_Timelord

    ha older then you i was 6 when fix me came out :P c:

  77. Carla L

    Not everyone can be an original Trencher. I was 4 when their EP came out and 8 when Fix Me came out. Just because some didn't listen to them when they started doesn't make them any less of a Trencher. Just saying...

  78. jincongq

    You're wrong. I've been a Trencher ever since I finally found out the name of the band, which is about when Fallout got it's own music video (I heard their songs from Masterpiece Theatre before but never bother to ever learn any artist names). I love this song. I admit I am not an 'original Trencher', but I still am a Trencher, and still listen to Fix Me, the songs from their EP and stuff from Ramsay Fiction.

  79. Courtney S.

    part of this song is in perfect right? omg :')

  80. wolfhottii

    i know josh ramsay and matt webb. greatest people ever.

  81. Musicwont4getme

    So totally blink 182 ! closest theyve ever came to being mainstream

  82. Beth B

    Why can't I find this on iTunes? D:

  83. Jennifer Adwokat

    I think that's because in this song there is a lot of auto-tuning, and on their newer albums and stuff they didn't really auto-tune their voices. <3 they dont need to :P

  84. Kendalyn Aldridge

    Has anyone been able to find this on iTunes?

  85. dismakememuchangey

    But it is considered Ramsay Fiction. And I know Josh doesn't sound like Josh in this song.

  86. ImTaTaTaTia

    Slim it nice and easy my friend. Ramsay Fiction was formed when Josh was 14. He and Matt were the only guys from Marianas Trench in that band. The other 2 members were Steve Marshall and Morgan Hampsted. Ian and Mike didn't come until Ramsay Fiction broke up.

  87. dismakememuchangey

    The heck dude? Ramsay fiction was Marianas Trench's name before they changed it to Marianas Trench.

  88. ImTaTaTaTia

    No it's not

  89. Paige B.

    Could be Ian or Mike.

  90. MilenaMalyk

    Omg this is josh and Matt not Ian or mike this was way before

    Augustina Marie

    Thank you. Finally someone else that knows what's actually going on here 😂

  91. BrainzFreek

    One of me favorite songs!!!!

  92. Hayley_Clee

    its josh and matt.

    Augustina Marie

    Thank you. Some else that understands.

  93. dismakememuchangey

    Ramsay Fiction IS Marianas Trench....

  94. Erin Porcelain Ramsay

    Who else would it be?

  95. Marianas Trenchie

    Maybe, I dunno.

  96. Marianas Trenchie

    Probably Ian or Mike.

  97. Kat Karrier

    Of course it is...

  98. Loryn Webb

    It's not josh..

  99. Loryn Webb

    it is Matt !