Maria - Always Lyrics

Why don't you say, what's on your mind
Stop playing games, and wasting my time
'Cause we both know that for far too long
We've tried to hide that something still is going on

I still feel you when you're gone
Should I still want you if it's wrong
'Cause though I've tried, baby, my heart won't be
Can't fight what I feel

So no matter what I say,
And no matter what I do
And no matter who I love, I'm always loving you
Always, can't help myself, always, always, baby

Let's find a way, to make this last
You be my future, not just my past
'Cause it might be right, when it feels so strong
Help me find out, what the hell is going

If you promise me, you'll be loving me, exclusively
Baby, you will see, we've got endless possibilities
You can trust me baby, if I can trust you, baby

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Maria Always Comments
  1. pea-pu

    burner b boy tune! The beat is insane. Pow pow love

  2. Josue Escamilla

    Esa mujer me trae loco

  3. Bulk Hogan

    Awful. I dont understand Dub, there is no creativity. This should have been a download at best. Going to give the record away, I turned it off halfway through side A..

  4. Patrick Ibrahim

    fuck i thought its some new shit, original is way better in my opinion.

  5. Joshua Watson

    how come you guys pulled Hasta El Cielo from youtube music? :( I was happily listening yesterday and it's gone today :(

  6. FaOut

    I love that... Really cool =)
    Cheers from brazil

  7. Kahvetrip

    Why didn't you just, i dont know, write a new song instead?

  8. Clint Eastwood

    Come to Argentina! :D

  9. nekotaky des

    Respect from Russia

  10. Johan M2

    I`m colombian fan. Mucho amor. Thank you!!!

  11. Chris Christopher

    Wtf is "dub" about this remix?


    People Everywhere is one of your best songs, I want to send you the videoclip in 480p quality so you could have an idea of how it is.


    I have a very good music video for the song "People Everywhere (Still Alive)". If you want to contact me: this is my mail: [email protected]

  14. Jonas Ribeiro

    Esperava algo novo...

  15. Kathy Medina

    Fucking grooooovyyyyy

  16. Philosmaximus

    Stoked to see these guys tommorow in Portland ME!

  17. Anis Dabchy

    No future in bananas

  18. Luqman Hakim

    good time to be alive !!!

  19. jamman55

    Come to Louisville please.

  20. Daeniel Francisco

    Some bboy break beat shit :)

  21. Passing Game Prod

    Too many stress for me today
    But I feel better now... Thanks

  22. themanwins

    I mean, it's nice, but it'd be nice to hear some evolution in their style.

  23. Killa Beat Session

    woooow can i use this wonderful music in a dance video?

  24. Emil Sosnin

    I once did 2 grams of shrooms brewed in a tea after smoking weed, I promised myself I would never do it again. I don't advise anyone to do it but this song made me feel like I'm tripping.

    Jab S

    Emil Sosnin I did 5gs and the universe imploded and exploded infinite times as I looked on with my mind, convinced I was a pharaoh of unimaginable age.

  25. Salim Sivaad

    So is the new album a bunch of remixes like this...any new songs?

  26. Komorebi Music

    So hype

  27. Mariana Franco

    Saquen los ajos. <3

  28. Jôsô

    me encanta el arte de tapa!!! bello y espiritual dibujo

  29. emanuella dellape

    me lembrou breno lobo

  30. peter boyden

    Dang I was hoping it was actually new

  31. Mariyeen Acheege

    Khruangbin : cocaine

  32. Dendi Handian

    I though today was april

  33. Rowan's Music

    whatttt, new Khruangbin album out in only a month!?? Glorious day!


    I thought it means Dec 7:)

  34. Insecurity guard

    💃 🥁 🕺 🥁 💃

  35. J StyL3z

    this some A1 dub right chyea! luv it

  36. Juan Rivas

    "samples into 404"

  37. Peace Bisquit


  38. jose velasquez


  39. morongosteve


  40. Michael V

    Going to the Portland Maine show, woooot

  41. Michael V

    Junjo styleee!

  42. Ranjit Rajan

    Love the Album cover.

  43. Gordon Wagner

    Exciting band!!!

  44. den reis

    Nice ;D

  45. TheTeisatsu

    From Russian fan 😊

  46. Guy

    ?? this is a remix of their previous song

    x m

    yes khruangbin have remixed 10 of the original tracks and scientist remixed 2 tracks

  47. pablo rodríguez


  48. alejandro hernández

    Estoy listo :)

  49. enchantedbananas

    wiggity wiggity wiggity

  50. God Bless Hip Hop

    Who did the remix?

    x m


  51. Jim Giblet's Contraband

    It's not even a new song! It's Maria Tambien from their last album played slightly differently

    x m

    dub remix by khruanbin

  52. Juice Iz Infinite

    i can't wait for this! I'm pumped I just found them like a month ago

  53. Locke. Vi

    Please come to Malaysia 🇲🇾 I'm ur biggest fan

  54. Sophia Spyratou

    Cant wait to see them live for the 1st time in Athens next month.

