Marianas Trench - Shake Tramp Lyrics

Did I let you down to get that sound
And break my knees to get release
And you needed some just to take you from
And I hit you more
Is your face still sore?

Sorry but I tried
It was never mine
And I can still pretend
I guess it all depends
I'm still a little crazy all the time
But I can try to hide it
That's still mine

Try a little more
A little more
A little more
They slap you like a bitch
And you take it like a whore

What a cheap perfume
I hate this room
So testify
But I still tried
And you need that stamp
Little handshake tramp
And you hit me more
And my face is still sore

Sorry but I tried
It was never mine
And I can still pretend
I guess it all depends
I'm still a little crazy all the time
But I still try to hide it
That's still mine

Try a little more
A little more
A little more
They slap you like a bitch
And you take it like a whore

Upside down
And around
And around
Just another piece
Till you need another sound

Faze them out
I know what you scream about
Don't let me down

And the guilt in me is the hurt in you
And the hurt in you is the lost in me
And the lost in me is the need in you
And the need in you is the guilt in me

Try a little more
A little more
A little more
They slap you like a bitch
And you take it like a whore

Upside down
And around
And around
Just another piece
Till you need another sound

Try a little more
A little more
A little more
They slap you like a bitch
And you take it like a whore

Upside down
And around
And around
Just another piece
Till you need another sound

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Marianas Trench Shake Tramp Comments
  1. Jan Drei

    Its my first time seeing this side of muzan

  2. Avenue Teal

    Mariana's Trench created the expectations/reality meme before it was ever coined.

  3. abigail rankin

    can we just note the fact that this video is 10 years old!!!

  4. HaZe x TooMuch

    I heard this song when I was younger. I'm 22 now. Haha

  5. Inderjit Kainth

    I used to love this song .... this is terrible :/

  6. P.S. Kim

    Tbh I've never understood the lyrics to this song...can someone explain it to me? I love it but what's this song about? Who's "they"?

  7. doses and mimosas

    Pretty much queen in the begining

  8. Mattias Felber

    Omg, listen to the beginning of Everclear - So Much for the Afterglow, its virtually the same as this songs intro

  9. Hallie Brown

    Is it true that Josh is the oldest member in the band? If so, I am so annoyed. First I thought Matt was the youngest and Josh after that and Ian as the oldest. Then I thought Matt was still the youngest but Mike as the oldest. Is Josh really 38? If so, I am disappointed.

    Becky Deschamps

    He is not he,s 35 i think or it up lol cause idk😂😂

    Becky Deschamps

    Mike is the oldest, he's 38 Ian is 35 and i think Josh is 34 and Matt is 32?

  10. Steve Shit goose

    Thanks much music 🎶 for constantly playing this during video countdowns

  11. Ember Glo The Undead Vampyress

    I think the best parts were both the slapstick and the deeply layered knee joke. Jokes are like cakes. Better w/ layers!

  12. Brea-Ann Winter-Hamil

    Anyone else listening in 2019?

    Becky Deschamps

    For like the 1000th time lol

  13. itsccchaney

    i remember moving to canada at 16 and this was the first song that I LOVED. finding it again makes me so happy

  14. linny017

    Fk I love this song.

  15. That One Person

    I saw a lot of people say Astoria reminded them of Astoria but honestly the begging of this is more like it

  16. falcon guy

    Miss these guys <3

  17. Cameron McMillan

    I miss this stuff man, these guys are the best, best music

  18. Wake Archus

    It’s hard to believe this song is over a decade old

  19. AnBel Koya

    Josh in music videos is moood

  20. Jonah Litt

    marilyn mansons gay son?

  21. Brea-Ann Winter-Hamil

    Who else is listening in 2019? Lmao

  22. patrick grondines

    stupid video ever but good song otherwise

  23. mexighosthunter 86

    The best part of this video was the beautiful ladies .. ..other than that just a load of donkey shaaaaaaat

  24. ιndecιpнeraвle мadneѕѕ


  25. fluffy nugget

    It’s so bad but omfg is it catchy😂🤪

  26. Sarah Noiseux

    Still listening in 2019!

  27. Laryssa Fiu

    I cannot stop watching this video!

  28. david walsh the chicago Whitehawk

    This genra of music is so annoying it cant get much worse in my opinion...just my opinion...kinda a funny name tho.

  29. Selma Angelina

    I wish I had been a teenage in the 2000's instead of 2010's

  30. patrick grondines

    this is the stupidest video ever but good otherwise

  31. Band Trash

    Me walking around town with this is on

  32. MrFlipperInvader792

    Give up the grudge

  33. Samantha Rehding

    I miss the old blue and black hair

  34. Bitch Lasagna

    I was 1 when they made this song & now i love their music & I know all their songs :3

  35. smoke jedi

    2018 anyone lol #halloween

  36. MadeInCanada !

    Why has our modern day music gone to shit

  37. 1000 Subs No Vids

    Is it weird that I hadn't heard this in 7 YEARS but still know lyrics

  38. 1000 Subs No Vids

    Read my name

  39. Documentation Two


  40. patrick grondines

    good song but fucked up video

  41. Emily Chow

    I didn't even know this was filmed at the Burnaby Village Museum until he mentioned it at a concert. I was there for the first time recently. That's really awesome :)

  42. maybe the dog

    This was my jam in grade 9

  43. Angelika Ramos

    Omg I can’t stop listening to this song.

