Mansun - Electric Man Lyrics

You were the seven deadly sins
Making sense in your 'screw me' dress
The beautiful ones just slip away
To a mirror where we used to kiss
With your disco heartbeat
You're not even human
We're so electric
Do you have no passion?

Bring your sunshine to me, oh electric man
Bring your sunshine to me, oh you're so electric man
To me

Everything I touch
Just falls to bits
So trust in me
It brings us close
Electric man
Will save our souls

Bring your sunshine to me, oh electric man
Bring your sunshine to me, oh you're so electric man
To me

So I took advice and changed a little
Hope that others like me more
Hope that you would trust me once again
Once again, once again
I am lonely once again
I hope that you would trust me once again

Bring your sunshine to me, oh electric man
Bring your sunshine to me, oh you're so electric man
Bring your sunshine, bring it to me
Sunshine, sunshine, bring it to me
Bring it to me, bring it to me
Bring it to me, bring it to me
La, la la la, la la la la, la la, yeah yeah yeah yeah
Ooh, the sunshine, bring it to me, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
[Repeats to fade]

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Mansun Electric Man Comments
  1. Jenn

    Paul Draper is a skilled vocalist. This song proves it.

  2. Ismail özay

    One of the underrated songs of the 2000's!

  3. J Seven

    Sounds like it could have been released today in 2018

    Franco Baleani

    Fucking yes

  4. Sam Haynes

    At least they got a good holiday out of it....

  5. Fez Weasel

    where's Neil Ward when you need him! not making a brew, that's for sure!

  6. truemansparks

    Oh my god that intro is exactly the start of masterplan by oasis!

  7. Juan Esteve Mojica

    Preciosa canción. Sobre el significado, poco que decir: desamor de Paul hacia algunos miembros de la industria, como en Open letter... Precioso video, precioso coche, preciosos hombres cantando y tocando al sol de la tarde. Cambiaría el significado de la canción a partir de estas imágenes: Ode to Elon Musk.

  8. postieding

    unique indie band that is all....

  9. Sam Haynes

    The thing with little kix is its not six. It is a beautiful album however.

  10. Trista Perez

    This song makes me think of Bowie. So sad I never saw them live (and didn't even know of their existence until after they broke up!)

  11. Starry&Bohemian

    gay bar ?


    @Jonathan Stott Surely not... i do not need of a rendez vous at a Castro bar in Frisco... nat my stuff... however i wonder if Paul Draper is a fan of those bars ?

  12. อบต.หนองม่วง จังหวัดลพบุรี

    love this band

  13. xxxnellyxxxx1974

    the little bucked toothed my space knob jokey thats what he was



  15. It's Andie's Place

    Love this song! It's got to be one of my favourite tracks ever!

  16. kalamataLJS

    @MultiDAS1000 y whats happen to stove ?

  17. kalamataLJS

    i posted to Andie Rathbone house this morning

  18. TaniaKate92

    amoo esta bandaaaaa!!!!!!! MANSUN!!! lo mejor!! ^^

  19. sutthinun cheng


  20. Vincent Hanna

    I once chatted up a girl at a club by saying "You are the seven deadly sins, making sense in your screw-me dress" She first wanted to slap me in the face but I ended up making her coffee in the morning xD Paul (and of course the others), you probably won't read this, but thanks anyway for all the great albums.

  21. Squemby

    my god they wrote such good choruses.

  22. YannisKatsoup#4

    Great song...little kix is great album!!

  23. Liz Jolie.-

    I luv this song!!!! Mansun ;)

  24. teo bogado luraghi


  25. Chris Bruno

    Anyone know where this video was filmed? It looks like the Davis Monthan airbase in Tucson AZ.

    Patrick McCarthy

    Those poor old aeroplanes, all neglected, I feel sorry for them.

  26. Castor W

    Love Mansun forever!!! Electrify me!

  27. CK TheSICK

    Mansun, you are my Electric Man !!!

  28. Muriel Draper

    thank you for uploading this videoooooooo I never thought I would ever watch it!!!!

  29. stonerose99

    god bless you, thought this video would never be put on YouTube.

    My fav Mansun track.