MANN - Money Season Lyrics

[Intro: Mann]
So the other day
This nigga asked me "Mann, how's life?"
And I was like... "How's Life?"

[Verse:1 Mann]
Hows life? My life's good
Riding through my hood
To the right, Passenger side
Got a dime like I should
I pull up clean, they all stop to look
Hop out, Fly shit, Jeremy Scott on my Foot
PRPS Jeans, 10 on my wrist
All gold jewelry like some sort of prince
Yeah, I'm not the one to go against
You ain't ballin work on your defense
I'mma tell you as simple as this, I
Make a lot of cake and I'mma try to keep it stacking
If you really bout that action nigga we can get it cracking right
They choosing so don't act surprised
B-day Gang, Cake Appetite
Really got it so I'm acting like

[Hook: Mann]
I got money
I'm trying to spend it all
If you afraid of letting it go
Then you may not want to get involved, OHHH
If you do, then come and join the festivities
We in the VIP with all the bad Bitches spending cheese
I supply the party
Like Fuck It, Bring buckets
Bottles for everybody (Turn up turn up turn up)
I guess its money to blow season
I be stunting for no reason

[Verse:2 Mann]
I'm Baller living, Making boss decisions
With all my niggas that saw my vision
This a game that we all get rich in
We can hit a lick and we can start a business
A couple mansions that we all can live in
West La from start to finish
Got the brain of a Harlem nigga
Want the doors on my car to lift up
Its a movie when we fall in the club
Moving through the hoes following us
Ill show you how it works, she bring the fireworks
To VIP then the bottle went up, Yeah
So if you looking for the turn up
I'm shaded in the corner
Drinks pouring the Kush burnt up ohhhh


[Verse3: Symba]
Young nigga with an old soul hopped out and road the game
Came alone left with a girl thats just part of my plan
I got 2 chains like 2 chains
Bat mobile like bruce wayne
In this rap house, I'mma landlord
So you niggas get out my lane uh
Got a lot of girls but I like one named Nina
Yeah, and she do tricks just like a brand new beamer
I stunt heavy, thats some shit you know
All my bitches ready, ready set go

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