MANN - Ghetto Girl Lyrics

[Sean Kingston: x4] OoOoOoooooh
Hey yo JR this your boy mann
And let me tell you a story
About me and this girl from my hood
Back in the day
Sean kingston sing it
[Sean Kingston:]
Shes my ghetto girl(ghetto girl)
Shes been livin n a ghetto world(ghetto world)
I bet she never met a guy like me(guy like me)
I wanna take her on a
Shopping spree
Cause shes my queen (yup)

[Verse 1: Mann]
Our story starts in the
Heart of the city
We used to play
Hide-n seek
At the park come n get me(come with me)

When u got me u
Kissed me
It would get me so happy
You were known for having
Laffy taffy
We called you
Candy (candy)

You had braids like brandy
Which my momma would braid
Then we'd go in the house
And drink your
Grandamama's kool-aid

Remeber schools dayz
When we caught the
Bus there
And I thought I was ballin
Because I payed your
Bus fare

On the way hoome
I'd protect you from danger
Make sure you wasn't
Kidnapped or harrassed
By some strangers

Then I promised you
If I made it out the hood(hood)
You would be good
Livin life like you should(should)

[Chorus: Sean Kingston]
Shes my ghetto girl(ghetto girl)
Shes been livin n a ghetto world(ghetto world)
I bet she never met a guy like me(guy like me)
I wanna take her on a
Shopping spree (shopping spree)
Cause shes my queen(yup)

[Verse 2: Mann]
Now look what happenin
Mann is rappin n stackin
This dough (dough)

That boy get it
Poppin jerkin and
Cracking fo' sho'(fo' sho')

But don't trip
That promise I
Havn't forgot (uh ah)
As soon as I get time
I'm a go back to my
Block (do what)

And see my candy girl (yes yes)
My candy girl
Candy girl u are
The sweetest thing
In a man's world (yup)

My ghetto queen
I'm drape u in
Jewels and bling(bling)
Spend all my green
On everything to fufill
Your dreams (fo' sho')

She said NO mann
Baby all I want is
You (you)
And being materialistic
Just anit what I do (do)

I said what do you
Expect I'm now a signed artist(fo' sho')
She said that don't
Matter I'm a love you

[Hook: Sean Kingston]
Shes got me
And shes
Looooking so
Fly-y-y (so fly)
And when she
Shaaakes it
She maaakes
Me lose
My mii-I-I nd
I just can't get
All because
I'm in love with...

[Chorus: x2]
Shes my ghetto girl
Shes been livin in a ghetto world
I bet she never met a guy like me(guy like me)
I wanna take her on a
Shopping spree (shopping spree)
Cause shes my queen(yup)

Beluga Heights

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    sound corny tho

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    DeadlyGoat 2018 now from me

  9. ALANNA Smith

    can u do miss mary mack with your GHETTO GIRL

  10. Sakina Bea

    2016 but i still like this song!

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    memories 😂

  12. William Eleazar

    lil dicky

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    2015!!! SAAANN!!!!!!

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    Sip yo grandmommas koolaid! 

  16. itsLAMARAbitch!

    I Like This Song , It Shoulda Got More Views !

  17. Jenaya Pico

    Everyone has been talking about - Uptown Girl? Why?? Those songs are very similar and pretty good but u don't have to make a lecture about how this song is just a copy. If u don't hve anything nice to type don't type it!

  18. Charlotte Taylor

    Love this still. N still listenin to it in 2013

  19. Zeontello

    this is just a rip off of billy joel's uptown girl but a little bit different. But i actually like both versions, so :)

    Techno GD 'TechnoGreenDog'

    Zeontello it's a sample

  20. Deryk Buxton


    what this beat is actually good for, you're welcome

  21. kiarnah wall

    Then why listen to it.


  22. kiarnah wall

    HA. Jealoussssss.!

  23. Benjamin

    Uptown girl by Billy Joel is better imho.

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    fucking shit music

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    .....really! this video was like idk um 4 years ago. did you make the so when you redo the video let me know maybe I might put some lame comment. detective smart ass. so bitch please, backspace and delete. oh wait you can't delete hearing impaired. because you need to listen to it, I prefer that you blast the headphones or speakers probably slow motion it.

  37. Marioaj1233

    It's not I bet she never met a guy like me it's i wish she never met a guy like me

  38. Lu Lu Luie

    2012 YEAH


    This Song Is The Bomb(: Reminds Me Of The

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    LOL Urban mix of Uptown girl!!

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    i just wasted my time listening to this song..? wtf.

  47. Abby Lindberg

    This makes me want to go into a deep dark depression. Whoever screws with a Billy Joel song, even singing it out of key, deserves to be run over by a bus. It's sheer blasphemy.

  48. MR Pengo

    @crazyglue421 it steals from that song

  49. Quixotic Quistina

    Hey moron, "Uptown Girl" was written by Billy Joel.

  50. Ari Dee

    Someone's a haterrrr :P

  51. toolfangirl

    XD this song makes me laugh so hard!

  52. DemJem

    @totallyforsure she doesn't do a cover, her and Rihanna have their own song with the words eenie meenie miny mo. it's called Raining Men from Rihannas newest album

  53. totallyforsure

    @demJem09 where can i find the nicki minaj cover of eenie meenie miny mo?

  54. DemJem

    Sean Kingston -

    You sampled 'Stand by Me' in Beautiful Girls.
    You tried to create a hip hop success out of the classic kids jingle Eenie Meenie Miny Moe.
    You've only recently sampled a song from the movie Flashdance - What A Feeling (more sampling).
    And Nicki picked up your shit by featuring in Dutty Love (also did her own version of Eenie Meenie Miny Moe that was BETTER).

    I believe your career has long expired, my friend. Long expired.

  55. cutie2651


  56. cutie2651

    @crazyglue421 it is uptown girl just that sean kingston changed the lyrics with rock city's permission :)

  57. elltell1990

    @maximunoutlaw32 Neither do I. I'm just saying that it's not all KIngston's fault. It's that cross-eyed egotistical hack Rotem deserves part of the blame.

  58. elltell1990

    @maximunoutlaw32 It's mainly J.R. Rotem's fault. He's the dick who uses overt sampling in so many songs for a lot of other artists such as Jason Derulo and B.O.B.

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    "Then we'd go in the house and drink your gandmama's Kool-Aid"... , "And I thought I was ballin' because I payed your bus fare" Lmaoo that was cute.

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  63. TheRayVerse

    @maximunoutlaw32 Okay I'll do it then pm when I'm done

  64. TheRayVerse

    @maximunoutlaw32 He just made his own version thre's nothing agaisnt that is there?

  65. TheRayVerse

    I heard this in school today.

  66. TheRayVerse

    @maximunoutlaw32 No one gives a fuck somepeople call it the rap version of Uptown girl and there's no need to bitch over a song sounding like a song from what? 1988?

  67. TheRayVerse

    @crazyglue421 Ofcourse it has the same baet and many similarities.

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