MANN - Bout That Life Lyrics

What's happening?
Mann, aehh Nic Nack,

Yap, ahh
I am really about that life, jeaah!
With forteen I would chicks, I know about that life, yeah!
Ask the promoter, tell em about that price and
when I get that envelope I make em count that twice, ahh!
(come better again)
That’s just the westalley I am in (WEEEST!).
Get the cake, tweentyfour hours, seven days a week!
All where they wanna play me: Is MTV and MP3!
Rep that birthdaygame, B.D.M.C.G.
(Ho Ho) Hold up, hold up
They could never control us!
Birthday model, who's hit the boddle until you throw up, jap!
Young, wild rackless, I never wanna grow up!
Living the way they show us,
so these hoes getting no low!
Hold up, hold up
I am about to hit these stoe up!
(which about u go get it)
With stopper in Arizona!

Switchs up some paper,
it is some, so we can roll up!
It is all the same story, coming from California!
I told Nic Nack to pills slap,
This track, he get that!
Low nigger = big swag.
That chick = big ass.
Bitch bad = I with that
If not = slim chance
These are always "slim fast", "slim face" and makeup.
Young fly, cacked up
Fu, I can maked (it) up!
Get paid - a much, just staff it in a club!
Say "what", I am just a G, who likes lovecherry,
so come fuck with me, ahh!

Some roll quick, for the game!
The "Mann", you know!
Birthday Models!
Take Gang!
U're fucking witch Nic Nack
Hahahaha, ahhh.

Shotout to Northern-Cali:
Whats up Cali, we out here (WEEEST!)
Ahhh, o yeah man check out my new watches
it is five, new watch,
it is Digital-Cristals, (swag) you did, swag!!
I got a underwearline comming too, hahaha.
(swag [2x])
Yeahh, westalley, baby!
Westalley, westalley.


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MANN Bout That Life Comments
  1. Illuminati genius


  2. Aaron Gordon

    Dopeeeee track !!!

  3. Bryan Johnson

    Birth Day Mob Cake Gang = BDMCG

  4. Toddy Krycka

    This shit is wack tho

  5. xxIsItInYet2xx

    DEfinitely deserves more hype

  6. Noah Yak

    Is he wearin Vlados?

  7. Endy Jeannot

    This shit needs more views, I've been hip to this from the the day it hit worldstar i dont know why it hasn't hit a million yet. I fucks with yall though, good shit.

  8. Rogue Villain

    Whats crazy is I just went to the store really quick and bought a arizona and some starbursts and then i came home listening to this song.

  9. TeamTWAT2012

    how can i get this beat?

  10. BobbyBrackins

    dannon!!! all day.

  11. buddy1v

    @freshmannonvarsity yo was one of his friends or your mann hmself??

  12. DrizzleDro

    the bro's BEeFF up in thisss!!!!! swagg it out mann!!! bdmcg!!

  13. Miles Baker

    BEeFF in this Bitch ! stuck between your fucking teeth in this bitch...

  14. Destin Parker

    BEeFF in this bitch! lol

  15. XeEnjoi

    yooooo the fuck where i can get this

  16. XeEnjoi

    #SWAG dope beat af get big!!

  17. Kyle Mullaney


  18. Imhotep Royster

    this mess is cold. the beat is dope. frolicking in the sand is back in style

  19. Shakiya

    @irrelavant101 I'd never compare lil man to them. thats straight disrespect. He falls more along the lines of the soulja boy..cali swag district..kreayshawn..5Otyson..teenie bopper catagory . He had a song on tv at one point so hes doin somethin right . I'll give props where props r due.
    he's just not..MY TYPE of rapper .
    simple .

  20. Shakiya

    lmaooo...who..or what the fuck is a billy talent ?
    why are you talking about cereal *fyi my cereal of choice is Frosted Flakes =]*

    lol boy aren't YOU MAD ! were u one of the little guy's friends prancin around in the video or somethin?
    Keith Urban? Nah. Jay-Z, Kanye, Biggie, know...REAL MUSICIANS .
    that's what i listen to.

    your little rant was cute tho .
    gay...inaccurate...unnecessary...and dumb..
    but cute =]

  21. TooBlakRG

    this shit goes hard

  22. Evan W

    The guy who wrote that long ass comment also sucks pee pee.

  23. Shakiya

    im mad my cousin made me watch this.

    so...rap niggas grow their hair out, dye it sandy brown and get a s-curl and prance around the beach with other niggas and talk about bullshit lol ?? aint no real hiphop fans gonna listen to ur music . kids might like it tho.

    anyone whos over 13 who likes this clown is a straight loser lol.

    p.s dont comment back to me defending this midget cus im not clickin on this "song" again lol .

  24. Damian

    damn why wasn't this in my sub-box?

  25. S. Colli

    shit hot folk

  26. S. Colli

    shit hot folk

  27. S. Colli

    shit hot folk

  28. be Cee

    @Lowkeeyg @SkibopDaSequel and the video.

  29. Lowkeeyg

    @SkibopDaSequel NikkNac made the beat..

  30. Emircany

    Haha Mannnnnnnnnnn