MANN - Flying Nimbus Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mann]
Looking down at all the sucker shit
Above the politics and corrupted governments
The age of Aquarius has been ushered in
West up again next up M A double N
Rasta locks swanging west la banging
Peace Life pushing love light and maintaining
Became famous and act like he ain't famous
Some homies dipped not the mission but they remain nameless
Spoke this into existence my words are magic
Linked with holiday, fucked around and brought y'all a classic
Love songs and smoker anthems
Plus food for thought, for y'all asses
The end goal awake the masses
Til then, smoke kush blunts laced with Hash
Get on your grind, and make some cash
Enjoy the moment, that's all we have make it last

[Hook: Mann]
Tell her Roll Up
Roll Up Roll
Yump Daniels
Tell her Roll Up
Roll Up, Roll
Peace Life
I remember floating high up on a cloud
Don't think Ill ever come down
Flying Nimbus, High up on a cloud
Don't think ill ever come down, down, down

[Verse 2: Mann]
It's looking like heaven in the studio
Clouds every where barely seeing through the smoke
Saying the most player shit you can quote
Bet you she give me the cookie cuhz she think the music dope
Shedding some light on a generation losing hope
All my Niggas have nothing better to do but smoke
Same place to and fro work in a cubicle
These 9 to 5's designed to make you lose your soul
We can forget that the world is beautiful
Remember our true nature as a kids, we used to know this
Meditate find a quiet place that you can go
Center your mind steady your breathing don't lose the focus
Explore this space, different state, your conscious open
Just picture for a moment, that time was frozen
Everything you wanted at your disposal
Rolling and Smoking Douja, Like we're supposed to

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