MANN - The Get Down Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mann]
Girl I see you looking you should say something
They play my shit and it's bound to get this whole place jumping
Out of nothing I made something A1 since day 1
Got my cake up I got a gang of hundreds
And I ain't fronting, but don't say nothing,
Low key smooth as David Ruffin
Master cheffin don't ask no questions
O.G. we stay puffing coconut ciroc that's the beverage
Turned up since my adolescence
This my job no past professions
I see your body that's perfection
I chose you that's a blessing
VIP baby that's the section
But I think we should dip out together
Fuck a club I'm trying to get to know you
Smoke some Kush in this Cali weather
Got that maro with the top back
Feel like I'm in a 6'4 really on my shit tho
Young nigga What it hit for

[Hook: Mann]
Bring the weed get the drink set the vibe and find the bounce
You with me what you thank I like mine in large amounts
I got cheese in the bank I'm living life that's all that counts
Get high while I'm riding round know how I get down
She like my style like the way I get down

[Verse 2: Clyde Carson]
You got the drop top I got the hard top
She gotta soft ass I gotta hard cock
Living too fast like I'm 2Pac
Make a splash in her juice box
In my box Chevorlet
In the middle of the hills of beverly
Wanna lay down, I'm a have you face down
Pill got you feeling heavenly
In the stars lost trying to find control
Cuhz I fuck you like I just got parole
Got you, taking off your clothes
When we done you you can't find your drawls every time huh
Sheets are designer and we in between them word to Isleys
Call me Mr Big dick straight like a line up so go ahead climb up
Puff puff pass after the fact she just want some more weed
Liking what we just had and she just want some more weed
Puff puff pass after the fact she just want some more weed
She got friends tell her bring something they can't just kick it for free

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