  44. oytyyb

    This is the taught me what a whore is (I was 5)

  45. Railen Herman

    'GIIVE UP THE GRUDGE!!!" Oh wait, wrong song

  46. Seann Borba

    When marianas trench was good man.

  47. Riley’s Space

    After so many years, this music video only has 2.4 mil views and that makes me so sad because it’s so gooddddd

  48. Karma Luv

    Why is he so adorable and still hot?

  49. The Wandering Composer

    Never getting tired of your tunes! Gives me some inspiration to keep working on my own. You are incredibly talented, keep up the excellent work! 💚💚❣️💙

  50. Becca Jackson

    Anyone here from after May 2018

  51. melissa lalonde

    i still love this band

  52. Canadian flash


  53. Isabel Smith

    okay but why does josh look like a slightly edgier phil lester

  54. Jester Clown

    lol i misread earlier when i played this song i thought that its trump xD

  55. Music Junkie

    I got to meet this amazing band and josh kissed me and took me up on stage

  56. Ben Lines

    im so nostalgic rn lmaoo

  57. MeGaaNanAn FoCKs

    Holy shit! this is nostalgic af.

  58. patrick grondines

    stupid video but good song

  59. Taylor Campbell

    i miss this

  60. Robann Kerr

    I remember these guys played at the mall by my house before they were big

  61. Winter Eclipse

    only in Canada

  62. Dokkaeboi

    What I learned from this video: Damn this guy is SO FRICKING COOL!!!!!!!

  63. BLUEGENE13

    lol this video is pretty funny

  64. BoxesofBones

    Watching this 10 years later.....

  65. Victoria England

    Why is josh's kick higher than my grades

  66. Derg HAZE

    When you shitpost well in Discord Chat vs. When you totally miss and alienate everybody

  67. dexvoan miller knight

    what even is josh ramsay

  68. Robyn Bevand

    this guys are so uplifting, always put me in a good mood

  69. Enchanting Carnage

    Am I the only one who noticed that they started out like the cover of Queen album

  70. Emmileigh Wilson

    Pausing it at 1:16 was the best idea ever!!

  71. Caitlin Willow

    He definitely pulled a muscle shooting this video lmfaooo

  72. NytemareQueen

    I had originally interpreted this song/video to be about an abusive boyfriend - the beginning of the video being how the abuser sees himself as cool and loved and desirable and then the crack to the head waking him to the reality that people hate him - but I looked it up and apparently it's about how they felt they were selling out to the music industry, and how the industry treats musicians. Cool.

  73. Nick

    Where's the fucking blow dude

  74. kat skye

    the thumb nail

  75. Nick

    Why aren't any man's roasting them

  76. Kris LaWho

    The world should personally be ashamed that this video has only 2mil views

  77. Morgan Murphy

    I saw in a video that they ripped off another band's song with this one


    Morgan Murphy which one


    Astryn Antayiss oh why thank you

  78. Noodle Hammer

    This song was better when it was "GIve up the Grudge" by GOB

  79. Rob Adie Comedy

    Anybody who says that Marianas Trench ripped this song off from another band in the Vancouver area needs to give up the grudge and shut your fucking mouth.

  80. B090 0223

    This video is weird. Whatever, I honestly like the song more after seeing the video.

  81. Avoyd Music

    Quem assistia Play Tv no Playhit vai se lembrar dessa música ♥️♥️♥️

  82. Anya Aliwate

    It's actually been years since I've last listened to this song and i legit still have no idea what the song's about. Imma keep singing it tho

  83. Devin La Liberty

    This is my jam

  84. McBuffCactusMan

    Go Canada!

  85. Audie T

    You ever watch this video with no sound? Try it, its so funny.

  86. irene lau

    Pause this video at 0:05 you will not regret it

  87. patrick grondines

    song is good but this video is so fucked up

    Ruby Pouliot

    patrick grondines i agree

  88. Para

    How did I used to enjoy these fairyboys music.. bye

  89. IceCubes LPS

    this is gold its hilarious

  90. Natalie Z

    :')) I remember when I was younger I would always dance to this. Basically to every music that has to do with Marianas Trench. I miss this Josh.

  91. Amanda Brumbaugh

    I still listen to this band of amazing people! and i am so glad that they are still making music

  92. Kyky T-T

    I love how say anything was censored and this own there are cusses

  93. Kat H

    i never expected someone to look so cheerful while saying "take it like a whore"

  94. Ashton George

    do a behind the Sean's

  95. toxic_teaaa

    Nigga be lookin like the Once-ler

  96. kat skye

    how long has phil been singing for?

  97. Gia isnotawkward

    omg Josh Ramsay been in love with him since i seen Decided To Break it and seen him saturday night live and still love him!