  55. whydoievenbothertoputthishere

    *new song* feels more like a redub tbh but still dope tho

  56. jesuslovested


  57. TeddyOG

    I was one of the 10 people watching you guys warm up at Lightning in a Bottle, and you guys rocked that fuckin sound check! And the concert itself of course. Looking forward to this album as with all of them

  58. Cameron Mitchell

    New Bin this summer? It's gonna be a good season

  59. Satyajeet Prabhu

    DUB IT!

  60. Devraj Dutt

    Wait.. doesn't Maria tambien mean Mary also instead of Mary always?


    María también: also María. María siempre: always María. It sounds like a 4 strip meme 😁

  61. headfonic

    Astonishingly individual pleasant video content. Immense information offered on couple of gos to.

  62. Demencha

    YEEEEESSSSSSS been craving new music!

  63. Sam _

    I’m not sure how to feel. But I’m very interested to see how the rest of the album plays out.

  64. thevinylist


  65. David Grimes

    Muito bom. A Dayne gosta.

  66. ShaqFu Fu

    Straight Flames

  67. Blaklist Fingerboards

    Pre-Ordering this Vinyl for sure!

  68. Manoky Kadlawoon

  69. Wheel333


  70. Testbeeld


  71. Caio Prado

    Que swing de primeira! Amazing Trio!

  72. Lorena Bolaños


  73. REN RAH

    This is dope....🔥🔥💯

  74. Divine Kebab



    +1 oh my goodness

    Rowan's Music

    Check out the Live at Lincoln Hall version - I was at that show, truly remarkable.. the ending with Summer Madness gives me chills every time

    Coco Coquelicot

    me tooooo

    Leor Simantov

    Divine Kebab looks like u started a new #metoo movement here


    They dropped it from their concert tour, at least for the gig I saw this past Saturday. :(

  75. Vinu J Isaac

    Love the artwork! Can't wait for the album.

  76. Re Eb

    this is just a dub remix of maria tambien

    George Raines

    Lucas Cardoso Toca Clássicos I don’t see an album anywhere just this single..?

    Oni das Alagoas

    "Maria tambien" "mary always"
    Almost in the title.

    George Raines

    Oni das Alagoas pffft yeah right dude I’m sure that’s the way to do it these days... just make a good song sound old af and worn tf out...

    Remi Nice

    @Lucas Cardoso Toca Clássicos leave them, they don't understand....


    @Re Eb Agreed

  77. Juan Valencia

    Oh shit!! Some fresh work that’s what’s up!

  78. survivor geek

    the vibes tho. so looking forward to the new album dude

  79. Danilo Colakovic

    pretty sure this isnt a new song 😃

  80. Fernando Duthoy

    The day of my bday. What an honor!

  81. Erik Rodriguez

    Brazil loves you!

  82. thanos karathitas

    Πολύ ωραίο

  83. Tiozinho Babacofóbico

    Coisa linda!

  84. lia


  85. OneEyedKingVintage

    Khruangbin and Akae Beka should tour.

  86. AWillisGuitar

    Counting the days...

  87. jesica

    Amo! 🔥🔥❤❤❤✊✊✊

  88. Topsy Krətz

    Ye mandatory One Eye-symbolism on the cover, how creative!

  89. John Doe

    you missed april 1st! darn man, i was hyped when i clicked :(

  90. Eigengrau M87

    So Freshhh, impresionante! Magnífico! Adoro a este grupo! <3

  91. Grifyn Bowman - Linklater


  92. Halley Bruno

    Today is my birthday! Thank you for the love you put into the universe! Yay!!

  93. Joshua obaga

    I love the original, but it’s also quite fun to fill in the aural gaps that exist in this stripped down version.

    I also imagined Nas, Mos Def, Common, Kanye, Busta, Ghostface, Methodman and Slick Rick rapping over this version to replace the missing lead guitar.

    What an delicious nexus of genres that would be.

    Josh Wiseman

    Have you seen Mos Def has been rapping over Maria Tambien at recent shows?

    Joshua obaga

    Josh Wiseman no way! Lemme look for this

  94. deathclasssic

    best news

  95. Isaiah Davis


  96. TheZooropaBaby

    wow they're so eco-conscious that they're recycling thier own material, wow!