MANN - Highed Out Lyrics

[Pre-Hook: Torro Y Moi]
I want to make my life your love
I'll wake up with you and Ill give you rides
It don't matter if it's cold out side

I want to make my life your love
I'll wake up with you and Ill give you rides
It don't matter if it's cold out side

[Hook: Mann]
They Love the lifestyle
Moving fast every nights wild
Fuck tomorrow I'm talking right now
I'm trying to vibe out
Find a bad bitch to ride out
Then slide back to the hideout
You ain't bout, you ain't bout the life I'm bout
You ain't down, you ain't down to smoke it by the ounce
I'm trying to find out
Turn you inside out
Then slide back to the hideout

[Verse 1: Mann]
The moments frozen we smoking potent she open off it
The dope provided she so excited she know we solid
I'm her dream nigga, far from the norm
College girl used to always try to sneak me in her dorm
Wet the towel, put it by the door
Plastic bag over the fire alarm
Smoke that bitch out til like 5 in the morning
That's what I was doing, what a bad influence
But she loved every second of it
She was intrigued but the life that I lead
She likes that I read, I'm chill and I always have weed
Plus she fucks with the flow, now she's talking about peace
Believes the next generation will be lost without me
We smoke talk smoke fuck then I leave
That's our relationship man we just let it be
Nothing more nothing less
No cuffing no stress
But we stay in contact, don't call we just text, yep



[Verse 2: Mann]
Let's dip, vacate travel and trip
I'm good and she's as bad as it gets I had to finesse
She rolled the fattest blunt from a bag grass, hit it once then pass it to him
The Mann with a Capitol M
Really trying to trip pop a cap and stem see the world how it magically is
New chapter begins
Sharing a piece of my life peace is my life
Smoke hashish in that peace or that pipe
She's what I like, so I strike like a thief in the night
Everything you've heard bout me was right believe in the hype
The chief of the tribe girl tonight we getting high
Travel stars just look deep in my eyes
Got some secrets that I'm willing to share
But first let's put the smoke in the air
To set the ambiance
No respect for father time
I can show you what you trying to find



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  1. s wellmaker

    fuck yeah Toro sample is sick.

  2. BIG Bang