MANN - Bend Ya Lyrics

[Intro: Jah Free]
Bending you
Oh I’m bending, bending, bending, bending you, oh, yeah

[Verse 1: Mann]
A permanent euphoria, everyday is the shit
Right hand on my money, left hand be on your bitch
Rapping it made me rich, money give me the women
Money we just be throwing it, women they just be getting
All my girls fly like they all flight attendants
Ten cent's, picky as fuck, she gotta look innocent
Since sin the center of this whole fucking industry
Ain’t no saint, neither is she, but we pretend to be
Is it out to pocket to say I like the attention
Not to mention you don't even know how high I've be getting
Experimenting, ‘cause it’s different, changing, growing
Leanin and smoking, rolling, making music, listening to no one, I’m on
One, twenty years old, world in my palms
Bent that's why I'm shaded up, looking so calm
Giving you the world from my point of view
A true B-Day mobbing Dannon boy, that’s what I’m supposed to do

[Hook: Jah-Free]
All these spoons in my kitchen
They bend they bend they bend they bend they bend
(bend you up and bend you back down)
All the girls in my bedroom
They bend they bend they bend they bend they bend
(bend you in and bend you back out)
All the rules to this game around
They bend they bend they bend they bend they bend
(Bending you)

[Verse 2: Shawn Chrystopher]
Every time I close my eyes I see a different dream
I pray to God that we don’t close until we reach our dreams
College tuition for daughters that I ain’t even father
Now I got a red bone at the altar call me prince or king
Six digits for me like we did to offer
They used to call me Waldo, got rich and now they call me Walter
Yeah, I higher than them Unkle pants, living without a purpose, man
But that just cause my circumstances
And I mean it, if you want it, come and get it, boy
Death comes in threes and you’re looking like some triplets boys
In high school I climbed the roof so I could smoke my weed
The dealers knew that I was young and sold me bags of seeds
I’m chasing dreams, hoes chasing me
But I just give the name and number like the matter D
‘cause all I wanna do was roll up hash
And smash the ass of a bitch who looks like Kim Kardashian, I'm gone


[Verse 3: Blessed]
She is the last straw, I bend her and slip slow
My pencil draws her closer, she gets high and bends low
Long flight from my Cali mistress, to a district with red lights
Prostitutes and rich niggas, just a recipe for long nights
Shake well, and oh they do
I’m laying next to some girl who last night showed me things I never knew now
Either I’m bending space or I’m just bent and spacing
I put my heart on tracks, but it’s 4AM and that shit's still racing
One bed, two girls, three way, four times
My shame came of their clothes, it’s paradise of the mind
Absolute vodka mixed with absolute freedom
I'm meeting my darker side and it’s a pleasure just to meet him
I’m thinking while puffing and writing while fucking
Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow ain’t coming
And if Tamara ain’t cumin and that’s the name that she told me
But when you hit this level, every first name is phony
But here, the air tastes better
Weed is more potent and girls seem wetter
Days are a haze, drinks just stronger
Nocturnal nigga, these nights seem longer
I’m only here for one night, it’s Disneyland for man
White girls, blue kush, red lights, American and Amster...damn

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  1. Chase Armstrong

    Finally someone has the song.. Not exactly how ive heard it good nonetheless

  2. Amir

    Sound different from how i remember

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    You’re a goat

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    Been looking for this song for forever

  5. errinblue

    Finally somebody put it on here I just wanna hear KENDRICK 🤣

    Isrial Music

    We've been waiting for 7 years now 😂😂😂